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After school club activities

​​​​​Prices : £4.50 until 4:30pm code 1    snack and drink

             £5.50 until 5:00pm code 2    snack and drink

             £7:00 until 6:00pm code 3    snack and drink then toast at 5:15pm


other codes : attend a club then come to after school club until 5:15pm £2:50 code 4

                      attend a club then come to afterschool club until 6:00pm £4:50 code 5



Collection times are: 



anyone booked in till 6, will have toast 5.15-5.30 then collection is anytime between 5.30 and 6.

Monday - free flow.

Tuesday - ipad night.

Wednesday - craft night.

Thursday - free flow.

Friday - movie night.



Dinosaurs and magic wands are today's craft.

Sunflowers for Mrs Holmes, she will always be missed and was a wonderful part of our school.

Dotty insects, don't they look good?

Stick people family craft. 

Happy Easter to the After School Club, a special treat, homemade Easter baskets and chocolate eggs.

Hyacinths this week, the pupils did a great job.

Mother’s (special adult) day crafts and cards this week.

Busy, busy Lego builders. A space station and a family of dinosaurs ( Patagosaurs, plant eater).

Christmas crafts have begun, Standing, Snowmen, Swaying side to side.

Check out our poppies 

Halloween colouring and pumpkin crafts

Busy start to the new school year, our first craft of this new year was the spooky wide mouth skeletons,  check them out!

Giraffes all the way tonight.

Hungry caterpillars are this week's craft. We hope they don't escape around school.

Fathers day and special adult cards all round in today's craft.

Baskets of flowers to cheer us up.

Rosettes for craft night this week, haven't they turned out brilliant?

The children enjoyed making their houses and personalising them with their pets and family members in the windows.

King suncatchers ready for the Coronation Saturday.

Brilliant bookmarks with a fruity twist.

Monkeys in trees, climbing for bananas. Don't they look great?

Easter baskets, rabbits, chicks and chocolate, what more could you ask for?

First of our Easter crafts - Peek a boo chicks 

Our first craft of 2023, we made Spring flowers, which turned out great.

Santa's elves have been preparing for Christmas

Christmas crafts again for this week.

Super Santa's, mischievous Elves,  and a couple of magical christmas trees are this week's craft.

We started making our Christmas crafts this week, check out  our candy canes.

The Afterschool club children had lots of fun making hedgehog bookmarks, even the youngest made a great job of them.

The children enjoyed making poppies, they turned out great!

Check out our witches!

This week's craft was Halloween masks, how scary are these?

We have had busy few weeks since the start of our new school year. Some of the activities we have done are: lego,  colouring, playing on the playground, ipads and craft night. Our craft theme has been Queen Elizabeth II, who served our country as Queen for 70 years.

How useful will these Jubilee bookmarks be? They're ideal for our reading books.

Check out our Queen suncatcher's,   aren't they a great way to thank our queen for 70 years on the throne.

Jubilee garlands 

In preparation for Summer, we made sun visors.

Twit Twoo go the owls

This week's craft was Easter based again.

We started our Easter crafts this week, great use of colour.

Lillies by the bunch, didn't they make a good job? 

Foxes,foxes everywhere!

Check out our ladybirds and caterpillars.

Christmas tree cards were on today's craft menu.

Paper chain snowmen, Santa's and christmas trees were tonight's crafts.

Check out our Christmas peg puppets, that open their mouths.

Christmas trees and Santa's this week.

Christmas is coming! Christmas spinners 

Naughty elves this week!

See our poppies for Remembrance day -Lest we Forget

Chocolate holders 

Scary Halloween faces!

Check out these haunted houses, very scary!

This weeks craft! animal bookmarks, aren’t they good?

Watch our windmills go!

New school year, our first craft rockets! Then we had a competition on who could blow their rocket the furthest away.