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Stars of the Week

Every week I choose one child from Key Stage 2 and one child from Key Stage One and Foundation Stage to be my 'Stars of the Week'. I choose them for many reasons such as their work, their effort, their kindness and helpfulness- whatever reason they have stood out for during the week.

The children receive a Star of the Week badge or pencil (they choose) and a certificate. They also get to look after our school mascots (Ant and Bek!). The chosen few also get their name added onto our homepage on the website when they are the Stars and get added into this hall of fame.

Take a look at the children who have been the Stars so far!


Mrs. Johnson


October 18th

October 18th 1 Ollie Reception
October 18th 2 Jenson Y3

October 11th

October 11th 1 Zak Year 2
October 11th 2 Lena Year 5

October 4th

October 4th 1 Martyna Year 1
October 4th 2 Paiton Year 5

September 27th

September 27th 1 Zack Year 3
September 27th 2 Jessie Year 2

September 20th 2019

September 20th 2019 1 Jessie - Year 4
September 20th 2019 2 Ruby - Year 2

July 5th

July 5th 1 Travis Pitchford (Year 2)
July 5th 2 Jake Jones (Year 5)

May 3rd

May 3rd 1 Adem Bahourni Year 2
May 3rd 2 Riley Byard Year 3

April 5th

April 5th 1 Jakub Wolak
April 5th 2 Jake Jones

March 31st

March 31st 1 Jemma Hook Year 6
March 31st 2 Ivy Roebuck Reception

March 1st

March 1st 1 Ashton Smith-Thorpe
March 1st 2 Jake Needham
March 1st 3 Tyler Geraghty

February 1st

February 1st 1 Tilly Starkey
February 1st 2 Noah Shaw

January 25th 2019

January 25th 2019 1 Jenson Hallam
January 25th 2019 2 Jaylen Vernon
January 25th 2019 3 Laura Akeem

January 18th 2019

January 18th 2019 1 Majar Mazur
January 18th 2019 2 Caitlin Cooper

January 11th 2019

January 11th 2019 1 Konrad Dzideczek
January 11th 2019 2 Brooke Deakin
January 11th 2019 3 Abbie Steel
Friday 9th November 2018
Picture 1 Sharley-Rai Sisson Y3
Picture 2 Sarah Lawton Y5
Picture 3 Jenson Wilson Y2
Friday 7th September 2018
Picture 1 Warren Place-Lidgett Y5
Picture 2 Paiton Sisson Y4
Picture 3 Kye Pilmore Y1