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Art and Design

Our Art and Design curriculum is based on the National Curriculum document 2014.  We aim to encourage our children through a wide variety of art activities to develop skills and to explore their creativity. Through the teaching of art, the children will have the opportunity to explore colour, shape, space, form, pattern and texture.


In order to adhere to social distancing, our practise in some art lessons has changed slightly. However, we still aim to provide all pupils with a chance to paint, draw, print and make 3D models using a range of materials. 

Art and Design Overview 2021-22

At Anthony Bek, we take great pride in our art work. Just look at our wonderful collection of art in the hall.

Year 2 have created some wonderful ants as part of their minibeast topic.

Year 2 have created hedgehog inspired natural collages.

Year 3 have used a technique known as 'Pointillism'.

Year 6 have created space themed artwork inspired by Peter Thorpe.