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Mrs Johnson's community competition

To help keep our school community engaged and to ensure pupils and parents can have shared experiences in which they can see the outcomes of others, I am introducing, Mrs Johnson's Community Competition. Every day, few days or a week (I will judge the time based on how long I expect the competition to take as I know you have many other activities sent to you by your child's teacher)  I will post a new competition and hope that as a family (or as separate individuals in your family) you can take part. You will then be asked to take photographs and send them to '' With your permission, on the closing date, I will post these on this section of the website (and possibly the news section) so everyone in the community can see what everyone else has done, creating a shared experience and giving pupils a chance to see their friends. If you want to enter your child/family but you prefer not to have your photograph published, please say this in the e-mail you send. (Please ensure the children are in the photographs so everyone can see them). This is completely voluntary and there may be some competitions that you are more interested in taking part in than others. It does also require you to be able to take and send photographs but hopefully there is someone in every family that can do this.

A winner will be announced on the day each competition closes. We will have a grand prize ceremony for all the winners when schools open and get back to normal. This is a friendly competition- No cheating!!!!!!!

Mrs Johnson's community challenge 5- VE Day celebrations! closing date Monday 11th May @ 12 noon

With VE day almost upon us (Friday 8th May) and lots of celebrations planned (all maintaining social distancing measures I truly hope) what better theme is there to use to set this week's challenge?

I have been impressed with the number of children taking part in these challenges but it would be amazing if we could make this number even bigger- it would be INCREDIBLE if everyone joined in this one so I've tried to make this was as open as possible so it appeals to every child and family.

Your challenge is to create something to celebrate/mark this occasion and send a photograph of you with whatever you have created or send a video if it is not something you can show in one photograph. It can be anything you want but here are some ideas to get you thinking:

  • Use your new cooking/ baking/ food skills to make a VE day cake, afternoon tea spread, special buns- anything food related with a VE day theme
  • Perform a VE day song or dance (this can be one you've made yourself or one you've learned)
  • Make a poster about VE day
  • Make flags and or bunting in VE day theme
  • Decorate your house or garden in VE day theme
  • Dress up or make an outfit to wear with a VE day theme 
  • Make an information booklet about VE day
  • Write (and perform if you can) a VE day poem

Please send a photograph of your entry (with you in the photograph as always!) to For entries that need to be sent by video, please upload the video to the headteacher video folder by following the link below.

All entries need to be received by 12 noon on Monday 11th May. I may group the entries into different themes to make judging easier!

Good look everyone and enjoy this momentous occasion safely!


I have been so impressed by the variety of activities the children have taken part in and the unrelenting attitude they must have had to complete many of them. I'm sure you'll all agree, every single one is wonderful! Look at all the new skills being demonstrated! It was certainly a challenge to choose winners again! So many children produce excellent entries time and time again. Well done to each and every one of you for taking part and sharing your celebrations. I have chosen 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall. 

1st place- Congratulations Teddy-Y6

Outstanding homemade bunting and it is clear from all the photographs that you have completely developed a new skill which is far from easy! Well done!

2nd place-Congratulations Charleigh-Y2

What a beautiful window display and so many examples of work and how much you have learned about VE day. Super job!


3rd place- Congratulations Ruby and Jack

Great team work and lots of different skills demonstrated. The cake and scones look delicious! Well done!

Children's entries
Mrs Johnson's community challenge 4- Anthony Bek Masterchef/ Bakeoff- closing date Monday 4th May @ 12 noon.

This week's challenge has been fantastic - we have some wonderful photographs of your children and their cooking. It is so nice to see siblings working together and the skills the children must have developed this week are phenomenal! The only disappointment is that we haven't been able to taste them all!

Have a look at all the photographs (and the Power Point that we have been sent) and see what you think. We have not used all the photographs - just a few to give you a little "taste" as we received so many! We have decided to have a KS2 competition and a KS1/FS competition as we had so many take part and the decisions have been so hard to make because every single entry is amazing so well done to everyone!

I am currently putting all the recipes together into a booklet which you will be able to buy for charity - once again, watch this space.

Thank you for all the wonderful entries (staff as well as children) and thank you to parents for helping your children to stay safe whilst they cooked.

KS2 competition 1st place- Congratulations Jessie and Samantha Y4

Outstanding collaboration via technology to produce this wonderful menu for every course, presented in the most beautiful way! Well done girls!

Jessie's Power point for Jessie and Samantha's combined menu

KS2 Competition 2nd place- Congratulations William Y6!

A fabulous cake of the best character in the World. Amazing artistic skills- well done!

KS2 Competition 3rd place- Congratulations to Lucy Y4 and Sarah Y6!

Not one, not two but three beautiful looking mouthwatering desserts! I bet it has been great living at your house this week!

KS1/FS competition 1st place- Congratulations Olivia D Y2!

A truly beautiful rainbow/ unicorn cake. I love all the photographs showing every step of the way and the rainbow colours have worked brilliantly! 

KS1/FS Comp 2nd place- Congratulations to Dhruv Y1 and Lavenia Y2!

As well as looking fabulous in your personalised chef's outfits, your entries are stunning. Dhruv- you know how much I love Disney and chocolate and Lavenia-yours look like they have been made in a shop by a professional! Well done!

KS1/ FS Competition 3rd place- Congratulations Logan FS2

What a delicious looking omelette! I bet you are so proud that you made it yourself with only a tiny, tiny bit of help! I bet it tasted amazing!

