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Supporting young people online

Our school has completed the first year of the I-vengers course and although the Covid situation made things a little hard, we completed every task and received the well deserved gold award.

I-venger certificate- Gold

I-venger certificate-Silver

i-vengers Assemble!

We have been taking part in a great new project in which four of our year 5/6 pupils became i-vengers. Throughout the year, they have been carrying out a number exciting tasks and secret missions to help our children, parents, staff and governors gain a better understanding about how to keep safe online.


This is a very thrilling role and we will be updating this website to share our progress. Be sure to keep checking this page to find out what we have been up to.

Mission 1 - Assembly

Our very first mission was to produce an assembly to introduce ourselves, our roles and our next task.

Unfortunately, because of the restrictions of the Corona Virus we had to complete our this over Microsoft teams.

We created a power point to explain to the children and staff what was expected of us and them.

The power point is shared below...

Our school i-vengers have created this power point to explain what the i-venger program is all about.

Mission 2 - Top Tips at Christmas

We completed this mission just before Christmas. We are lucky enough to know that some of our children get fabulous tech gifts as presents. While this is great news, we also know the potential risk new tech poses.

Our second task was to ask the children in every class to come up with their 2 top tips to staying safe online.

The teachers helped some of the younger classes to decide with was their top 2 tips. We put the list together and displayed them around school.  


Mission 3 - Collecting Data

This mission was about finding out what we get up to online.

Each child in our school filled in the online survey. This is helping us to identify the areas that our school needs to concentrate on when teaching internet safety.

More results will follow so watch this space...

Information for parents and carers