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Well, we have had a very "testing" week!! The children have coped amazingly well with all the tests that they have done. It has given us a really good idea of exactly where they currently are in their learning and it will help us to move forward.

Our topic this term is The Earth in Space - so far we have learnt all about the planets and how they orbit the sun. The children should be able to tell you the order of the planets as they made up their own way of learning them.

Class Stars - Friday 18th September

James B



Word of the week


Class stars - Friday 11th September


Rhys Quinton

Jessie Swain

Harrison Simms


Well done to all three for making a great start to the year.


Daniel Young was Mrs Johnson's Star of the week. Well done Daniel!


Word of the Week


Our class stars

Daniel _ Mrs Johnson's star of the week.

Class letter -Friday 11th September

Welcome to Year 6!


Mrs Smith, Mrs Miles, Mrs Standring, Mrs Rason

Don't forget our Year 6 Leavers picnic on Wednesday 15th July on the school field at 5pm!


This weeks Rainbow Star in school is Warren Place-Lidgett.


The Rainbow Star this week for  home learning is William Ford.

3.7.20 This weeks Rainbow Star School Learner of the week is Henley Hodkinson. Well done.

3.7.20 This weeks Rainbow Star Home Learner of the week is Jagoda Bartoisk. Well done.

3.7.20 Jake and Summer have been busy with their home schooling and learning to play cards.

2.7.20 William has been very busy on improving their home.


This week's Rainbow star in school is Trinity, Well done.


This weeks home learner Rainbow Stars are Jake and Summer. Well Done to you both.


The Year 6's in school received their hoodies today...they were very excited.

19-6-20 This weeks school rainbow star of the week is Jake J. Well done.

19-6-20 This weeks home learner rainbow star of the week is Jessica. Well done.

18-6-20 Summer's inspirational quote

18-6-20 Jake N's inspirational quote


Well, we’ve had our first few days back at school and although it went pretty well, some of the children felt a little awkward at the start. It took some time to get into the new routine but we’re now settled and on top form. We’re missing our home learners but we have plans to make you all feel part of our bubble. Watch this space for more information...

16-6-20 Jessica has sent in her inspirational quote.


Luzia has been working hard again on the BBC Bitesize tasks.


Here is a few activities Henley has been doing this week.


Trinity has been coding today to design her own game on Scratch.


Jake and Summer have been working hard today, they are looking forward to having work packs next week to work through too.


Luzia has been completing quizzes on BBC Bitesize today.


Jessica has been very busy over the last few days, as you can see from all the photos. Well done.


Today Jake and Summer have been using Oak National Academy website to help with their learning


Here is some of the work Amelia has done over the last few days. Well done .


Luzia was up bright and early to start her work on BBC Bitesize.


Summer and Jake have been working hard and producing lots of work.



Amelia has been very busy working through her work pack over the last few days.

4-6-20 Here are just a few more photos that have been sent in. Summer has been working outside enjoying the sun. Sarah has been learning to grow her own strawberries and Amelia has been busy completing her work pack.

2-6-20 Jake N, Summer, Luzia and Oliver have had a lovely week off, but it's now time to start back with their learning.


Hi Year 6, we hope you’ve had a lovely week off from doing your school work. The weather has been fantastic so I bet you’ve all had lots of adventures out. It’s now time to get back into your learning so remember to send us your photos or videos of your work. Hopefully we’ll see you soon and don’t forget the 2-meter rule. Stay safe. 

 Mrs Miles, Mrs Smith, Mrs Standring and Mrs Rason.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


Last night Trinity did a scavenger hunt with a difference, she did two hours of litter picking around the lake at the country park. She collected wide variety of items, from beer bottles to sweet wrappers. There is now a full bin liner waiting to be collected. Great work Trinity.

Today, Trinity and her mum have tried a recipe out of the Lockdown Cookbook. They put their own twist on the Victoria sponge adding orange essence to the sponge mix and sandwiched it together with lemon buttercream and lemon curd...looks delicious.


