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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


Mrs Smith, Mrs Miles, Mrs Standring, Mrs Rason

Here are our new words that we are adding to our vocabulary weekly. Keep looking for the words as we add them.


flamboyant     tedious    abundant    collaborate    ironic     discrepancy  exploit(v) exploits(n)  squirm 

Year 6 in all our glory!

Year 6 in all our glory! 1

Our Year 6 TT Rock Stars

Our Year 6 TT Rock Stars 1

Debates and Discussions

Over the past week, Year 6 have been writing discussion texts in Literacy. This has led to some very mature, well-thought out arguments and debates about whether Victorian children should have gone to work along with more current debate topics. The children worked extremely hard to see things from another point of view.

In Numeracy, we have been continuing our revision of calculation methods - pushing their skills all the way with long division!! After a few sessions, we have finally grasped it.

The children have been creating their own Victorian style portraits in art. These look wonderful in their sketch books which show the process of how the final product was built up.

Our online safety topic is coming to an end but this is something we will continue to discuss and embed whenever required. We hope you have all signed the acceptable ICT use policy to help your child stay safe online.

We will also be having our final basketball session next Monday. Jacob, the coach, has delivered a great series of lessons and the children have developed some fantastic skills with passing, shooting and dribbling. Get ready for future competitions. 

Finally, we held our annual harvest festival today with a main focus on looking after the world we have been given. The messages were very clear and important. We hope to continue the ECO theme throughout the year in everything we do.

Last week was another busy week in school. We were grappling with long Multiplication - parents who got their homework right will be getting a sticker so look out for it. In our Topic time we researched some famous Victorians like Sir Titus salt and then created a fact file in our books. All these Victorians have a lasting legacy that is still with us today.

Our Literacy was the last week of our narrative unit of work. The children worked hard on their stories and you will be able to read them next week at Parents evening.

This week we have moved on to discussions..... and our class love to talk - it is hard to stop them giving their opinions - we want them written down! 

We look forward to seeing you all next week and sharing some of the brilliant work that your children have produced.

It's been Stand Up Derbyshire day today - we have had a very active literacy lesson when we told a story using actions - we will tell it by writing it down next week. We also had a mad Maths lesson when we were working as a team to collect answers to calculations.

Stand up Derbyshire day in Year 6

Stand up Derbyshire day in Year 6 1
Stand up Derbyshire day in Year 6 2
Stand up Derbyshire day in Year 6 3
Stand up Derbyshire day in Year 6 4
Stand up Derbyshire day in Year 6 5
Stand up Derbyshire day in Year 6 6
Stand up Derbyshire day in Year 6 7
Stand up Derbyshire day in Year 6 8

Last week was very busy in Year 6. We started our basketball training which was fun and we have been looking at how to write description and build up tension in our writing. This will all feed into a brilliant story that we are going to write in a few weeks.

During topic time we had a look at the history of Electricity and then we tried to make some electrical circuits ourselves. We had to be unrelenting as the wires fell off and some of the batteries didn't work very well.

Finally, it was great to win the Attendance award for the second week running - hopefully we can make it a hat-trick!

Making Electrical circuits

Making Electrical circuits 1
Making Electrical circuits 2
Making Electrical circuits 3
Making Electrical circuits 4
Making Electrical circuits 5

The children have had a very tough first full week in Year 6 - they have completed all this year's SATs papers. This is just to prove to them that the process is not too bad and they can concentrate for a long period of time.

I'm very pleased to say that their unrelentless attitude and concentration has been excellent. We have a lot to cover before next May but having seen them this week, we have no doubt that they are all up for the challenge.

Our "The Empire Strikes Back" topic has kicked off with a hand drawn timeline from the Victorian age and a look at the British Empire in relation to the rest of the world.