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Update and reminders

We've received a few telephone calls recently with questions and concerns from parents so here's a few reminders and helpful tips.

Home learning

Teachers are now directing pupils to relevant tasks to be completed each day as well as giving ideas. Please ensure your child completes the directed tasks and send evidence to your child's teacher by whatever means they have asked. This is to ensure when pupils are back together at school, they have had similar experiences and staff can begin to build on these again. If you are having trouble accessing or completing any tasks set, please contact your child's teacher.

Social distancing

We all know how hard it is to not see friends and family in person and to stay at home but please ensure you continue to follow this guidance consistently. The number of deaths related to this illness is devastating so we all need to ensure we are doing our part to ensure the safety of all staff, pupils and the school community. This is particularly important to stress as we reach the bank holiday celebrations next week. I'm sure there will be street parties everywhere, but please ensure you stay on your own property and don't socialise within 2m of others during these celebrations. Children will find this particularly difficult if they are out on the street so please, please keep them safe and make sure they understand.

School website

Depending on what you are using to view our website, you will either see a coloured band across the middle of the page with different headings, (About us, Key information, News and Events etc) or you will see a red band at the top with Navigation written on it and the menu button- 3 horizontal lines- in the left hand corner. You will need to click on the menu to get access to the different tabs.

News and events tab- latest news 

All the latest updates will be included here, including examples of pupils work that is sent to myself or the teacher that is different/special. Information about my competitions can also be found here, including winners

Parents tab- Helping your child at home. Here you will find a list of websites, links and ideas to help your child whilst learning at home. These will be generic. Your child's teacher will provide more specific guidance on what would be most helpful to your child.

Children's tab-Mrs Johnson's community competition. Find out what the next challenge is and look at the entries and results of all challenges

Children's tab- Class pages. Have a look what everyone is completing at home. Remember to send in your evidence to your class teacher by e-mail or if it is a larger file, uploading it to your child's folder using the following link.

OneDrive sharepoint. Your child's teacher will upload a video (at least weekly) in the relevant video file (same link as above). This is to help motivate your child as we know they all want to please their teachers. The files will be dated and you will receive a text message to let you know when a new one has been added.

They may also set activities and put larger resources that cannot be e-mailed in the home learning folder for your child's year group which can be accessed from the link below.

E-mail and text messages

Staff will continue to keep in touch via text and e-mail. Please ensure you respond so they know you are well.

You know where we are if we can be of any support,

Take care all,

Mrs Johnson