Summer and Jake have finished their home school work packs. They have each completed lots of puzzles.

Jake was so excited for half term that he dated one of his sheets 2018....Jake we are 2020.


Today Kenzie has been doing some work on the Egyptians and has made a pyramid and decorated it.


Luzia has again been busy using BBC Bitesize.


Trinity has been den building and has been reading New Moon (Twilight series) and has nearly finished.

She is  team Jacob.


Jake and Summer have been making the most of the weather today and have worked outside.

Numeracy and SPaG using online resources. they have also worked together solving puzzles.


Tilly has been busy over the last couple of days, writing to the Prime Minister and working hard in numeracy.


Amelia has been busy working through her work pack.


Summer and Jake have worked inside and outside, enjoying the fresh air and the shade.

Science activities using BBC Bitesize and numeracy using their work packs, finishing with more SPaG from Twinkl.


Today Trinity has had a swing ball tournament which she said was fast and furious and they called it a draw.

No serious injuries occurred, I am pleased about that.


William has had a busy few weeks, last week he was making a power point to use for his project and he also has a new football trick. He helped to do a BBQ and made s'mores after.....delicious.

So far this week, William has made a numeracy game to play outside and tomorrow is doing something similar for literacy.

He has been busy working through work packs and has also made a den for Go Active.


Tilly has had a busy day, numeracy and literacy and tie dying t-shirts which look fantastic.


Jagoda has been doing work using BBC Bitesize.


Today Jake and Summer did some work from their work packs and SPaG work that they found on Twinkl. Also geography on BBC Bitesize.


Oliver's work for today and he has also done some work relating to his topic.


Summer and Jake have been working on BBC Bitesize using worksheets they had printed off ready.

Jake enjoyed the decimals work. They both have been unrelenting in achieving the tasks completed today.


Luzia has been working on the tasks on BBC Bitesize.


Sarah has worked on a News report and a graph today. She has also produced some drawings from following a tutorial online.

Well done Sarah.


Jessica has completed two tasks on Purple Mash. She has also written her own version of 'Happy' for Covid 19.

Jessica has been training Ned the dog ( check the video).


Jake and Summer have been creating some artwork today.

Jake's is from Star Wars- Attack of the Clones, Boba Fett is grieving his father's death- crouching down holding his father's helmet.

Summer's art is a stormy night on a road through the countryside. I think they have both done a great piece of artwork.


Jake N has completed his Lockdown 2020 project. He chose Star Wars as his theme. Here is the whole document. He has used research, word processing skills and non - chronological report writing techniques throughout. There is a quiz at the end to test your knowledge of Star Wars. Have a look!

Here are some of the new skills we have been practicing since working from home. Look at the slideshow to see what we can do now!

15-5-20 Amelia has been unrelenting with her learning by completing some of her home work pack. Well done.


Jake and Summer have been working on activities on Purple Mash and also BBC Bitesize.

Now finishing the day with bike riding.

13-5-20 Summer has been busy learning about famous artists.

13-5-20 Tilly has been very busy over the V.E. weekend. She has had a lockdown street party, baked a cake and scones, Made some dancing videos and also done some school work as well.

13-5-20 Jessica, Luzia, Neeve and William have done a great job with their learning. Well done.

12-5-20 Jake J, Oliver and William have also been busy with their learning.

12-5-20 Just a few more pictures of our children's fabulous work. Well done Jessica, Amelia, Neeve and also Trinity, who has completed some year 7 activities.

11-5-20 Zoe has been very busy with her school work and she's made a fabulous window display while in lockdown. Well done Zoe.

11-5-20 Luzia, Oliver and Neeve have been busy with their learning. Well done and keep up the great work.

Work of the Week for last week goes to 3 pupils. Oliver, Jake N and Summer all sent in lots of evidence of working from home in all sorts of different ways. It was hard to choose last week as many others are trying super hard. Who will get it this week?


