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Year 6 Star of the week is


For making an amazing start and on his way

to becoming a Crusader. 

Well done Finley!


Mrs Johnson's Star of the Week is


For having great mock test results.

Well done Riley!




Our topic this term is all about Mexico.

Our class have learnt some fascinating things about

this amazing place. Keep checking to find out more.


Well, it's the end of our first week back at the start of a new academic year. We're all in our new classes and back to our learning. Although we're not quite back to our normal routine just yet, I'm sure it won't be too much longer.  Our Year 6 class has settled in very quickly and are ready to learn. 


Welcome to the start of a new year

and to our new year 6 class!

At the end of last term we completed a block of work which focussed on speaking and listening. The children chose a topic which they felt strongly about and they wrote a speech which was then given in front of their class mates. There was a lot of nerves and worries and probably sleepless nights over the actual speech making but on the last Friday every child got up and spoke. We were amazed at the confidence and passion of the children.

The topics that they chose to speak about included racism, pollution, how to improve our village, litter and internet safety. We photographed the children before they spoke. have a look at how professional they seem.

The class composed a poem based on the poem 'Heaven' by Steve Turner. It explores our ideas of heaven and questions we might have. It is a spectacular read! Ask your child which verse is theirs.


If you are looking for extra work to complete because you have either completed what we have sent you or you're waiting for our help, BBC Bitesize have some Maths, English, Science, History and Geography lessons on their website, which cover a whole range of topics! Give it a try! Don't forget to e-mail us some photos of you completing them though!


Star of the week - Friday 12th March

Victorian decoupage Mother's day cards - we hope all the mothers loved them.

It has been wonderful to get all the children back in school together. They have settled extremely well and have produced some very careful work considering that it is the first week.

Our topic is Revolution which all about the changes which took place during the Victorian times. This week we have learnt all about the different types of schools and the differences between rich and poor children.

Our Star of the Week 26.2.21

Lots of work has been completed this week

Our Star of the Week - 12.02.21

Lots of work has come in this week.

11.02.21 James decided to build a snowman with his friends in school. His name is Jerry the snowman.

10.02.21 Just a few more pieces of work that the children have completed over the last few days.

The children in school went on a nature walk to find evidence of birds coming onto the school site. We found plenty of footprints in the snow, and even a bird's nest or 2!

9.2.21 Year 5/6 nature walk

Our special virtual visitor - Ida Le Sparkle - live from L.A.

We asked Ida questions then wrote her biography - here are some.

Photographs from the week beginning February 1st

05.02.21 - Our home learning Rainbow Stars this week are...


It’s been a long January, we’ve all had to adapt to home learning yet again. Some of you have found it really hard and some have found it easy. We all are in this together and we as teachers are here if you ever need anything.

Now we have teams up and running, we hope this makes life a little better for you all. Goodbye January, hello February.  

29.01.21 - Our home learning Rainbow Star this week is...



Well, today we succeeded with our first live run on Microsoft Teams. It was lovely to be able to see and talk to our fabulous class. Well done everyone and we’ll see you tomorrow.


27-01-21 Some more work completed in the last few days



Here is a selection of the fantastic work that some of our class have produced over the last few days. We’ve been very busy trying to set up a new kind of learning. Trails are starting this week so watch this space.

22.01.21 - Our home learning Rainbow Stars this week are...

20-01-21 A selection of today's work

19-01-21 Some fab work sent in today.



Well, it’s the start of a new week and we’ve already had lots of fabulous work sent in- well done to all those children. If you haven’t sent any in yet, there’s still plenty of time.


15-01-21 Our class Raindow Stars of the week are...

15-01-21 Some more of our class enjoying the snow.

15-01-21 Some work from today

14-01-21 Some of our year 5/6's enjoying snow.

14-01-21 Some more pieces of work completed today.

 13-01-21  There has been quite a few children, who have emailed their work to the Year 5/6 team today.

We have loved looking through all of them. We can't possibly put them all on our class page, so we have chosen a few at random.

Thank you and keep up the great work.

12-01-21 A few more pieces of work sent in today. Keep up the great work.

11-01-21 Here is a selection of fab work some of our children have produced today.

Well that's the end of the first week of home learning and I can honestly say we are all so impressed with how hard you have been working. We have had lots of work sent to us and lots of lovely photographs showing us what you have been up to.

Unfortunately next week you will all be at home, but don't worry there will be lots of exciting things for you to do - and it's lovely to see some of you coming up with ideas of your own. We have heard from every child in our class so that is just fantastic.

