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Mrs Johnson's community competition

To help keep our school community engaged and to ensure pupils and parents can have shared experiences in which they can see the outcomes of others, I am introducing, Mrs Johnson's Community Competition. Every day, few days or a week (I will judge the time based on how long I expect the competition to take as I know you have many other activities sent to you by your child's teacher)  I will post a new competition and hope that as a family (or as separate individuals in your family) you can take part. You will then be asked to take photographs and send them to '' With your permission, on the closing date, I will post these on this section of the website (and possibly the news section) so everyone in the community can see what everyone else has done, creating a shared experience and giving pupils a chance to see their friends. If you want to enter your child/family but you prefer not to have your photograph published, please say this in the e-mail you send. (Please ensure the children are in the photographs so everyone can see them). This is completely voluntary and there may be some competitions that you are more interested in taking part in than others. It does also require you to be able to take and send photographs but hopefully there is someone in every family that can do this.

A winner will be announced on the day each competition closes. We will have a grand prize ceremony for all the winners when schools open and get back to normal. This is a friendly competition- No cheating!!!!!!!

Mrs Johnson's Community Competition 2- The Tower Challenge- closing date Friday 3rd April 12 noon

Can you make an IMPRESSIVE TOWER?

Look at the photographs below for some ideas


  • Your tower must be able to stand up on its own
  • You can use anything you like to make it (only from your house or garden though remember)
  • You must be in the photograph with your tower
  • I am looking for the MOST IMPRESSIVE- this is not necessarily the biggest
Pupil entries
See below for all the pupil entries to my IMPRESSIVE TOWER competition. Winners will be announced later today. Which one is your favourite?
1st place- Ivy R - well done!
Picture 1
2nd place- Thomas WF Y2- Well done!
Picture 1
3rd place- Cornelia Y4- Well done!
Picture 1
Picture 2

Staff and their families

Many staff and their children have taken part. Who can you spot? Which is your favourite?

Winner- Mrs. Barnes- Well done!
Picture 1


Mrs Johnson's Community Competition 1- The Alphabet Challenge- closing date Monday 30th March 12 noon

How may objects can you found in your home and on your garden  beginning with the same letter?


  • All items must be from your home or garden. Do not leave these areas to collect other things. This includes if you leave your house for your daily exercise- please don't pick anything up on these walks.
  • You can choose any letter of the alphabet but choose wisely!
  • You can only have one of each type of object, e.g. on my example below, I have used one plate even though I have lots of them.
  • Gather all your objects together so you can take a joint photograph (if objects are too big, e.g. cooker, shed, wardrobe, you may need to take a separate photograph (don't forget you/children need to be in the photograph as we really want to see you!).
  • Write a list of all the objects you have found (this is a good time to practice your spellings!) and take a photograph of the list. Make sure you add your name/whole family names.
  • SEE THE EXAMPLE BELOW (Note, I am not in the photograph as I am on my own whilst making this and I don't have a selfie stick sad)
  • Send all the photographs to the e-mail address above.
  • Ask permission before you take something- you may not be allowed to move some things or some things may be dangerous for you to touch.
  • Make sure you put everything away where you found it- you don't want to get me in trouble!
  • If you've enjoyed doing this, you can pick another letter and try again- can you beat your previous score?
  • All entries and the winner will be published here on Monday 30th March. 



Picture 1 Mrs Johnson's objects
Picture 2 Mrs Johnson's list
1st place: Grace S Y3  151 items beginning with C
2nd place:  Zack B Y3 102 items beginning with the letter B
3rd place: Lottie Baker 84 items beginning with S
Lots of children from Nursery to Y6 took part- thank you all for joining in. I hope you enjoyed doing it as much as I've enjoyed looking at all the photographs.