Luzia as been working on BBC Bitesize and so has Trinity.  Trinity has been learning about population and urbanisation.  She has worked on fractions and perimeters using The National Academy School website.


Jake and Summer have loved doing computing today and enjoyed the numeracy work they were doing.

Both worked on SATs books again.


We have some extreme reading from Kaycee and she has also been learning how to cut hair today.

she is very proud of herself and in my opinion she has done a very good job.


Just received Amelia's email and she has been very busy working on the BBC Bitesize website today.



William has been working on different activities on BBC Bitesize.


Today Jessica has been learning about the ancient Egyptians and also working on literacy.


Jake and Summer have been very busy. They finished The Boy in the Dress and have both written a book review and Summer beat Jake at the Higher or Lower game that played. Today they have been working on SATs papers.They have started to read Rotten Romans.


Oliver again has been working hard on the BBC Bitesize website. Great score Oliver.


Lily has completed tasks this morning, one about imports and exports from the U.K. and some literacy work.



Tyler, Luzia, Amelia and Neeve have all been learning using BBC Bitesize, Tyler has also worked on fractions and Amelia has been working on strategy through playing games.


Jessica has been working hard and has even had some time for some extreme reading..these are great photos.

Also a video of Jessica has been completed too. You can see it in the collection of videos. The link is at the top of this page.


Summer and Jake had a late start today as they watched the last Star Wars film. They then both completed BBC Bitesize tasks as well as spellings and reading. Another TT Rockstars battle took place.

They even did more, Jake did some research on his project and Summer started to recreate a piece of artwork. A very busy day.


Oliver as been busy working on BBC Bitesize and has also been for a bike ride for his daily exercise.


Today Trinity explored the Year 7 section -  learning about graphic novels, rounding numbers and the Norman conquest. 

Work of the week for week ending 1.5.20 is awarded to Kaycee Bonsall for the amount of work she has completed and provided evidence for. Keep up the hard work!

TT Rockstars battle!

Well done team boys! 31,117 - 29,736

It was very close this time. If more had taken part, the result could have been very different.

Look out for the next battle coming soon.


Hi children, we hope you are all still coping well during this unusual time? We are missing you more than you’ll ever know and can’t wait until we’re back at school together again. Try and do a little bit of work every day, there are lots to access such as BBC Bitesize, TT Rockstars, Purple Mash or the home work packs. Keep sending us your fabulous photos and videos, we love to see them. 

Be good, take care and stay safe.   

Mrs Miles, Mrs Smith, Mrs Standring and Mrs Rason.                                                                                                         

1-5-20 Here are Jake and Summer having a battle on TT Rockstars. Jessica, Tilly and Jagoda have been busy with BBC Bitesize, and Luzia (with her brother Cane) have been making rainbow T-shirts. Well done to all of you, you are truly the best.

30-4-20 Kaycee has been doing lots of learning- she even has a little helper.

30-4-20 Jake J and Tyler are still working hard.

30-4-20 Jake and Summer being very unrelenting with their daily learning.

29.04.20 There is some amazing work going off at home. Here are some examples of what you can do. BBC Bitesize, Purple Mash, extreme reading, craft activities, work packs... keep up the good work. Thankyou to Jessica, Oliver, Sarah, William, Henley, Amelia for today's contributions.

28-4-20 Oliver doing his daily work on the computer.

28-4-20 Jessica working hard on BBC Bitesize

28-4-20 Summer working hard on her learning.

28-4-20 William has been learning about the satellites that passed over us last week.

27-4-20 Luzia and Jacob are having their own competition growing sunflowers. All the proceeds go to the amazing NHS. Well done to both of you.

27-4-20 Tilly has been busy baking, walking her dog and dancing in her lovely garden.


We hope you are all still keeping safe and positive?

