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Young Voices 2020

Last Thursday the choir set off at lunchtime to go to The Arena in Sheffield for Young Voices. The afternoon was spent practising the songs and getting the actions correct. Mrs Johnson got us moved closer to the stage so there was no chance to have a breather!

Once we had had our tea, the parents started to arrive and it was amazing to see the arena slowly fill up with so many people.

There were over 4000 children, all with the same white shirts on so from a staff point of view it could have been a nightmare!

Our children were so well behaved and sensible that it made the whole experience so much better.

The actual concert was amazing and it was wonderful to be part of it. We sung and danced until we could sing no more. From a personal point of view - it was wonderful to see Tony Hadley perform (he used to be a poster on my bedroom wall!)

Thanks must go to Mrs Johnson and Mrs Bonsall for all the time they have put in to get the choir to such a high standard and to Mrs Swain and Mrs Shepherd who accompanied us and sung and danced with us.

It was lovely to see so many parents supporting us - even if you were sitting miles away from the children.

What a wonderful experience it was for all concerned.