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Positive Covid Case

Due to a positive COVID test result, our mixed Reception/Year 1 class (Miss. Harrison's class only) now has to self-isolate. Letters have been sent to all Parents by e-mail. Copies of these letters can also be found in the News and Events tab- letters section.


Please remember:

  • Only those who have been contacted by the school (the above class only) need to self-isolate.
  • No child or family member should order a test unless they have symptoms themselves
  • School is open to all other classes so brothers and sisters of the children affected by this can still attend school as normal
  • School will continue to have very strict measures on social distancing, handwashing, additional cleaning, not sharing resources etc to do everything we can to ensure everyone is kept safe.
  • You can help by ensuring that you/ your household follow the guidelines consistently.


I realise that having a positive case in our school community has caused some panic this morning but please be assured as a school, we are doing absolutely everything we can to ensure we reduce the risks as much as is humanly possible.

Please e-mail me ( if you have any questions or concerns.


Many thanks for your ongoing support,

Mrs. Johnson