Staff competition Tied 1st place winners-

Congratulations to Mrs. Braithwaite and Miss Hudson!

The cake Mrs Miles made

This week's challenge puts your cooking/baking skills to the test as well as your creativity and presentation skills. The challenge is to bake/cook anything you like by the closing date. We need:

  • The recipe used
  • The method (good writing practice for the pupils)
  • Photographs taken of your child/children throughout the making process
  • Final photograph of them with the finished dish/product (no photoshopping Mary Berry specials!!)

Mrs Smith is going to create an Anthony Bek lockdown menu book from all the entries!

You can make/bake anything you like- it just needs to LOOK impressive as we won't be able to taste it! Please send your photographs to I am expecting staff to excel in this challenge too! Good luck!

Mrs Johnson's community competition 3- Video message- Closing date Monday 27th April @ 12 noon

My next challenge

Hopefully, you have all now seen the video message on YouTube from our staff to the pupils of Anthony Bek. ( My next challenge is for your child/children to send a video message back! They could even work with their friends (from their own houses of course) and put something together like our staff have! It could be singing, miming, speaking, showing pictures, dancing, acting- whatever you choose. Don't make it too long (no longer than 3-4 minutes) or you will not be able to send it to me! The deadline is Monday 27th April at 12 noon. I can't wait to see and/or hear you all! 

Please upload your video to:

Once you follow this link, you will see a list of folders. Select the Headteachers videos file. You can then click the upload button on the top of the screen and upload your video. Please remember to give it a title so we all know who it belongs to, e.g. John R Y1. This process may take a few minutes, depending on the size of your video so don't worry if nothing seems to happen straight away. You will also be able to watch all the other videos in this file as they will be too large to upload directly to the website. I can't wait to see them all! Please remember, as the link is on our school website, anyone will be able to watch your videos, so when you are uploading them, you are agreeing to this.

Results of Challenge 3- Video Message

This was definitely the hardest challenge so far to select winners and I've had to have lots of help deciding! I can honestly say every single one was a delight to watch. I have been laughing and crying and it has been wonderful to see families working together, lots of family members getting involved and some very creative ideas. Well done to everyone who has taken part. 

If you haven't already watched the videos, please follow the link above. 

1st place- Year 1 collaboration

We know how hard it was to put our school video together with everyone each doing their bit at home so it was wonderful to see many of the Y1 class working together to achieve this. Great catching skills, unrelenting and lots of teamwork. Well done Y1 (and parents)!

2nd place- Jake J and Trinity P (couldn't separate them)

Both sang beautifully (as always) with very inspiring songs/ word choices in relation to the current situation. Very moving. Well done.

3rd place- Seth P (and family)

Not one, not two but 3 video messages to inspire and bring a smile to the faces of others. They definitely worked.

Thank you all for taking part.

Mrs Johnson's Community Competition 2- The Tower Challenge- closing date Friday 3rd April 12 noon

Can you make an IMPRESSIVE TOWER?

Look at the photographs below for some ideas


  • Your tower must be able to stand up on its own
  • You can use anything you like to make it (only from your house or garden though remember)
  • You must be in the photograph with your tower
  • I am looking for the MOST IMPRESSIVE- this is not necessarily the biggest
Pupil entries
See below for all the pupil entries to my IMPRESSIVE TOWER competition. Winners will be announced later today. Which one is your favourite?
1st place- Ivy R - well done!
2nd place- Thomas WF Y2- Well done!
3rd place- Cornelia Y4- Well done!

Staff and their families

Many staff and their children have taken part. Who can you spot? Which is your favourite?

Winner- Mrs. Barnes- Well done!


Mrs Johnson's Community Competition 1- The Alphabet Challenge- closing date Monday 30th March 12 noon

How may objects can you found in your home and on your garden  beginning with the same letter?


  • All items must be from your home or garden. Do not leave these areas to collect other things. This includes if you leave your house for your daily exercise- please don't pick anything up on these walks.
  • You can choose any letter of the alphabet but choose wisely!
  • You can only have one of each type of object, e.g. on my example below, I have used one plate even though I have lots of them.
  • Gather all your objects together so you can take a joint photograph (if objects are too big, e.g. cooker, shed, wardrobe, you may need to take a separate photograph (don't forget you/children need to be in the photograph as we really want to see you!).
  • Write a list of all the objects you have found (this is a good time to practice your spellings!) and take a photograph of the list. Make sure you add your name/whole family names.
  • SEE THE EXAMPLE BELOW (Note, I am not in the photograph as I am on my own whilst making this and I don't have a selfie stick sad)
  • Send all the photographs to the e-mail address above.
  • Ask permission before you take something- you may not be allowed to move some things or some things may be dangerous for you to touch.
  • Make sure you put everything away where you found it- you don't want to get me in trouble!
  • If you've enjoyed doing this, you can pick another letter and try again- can you beat your previous score?
  • All entries and the winner will be published here on Monday 30th March. 



1st place: Grace S Y3  151 items beginning with C
2nd place:  Zack B Y3 102 items beginning with the letter B
3rd place: Lottie Baker 84 items beginning with S
Lots of children from Nursery to Y6 took part- thank you all for joining in. I hope you enjoyed doing it as much as I've enjoyed looking at all the photographs.