Well done to Jax for getting our Star of the Week for workers at home.

Don't forget you can email on Purple Mash, you can email our class page which all our class staff can see and Mrs Miles will have a video for you on Monday morning.

Keep working hard but more importantly... keep smiling and stay safe!

Love Mrs Smith x

08.01.21 - Our home learning Rainbow Star this week is...

Photographs from Thursday and Friday

Rhys, Leland and Brayden all had a busy day on Tuesday completing lots of the tasks that were set! Excellent boys!

Jessie was busy on Monday writing a non-chronological report and doing some maths based on a Christmas song! Well done Jessie!

Dear Year 5/6 - This is Mrs Smith here, I just wanted to say a great big thank you for my book of helpful hints to getting better. I am getting very worried about all this lemonade that you think I drink.- It's more cups of tea at the moment. Not being able to run around and tidy up is very frustrating but Mr Smith is being very good and I am giving him plenty of instructions (in my teacher voice!)

I am looking forward to seeing you all soon - I hope to see all your wonderful WW2 work when I come back.

Keep working hard - I am missing you dreadfully xxxx

Love Mrs Smith - I hope you can all still spell necessary.

This week we have started our new Curriculum Maestro topic. We are linking our Literacy work with our afternoon topic sessions. Our topic is entitled "A Child's War" and this week we have been looking at life as an evacuee.

Did you know that children were actually evacuated to our area and even joined our school. It was lovely when Rhys got in touch with a lady who had been evacuated to Pleasley. He asked her lots of questions. Have a look at her answers below.

We have been using the book Good night Mr Tom for our Guided Reading sessions and we shall continue to read it in class. The children have been very interested in the topic and we are looking forward to learning lots more.

Next week we will be concentrating on Anne Frank and her experience during World War 2.

Rhys' WW2 questions and answers

Halloween day 2020

Our class’ fancy dress winners

Macbeth witch poem_1.wmv

Still image for this video

October 16th

This week we have introduced the children to Shakespeare's Macbeth and they are loving it. Homework for this week is to retell the story to an adult. You'll be surprised at the amount of detail that they can remember!

Talking of homework, thank you very much to the adults who 'learnt' long multiplication - I hope you have given your certificates pride of place on the wall!

Class stars of the week

Word of the Week


October 9th 2020

This week we have been learning the formal method for long multiplication and I am very pleased to say the children have done a wonderful job at mastering it.

I have asked them to try and teach an adult to it and then photograph the calculation (and the adult if they agree to it) and email it to me at

If you can't email it then send it in and we will put it safe for a couple of days and then look at it. I have told the children to be gentle with their adults!!

In Literacy we have been writing a story. Vinny offered to type his up so that we could share it with you on here. I'm sure that you will agree, it's wonderful!

Vinny's story

Class Stars of the week




Word of the Week



This week's stars

This has been our first week of "Real work" and the children have concentrated well. We have looked at describing a setting and also building up tension in Literacy. In our Numeracy lessons we have concentrated on place value which has included rounding numbers, ordering decimals and writing numbers in words.

We now know why we have day and night and also how the moon travels around the sun.


Class Stars of the week- October 9th




Word of the week


This week's stars

Well, we have had a very "testing" week!! The children have coped amazingly well with all the tests that they have done. It has given us a really good idea of exactly where they currently are in their learning and it will help us to move forward.

Our topic this term is The Earth in Space - so far we have learnt all about the planets and how they orbit the sun. The children should be able to tell you the order of the planets as they made up their own way of learning them.

Class Stars - Friday 18th September

James B



Word of the week


Class stars

Class stars - Friday 11th September


Rhys Quinton

Jessie Swain

Harrison Simms


Well done to all three for making a great start to the year.


Daniel Young was Mrs Johnson's Star of the week. Well done Daniel!


Word of the Week


Our class stars

Class letter -Friday 11th September

Welcome to Year 6!


Mrs Smith, Mrs Miles, Mrs Standring, Mrs Rason

Don't forget our Year 6 Leavers picnic on Wednesday 15th July on the school field at 5pm!


This weeks Rainbow Star in school is Warren Place-Lidgett.


The Rainbow Star this week for  home learning is William Ford.

3.7.20 This weeks Rainbow Star School Learner of the week is Henley Hodkinson. Well done.

3.7.20 This weeks Rainbow Star Home Learner of the week is Jagoda Bartoisk. Well done.

3.7.20 Jake and Summer have been busy with their home schooling and learning to play cards.

2.7.20 William has been very busy on improving their home.


This week's Rainbow star in school is Trinity, Well done.