The School Swimming Team have been working hard to develop a programme for you to access. Here is a range of online water safety resources and tasks for you to complete at home.


Water safety resources:

STA Junior Lifeguard Academy notes and worksheets:

RNLI resources:

Canals and Rivers Trust resources:  :


Jake and Summer have been busy with their learning. Well done and keep up the great work.

William has had lots of fun camping out over Easter.


Hi children,

Below you'll find a fab web site that our music friend, Gareth Widdowson, has set up for you to access. There's lots of different fun activities for you to do from the Derbyshire Music Hub. There's challenges, quizzes, tutorials and much more. Check it out but don't forget to send use your photos or videos.


Here is also a link to the BBC Bitesize where there are lots of daily lessons for you to access.


Hi children, we hope you've all had a lovely Easter holiday. I know its not been under the greatest of circumstances but I'm sure you'll have made the best of it. There is still lots of learning to be done so keep sending us your fabulous photos and videos, we love to see them. Home school packs have been sent out and online learning, such as Purple Mash and TT Rockstars are still there for you to access. Mrs Smith and Mrs Miles will be setting you other tasks to complete so watch this space. Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Standring

Just a few photos to show you what Neeve and Trinity have done over the Easter holidays.

Here are our new words that we are adding to our vocabulary weekly. Keep looking for the words as we add them.


flamboyant     tedious    abundant    collaborate   

ironic     discrepancy  exploit(v) exploits(n) 

squirm   churlish

blatant  impulsive  fickle  wary  slovenly  lethal


mundane  juvenile

Well what a couple of weeks that was!

It's been emotional but my goodness, you have been working hard at home. We are all so very proud of you and you should know we have struggled with this as much as you have.

The support we have received from you and your families has been phenomenal. We appreciate that working from home is very different and you and your parents have had to adapt to a very different way of life. We have too, but seeing your work and hearing from you via email every day has made it all worthwhile.

Next term would have been SATS term - the thing we have worked so hard for all year. Even though we won't be taking the actual tests, we will still be assessing you based on your work in class so all of your efforts have not been in vain.

Take these next 2 weeks off! Have a break from school work and do some amazing things with your families - at home. We look forward to hearing all about them after the holidays. We are always only an email or a phone call away. 

Stay safe and stay home!

Love from Mrs Miles, Mrs Smith, Mrs Standring and Mrs Rason

TT Rockstars battle

Y6 boys vs Y6 girls.

Ends Friday 3rd April at 12pm


Working from home

Week 1 certificate of achievement - Luzia

Send us your photos of you working from home. We would love to see what you've been up to.

Today's activities included candle making, wordsearches (my little April Fool), story writing, cake baking and Easter decoration making. (2.4.20)

Planting, Maths, helping around the home, Purple Mash and bird feeders - some of the home working activities sent today (1.4.20)

From algebra, to baking, to bee houses. The work I have seen today is amazing. Well done Neeve, Trinity, Tilly and Oliver!

Jake and Summer locked down at their grandparents. There are worse placed to be keeping safe!

That's it, our first week at home. It has seemed very strange - I can't believe how much I have missed you!! This weekend I have watched three Disney films, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Moana. I feel very guilty sitting and watching them but there hasn't been much else to do.

I've started writing some poems for children and I've even tried drawing some pictures to go with them. When we are all back together I'll try them out on you (don't laugh at the pictures!!)

I hope you find enough to do in the coming week. I look forward to you emailing me on Purple Mash.

With love, Mrs Smith xx

Suggested timetable and a few ideas

As our second day apart comes to a close, I hope you are all getting on ok. Mrs Miles has sent you some tasks on Purple Mash and I have just emailed you all. I would love to get some replies to see what you all have been up to.

With love, Mrs Smith x

Year 6 in all our glory!

