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School History

Anthony Bek, the famous bishop and soldier was born in 1240 and it is from him that our school takes its name. The Bek family acquired half of the manor of Pleasley in 1280 and Anthony often returned here during the crusades with Prince Edward.


It is now 111 years since the main block of the school opened and the first pupils were enrolled from Pleasley. Over those years there have been 10 head teachers, hundreds of teachers and thousands of pupils. We were lucky enough to gain access to some of the old school log books and from those we can piece together some kind of idea about what our school was like.

We have a display in our reception area showing what our school used to look like. Please pop in and have a look.

We also have the logbooks dating back to 1899 – if you’re interested, come and see – there are some very familiar names in them!

Here is our school.

Extracts from the school log book.