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i-vengers Assemble!

After taking part in the i-vengers program last year, we jumped at the chance to take part again.

As last year, 4 of our year 5/6 pupils have become i-vengers.

Throughout the year, they carry out tasks and special missions to help our children, parents, staff and governors to gain a better understanding about how to keep safe on line.


This is a thrilling role and we'll be updating this page to share our progress.

Be sure to keep checking!

Meet our i-vengers

Silver Certificate Achieved


Over the past few weeks we have learnt about a girl, in the Ukraine, and her situation, so we have create a poem to help lift her spirits during her time of need. 

Our poem is on the school one drive, under i-vengers. 


Our Poem for Veronica in the Ukraine


It's not to late to fill in the online parent survey. just simple click on the link below, add our school name and fill in the multiple choice questions- remember it's anonymous!

Our i-vengers are helping the Reception children to fill in their survey. This has been a good help to the Reception Staff.

We have achieved the Bronze Award


Our next mission is to fill in the online safety survey. Both parents and children will be given a chance to take part in this national survey to see how our children are online. It is totally anonymous, but we need to include our school name and preferably their child's year group. This is so we can see which areas our school needs to concentrate on when teaching. 


Survey link below.





We have now completed our second task! 

It was to ask each year (1-6) to come up with as many top tips for staying safe on-line. Each class did an amazing job and we had lots of useful tips. We used the tips, that we thought were the best for our school, and added them to our Christmas present poster. We've printed out the posters and displayed them all around our school so Parents, carers, staff and children can clearly see them.

Below are some of the fabulous work our children have completed, to stay safe on-line, in class and at home.

Look out for our next up-date after Christmas!

Our 12 Top Tip for staying safe on-line.

One of our Year 2 children completed this fab on-line safety poster at home.

Some of our Children's work done at home.


Our first task was to present ourselves (the i-vengers) to the whole of our school, in an assembly. We showed all the children a power-point presentation and talked about what the i-vengers are here to do. We also talked about our next task, which is to think of 12 top tips on how we can stay safe on-line. It was a little scary standing in-front of the school but we did it and felt very proud of ourselves.

Click on the link below to see our presentation.