This weeks home learner Rainbow Stars are Jake and Summer. Well Done to you both.


The Year 6's in school received their hoodies today...they were very excited.

19-6-20 This weeks school rainbow star of the week is Jake J. Well done.

19-6-20 This weeks home learner rainbow star of the week is Jessica. Well done.

18-6-20 Summer's inspirational quote

18-6-20 Jake N's inspirational quote


Well, we’ve had our first few days back at school and although it went pretty well, some of the children felt a little awkward at the start. It took some time to get into the new routine but we’re now settled and on top form. We’re missing our home learners but we have plans to make you all feel part of our bubble. Watch this space for more information...

16-6-20 Jessica has sent in her inspirational quote.


Luzia has been working hard again on the BBC Bitesize tasks.


Here is a few activities Henley has been doing this week.


Trinity has been coding today to design her own game on Scratch.


Jake and Summer have been working hard today, they are looking forward to having work packs next week to work through too.


Luzia has been completing quizzes on BBC Bitesize today.


Jessica has been very busy over the last few days, as you can see from all the photos. Well done.


Today Jake and Summer have been using Oak National Academy website to help with their learning


Here is some of the work Amelia has done over the last few days. Well done .


Luzia was up bright and early to start her work on BBC Bitesize.


Summer and Jake have been working hard and producing lots of work.



Amelia has been very busy working through her work pack over the last few days.

4-6-20 Here are just a few more photos that have been sent in. Summer has been working outside enjoying the sun. Sarah has been learning to grow her own strawberries and Amelia has been busy completing her work pack.

2-6-20 Jake N, Summer, Luzia and Oliver have had a lovely week off, but it's now time to start back with their learning.


Hi Year 6, we hope you’ve had a lovely week off from doing your school work. The weather has been fantastic so I bet you’ve all had lots of adventures out. It’s now time to get back into your learning so remember to send us your photos or videos of your work. Hopefully we’ll see you soon and don’t forget the 2-meter rule. Stay safe. 

 Mrs Miles, Mrs Smith, Mrs Standring and Mrs Rason.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


Last night Trinity did a scavenger hunt with a difference, she did two hours of litter picking around the lake at the country park. She collected wide variety of items, from beer bottles to sweet wrappers. There is now a full bin liner waiting to be collected. Great work Trinity.

Today, Trinity and her mum have tried a recipe out of the Lockdown Cookbook. They put their own twist on the Victoria sponge adding orange essence to the sponge mix and sandwiched it together with lemon buttercream and lemon curd...looks delicious.


Summer and Jake have finished their home school work packs. They have each completed lots of puzzles.

Jake was so excited for half term that he dated one of his sheets 2018....Jake we are 2020.


Today Kenzie has been doing some work on the Egyptians and has made a pyramid and decorated it.


Luzia has again been busy using BBC Bitesize.


Trinity has been den building and has been reading New Moon (Twilight series) and has nearly finished.

She is  team Jacob.


Jake and Summer have been making the most of the weather today and have worked outside.

Numeracy and SPaG using online resources. they have also worked together solving puzzles.


Tilly has been busy over the last couple of days, writing to the Prime Minister and working hard in numeracy.


Amelia has been busy working through her work pack.


Summer and Jake have worked inside and outside, enjoying the fresh air and the shade.

Science activities using BBC Bitesize and numeracy using their work packs, finishing with more SPaG from Twinkl.


Today Trinity has had a swing ball tournament which she said was fast and furious and they called it a draw.

No serious injuries occurred, I am pleased about that.


William has had a busy few weeks, last week he was making a power point to use for his project and he also has a new football trick. He helped to do a BBQ and made s'mores after.....delicious.

So far this week, William has made a numeracy game to play outside and tomorrow is doing something similar for literacy.

He has been busy working through work packs and has also made a den for Go Active.


Tilly has had a busy day, numeracy and literacy and tie dying t-shirts which look fantastic.


Jagoda has been doing work using BBC Bitesize.


Today Jake and Summer did some work from their work packs and SPaG work that they found on Twinkl. Also geography on BBC Bitesize.


Oliver's work for today and he has also done some work relating to his topic.


Summer and Jake have been working on BBC Bitesize using worksheets they had printed off ready.

Jake enjoyed the decimals work. They both have been unrelenting in achieving the tasks completed today.


Luzia has been working on the tasks on BBC Bitesize.