To all Year 6  parents,  

                                  Thank you for having the lovely idea of a party for today - however we are not prepared to say goodbye to our class today! I have told the children that we will definitely be back before the end of the academic year - we have leavers Assemblies to plan and trips to go on. If, in the unlikely event that we are not back, when the weather is better I will contact you all and arrange a party/gathering/disco/sleepover/water fight on the field.

I am sorry, but we are not ready to say goodbye to your wonderful children yet.

With love, Mrs Smith xx


Reflection, rotation and translation done practically

Zoe has grown her own Amaryllis at home.

Our favourite books

We have been really enjoying our new style of Guided reading. The texts that we have been using have been challenging but several of them have had a real twist at the end which has made the children think hard and question their first assumptions.

We have enjoyed hearing about the famous "Bear man" Rake Greenam - he led a very exciting life and we are currently writing his biography. Our homework this week is to write a biography of someone in our family. We hope you enjoy talking to the children about your life, we've found that over the years, this has been a very popular piece of work.

Welcome back to term 4 - this year seems to be flying by. We came back to school to see our lovely Amaryllis in full bloom, we actually missed it at its best which was probably last week! Later on this week we will be using it to complete a science experiment.

As we get nearer to May our Booster classes for reading will be starting today and our programme of interventions will be stepped up a notch. At home, we would like the children to spend some time looking at their revision books and practising the areas which they feel they need more support with.

We have an assessment week coming up and the results of these tests will be shared with parents on parents evening.

Keep working hard!

Our Amaryllis

This week we have been writing our stories based on moving from one place to another. We have decided on a setting, talked about how a portal could transport us to another place and then solved a dilemma. It took us a while to get going but when we did, our stories were amazing.

We have also been growing an Amaryllis in class - this type of plant grows very quickly and produces some beautiful flowers. We really hope that the flowers are out before we take our break in February!

Our Amaryllis at the moment

Last week we were lucky enough to have our ICT specialist Chris Savage in class. He helped us to take a look at coding and also de-bugging. We used a variety of games and programs to achieve this.The children really enjoyed the lesson and the concentration on their faces as they tried to map routes out was amazing.

ICT Coding

Sats information meeting 21st January

Its good to be back!

Term 3 is now well under way and we are getting fully immersed in our topics.

Our new learning is all based around the heading 'Globe Trotting!' We will be learning all about countries around the world, focussing on Europe and North America. Please share any atlases you may have at home with your children. Google Earth is also really interesting to see the Earth from a different perspective.

Our Literacy and Numeracy are both linking to this as we create pieces of writing about European countries and analyse statistical data, including weather and population.


Happy New Year ! We hope that you all had a great Christmas. talking of Christmas, we thought that you would like to see some of the photos of Christmas week. Some are ones that we used for our calendars and some are from our Christmas party.

The Christmas party

Christmas pictures

As we begin our final week of school before the Christmas holidays, we look back at the first third of the year. The children have all worked hard and the amount of work that they can produce has increased significantly. I hope all parents got their child's assessment results. We were very pleased with the scores and, more importantly, the children's attitude towards taking the tests. The highlights of this term must be "TT Rock Stars Day" when the costumes were awesome, listening to the singing on the swimming bus (the driver said that it was the best that he had ever heard!) and the times when the children have made us cry with laughter - it has been a great start to the year.

Moving on - in January we will  be holding a SATS evening so that parents know exactly what to expect in may and also get ideas to help the children. There will also be an opportunity to buy or borrow some SATS revision books.

Merry Christmas! 

We have had a brilliant afternoon of Country Dancing, the children picked up the dances very quickly and even made up some of their own. We can now count up to eight, do heel, toe heel toe and dance the OXO reel.

Country Dancing - Year 6 style!

Our work with shadows - Can you guess who we are?

Well, as we gear up for Christmas, last week was very busy. We were completing our practice SATs papers and also making our Christmas tree decorations for the Church. The results of both these activities were very pleasing.

