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 Tuesday 12th May 2020


Today in school the children have enjoyed creating their own poster encouraging people to stay safe.

Staying safe posters 12.5.2020

05.05.20 The children sorted 2D shapes, created their own witch face from 2D shapes, practiced handwriting using words and phrases from the book 'Room on the Broom' and made magical wands. Our older children focused on the BBC Bitesize sessions.




We had another great day at school! The children enjoyed hearing the story, ‘Room on the Broom’ and listening out for rhyming words. We also looked at clocks and practised telling the time. The children sequenced their school day and thought about what time it is when they get up, have breakfast and go to school. We learnt some funny songs to help us remember days of the week and months of the year. 

The afternoon was spent playing games on the school field and making some lovely bunting. 

Working hard and having fun.


Today was a jam packed day.

We started off with Numeracy, the children had a go at using balances and scales to compare the weights of items they found around the classroom.

Next we had a surprise delivery- a letter from snail asking us for help. Whale had gotten himself stranded on a beach. The children had great fun coming up with plans on how to help.

During the afternoon we had a pizza workshop. The budding chefs mixed their own dough from flour and Greek yoghurt, then created their own toppings from a range of ingredients. It was such great fun, very messy, but wonderful and my goodness the pizzas were absolutely delicious, can highly recommend having a go!

Pizza base recipe;

1 pot of Plain Greek yoghurt.

Same pot filled with SF flour.

Extra flour to Knead dough.

Mix yoghurt and flour together, turn out on to floured board and gently knead till a soft but not sticky consistency.

Stretch the dough out on to a baking tray lined with grease proof paper.

Then add the toppings of your choice.

Bake at 200c for around 20 minutes.



Today, the children have been introduced to The Snail and the Whale. During the English session, they sequenced the events of the story. In Maths, the children furthered their understanding of shape work including properties of shape. After dinner, we made balloon powered rockets. Unfortunately, the power was a little lacking!


During the morning, the children invented a new character to insert into their own version of the Gruffalo. For numeracy, children raced each other and recorded the times. They then solved problems based on the acquired times including ordering and comparing.

During the afternoon, children became more familiar with clay work and made their own Gruffalo characters.


We had a wonderful day in school today. In maths, we learnt about how to measure volume and capacity using sand and water. The children investigated which containers would hold the most and least. 

We read The Gruffalo and discussed the characters-  the children thought of some great adjectives to describe the mouse. 

We spent a lot of time outside playing team games, some of your children are super speedy!

Later on we made minions. 


Learning about capacity and volume.


Very sleepy start to the day on Friday, think all the children were so full of chocolate from Easter, However we soon got into the swing of things and we designed a challenge course in the hall.

We had four challenges that the group came up with; seeing how long you could bounce a tennis ball for, balancing a bean bag whilst following a trail, hula hooping and the hundred bounce basket ball challenge ( this was everyone's favourite)

After that we went outside to have some fresh air and exercise, we talked about the birds nest that had been discovered and decided not to go on the field so as not to disturb them.

Our creativity got going with the next session and we made masks and plasticine models, which we completed after our lunches.

During the afternoon we had a fabulous surprise delivery, a lovely parent came with a huge bag full of playground chalk, which we had great fun shading the bricks on the school walls, making our garden area at the front of the school looking even more colourful.

Later on we relaxed with hot chocolate, Marsh mallows and a movie.

16.04.20 Today the children told me that they had found a birds nest at school. We researched on the internet to find out how birds make their nests. It said that different species of birds make their nests differently, however we wasn’t sure what type of species of bird had made our nest. We decided we would go bird spotting and made our own binoculars. We also looked at the different leaves on the trees and spoke about their names. In the afternoon we got out lots of different P.E equipment. The children enjoyed making their own races and using bats and balls.

Wednesday 15th April 2020.

We had such a fun packed day today. Firstly, we found a strange locked first aid box and some clues scattered around school. We has to follow the clues to work out the numbers and eventually cracked the code to open the box. Inside there was two bags of sweets and some sweet bags! We decorated the bags and filled them with sweets. 


We then went into the hall and made a huge den using material, cones and all of the chairs from Miss Thompson's classroom. We decided it was a fort and it had a moat and a meadow. We used lots of our teamwork skills to discuss how to make it into the best fort we could. 


After a quick break, drew some circular pictures using lots of different circular objects from around school to draw around and then colour in all of the gaps with different colours. We then had lunch and went outside on to the field. Once we had had a run around, we decided to make a large heart using sticks from the forest school area. We then weaved it with different coloured material and attached it to the fence.


When we went back inside, we made some beautiful rainbow mobiles. They were quite fiddly to make but definitely worth it as they look great! Once we were all crafted out, we sat down to watch Alice in Wonderland until Mrs Bonsall arrived.