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School Council 2018 /19

School Council 2018 /19 1

We have a really strong School Council again this year. They already have lots of ideas of activities that we can take part in this year. Have a look at our School Council board in school for more information.


Oliver (Year 6) says that he is looking forward to sharing his ideas and making a difference to the school. 

Caitlin (Year 6) hopes that her involvement in the School Council will help towards her becoming a Super Crusader.

Trinity (Year 5) wants to improve her self-confidence and she came with lots of ideas that she had discussed at home first.

Milosz (Year 5) knows that being a good friend is a really good quality to have on School Council.

Connor (Year 4) wants to share his ideas and help people.

Kody (Year 4) is looking forward to being on School Council for the first time.

Jessie (Year 3) wants to help people get better at things and she really enjoyed being on the Council last year.

Noah (Year 3) says that he is very helpful and that will come in very handy on the Council.

Billie (Year 2) thinks that she is easy to talk to and that will really help.

Alfie (Year 2) is just looking forward to listening to what everybody has to say.


"What a great bunch of children; I am really looking forward to working with them this year."  (Mrs Smith)

Thank you for donating all the Shoeboxes filled with goodies for the children less fortunate than us. This year we collected 25 and these were taken by Sports Direct last week.

They gave us 2 certificates and a photograph will be appearing in The Chad very soon.

Our next job is to open the "Bek shop" for Christmas sales. This will be done the week before Christmas and children will be able to swap some of their Beks for pocket money type toys. 

Today we had a very special guest at our lunch-time meeting. We had invited Mr Gamble, who is the Chair of our Governors, to tell us all about the Governors role within the school.

We found out that there are 15 Governors at our school and they are made up of parents, people chosen by Derbyshire Education Authority, members of staff and other people from the local community.

Mr Gamble told us that the Governors pass on messages from the Government about how the school should be run and what it should be doing. They then let Mrs Johnson and her staff decide how they are going to do this.

Each Governor is assigned an area of the curriculum or another part of school life like attendance and they meet up with the member of staff who is in charge of that, so they can find out what is going on.

The Governing body meets at least once a term and has a meeting with Mrs Johnson to discuss how everything is going.

The most surprising thing that we found out was that the Governing Body do not get paid for anything that they do - even we get Beks for being on the School Council!!

We told Mr Gamble about the things that are important to us in school and about some up and coming events.

It was very good of Mr Gamble to give up his own time to come and talk to us.

The School Council.