We still have a long way to go with our SATS but the results show that we are all getting better in all our subjects - so hard work does pay off!

Our gingerbread men were fantastic although a whole class sewing all at once nearly drove Mrs Smith round the bend!

Gingerbread men

Welcome back to term 2 - this week we have been studying Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. We have also been getting 'fractious' with fractions!

On Wednesday we went back in time and wrote like Victorian children - it was not easy!

We had a session on Thursday of gymnastics which we all enjoyed.

Today we took our poppy wreath down to the Cenotaph with the rest of the school.

This week we have been learning how to make a speech. When you go for an interview you need to be confident. Our speeches were about things that we feel passionately about. 

Kenzie's speech was about not dropping litter, Courtney spoke about the reasons horses are put down. Oliver was concerned that footballers get paid too much and Amelia wants donkeys to be looked after better.

When we made our speeches - it was nerve-wracking!

Warren said" I felt nervous beforehand but afterwards I felt relieved."

Jake N commented "As it got closer to my turn to speak, I was getting nervous, however, afterwards I felt much better."

Amelia wants to improve her speech by not putting the word "also" in too much."

Our Year 6 TT Rock Stars

Debates and Discussions

Over the past week, Year 6 have been writing discussion texts in Literacy. This has led to some very mature, well-thought out arguments and debates about whether Victorian children should have gone to work along with more current debate topics. The children worked extremely hard to see things from another point of view.

In Numeracy, we have been continuing our revision of calculation methods - pushing their skills all the way with long division!! After a few sessions, we have finally grasped it.

The children have been creating their own Victorian style portraits in art. These look wonderful in their sketch books which show the process of how the final product was built up.

Our online safety topic is coming to an end but this is something we will continue to discuss and embed whenever required. We hope you have all signed the acceptable ICT use policy to help your child stay safe online.

We will also be having our final basketball session next Monday. Jacob, the coach, has delivered a great series of lessons and the children have developed some fantastic skills with passing, shooting and dribbling. Get ready for future competitions. 

Finally, we held our annual harvest festival today with a main focus on looking after the world we have been given. The messages were very clear and important. We hope to continue the ECO theme throughout the year in everything we do.

Last week was another busy week in school. We were grappling with long Multiplication - parents who got their homework right will be getting a sticker so look out for it. In our Topic time we researched some famous Victorians like Sir Titus salt and then created a fact file in our books. All these Victorians have a lasting legacy that is still with us today.

Our Literacy was the last week of our narrative unit of work. The children worked hard on their stories and you will be able to read them next week at Parents evening.

This week we have moved on to discussions..... and our class love to talk - it is hard to stop them giving their opinions - we want them written down! 

We look forward to seeing you all next week and sharing some of the brilliant work that your children have produced.

It's been Stand Up Derbyshire day today - we have had a very active literacy lesson when we told a story using actions - we will tell it by writing it down next week. We also had a mad Maths lesson when we were working as a team to collect answers to calculations.

Stand up Derbyshire day in Year 6

Last week was very busy in Year 6. We started our basketball training which was fun and we have been looking at how to write description and build up tension in our writing. This will all feed into a brilliant story that we are going to write in a few weeks.

During topic time we had a look at the history of Electricity and then we tried to make some electrical circuits ourselves. We had to be unrelenting as the wires fell off and some of the batteries didn't work very well.

Finally, it was great to win the Attendance award for the second week running - hopefully we can make it a hat-trick!

Making Electrical circuits

The children have had a very tough first full week in Year 6 - they have completed all this year's SATs papers. This is just to prove to them that the process is not too bad and they can concentrate for a long period of time.

I'm very pleased to say that their unrelentless attitude and concentration has been excellent. We have a lot to cover before next May but having seen them this week, we have no doubt that they are all up for the challenge.

Our "The Empire Strikes Back" topic has kicked off with a hand drawn timeline from the Victorian age and a look at the British Empire in relation to the rest of the world.