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Welcome to a new school year, Rockers!

As you know, I love children getting better at quickfire multiplication and rocking up the charts. This table will let you know how you're currently ranked.

Keep at it and ROCK ON!





TT Rockstars Hall of Fame

A List of Websites That Are Useful/ Fun to Learn at Home


Guardians of Mathematica - a role playing game based on numeracy. It's awesome! - a brilliant, exciting website that has loads of fun games which revolves around maths. - various maths games. There's a really useful tool for learning how to read time and                                                   convert between 12 and 24 hour time. Where it says 'Find great educational                                                             resources', type in the area you're looking for e.g. clock. - this is a website that has lots of fun games and covers a large area of numeracy.                                                      The site is for evaluation only which means there may be a message across the                                                      front of the screen. This will not affect the learning. - lessons for children across all age ranges created by the BBC on                                                                          behalf of the DFE. - various maths games. - various multiplication games. - Times Table Rock Stars - enough said! - printable worksheets for all maths areas. Scroll down to find the area                                                                       that you need. - printable worksheets for all maths areas. - Free sample worksheets to print off.                                                                            Be aware, other worksheets are available but need to be paid for.  -  Videos to aid with home learning. - Various online maths exercises.