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WELCOME TO YEAR 5 2022-23 




If you need to discuss anything then please do not hesitate to contact me on the email below.






For writing an amazing description in English this week.

In year 5, we have had a totally rocking TT Rockstars day! We practiced our multiplications up to 12 and had battles between each other.



This week in year 5, we have been super busy.  Here is what we have been learning;


Guiding Reading - We have been looking at the story of 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'.  The children have using their skills to read the text, taking turns to read aloud to the class.  They have been practicing the skill of scanning for words and answering questions about the text to check their comprehension.


English - This week we have started writing a story.  We have written a description of finding a magical elf village in the woods.  The children have been using personification, metaphors and similes in their work in order to make their work more interesting to read.


Maths - This week in Maths, we have been working on finding factors and multiples of numbers.  The children are getting really good at this and their times table knowledge is definitely helping them with this.


Science - We have been looking properties of states of matter.  We examined gases, liquids and solids, including how they evaporate and condense.


R.E - We have been examining the 5 pillars of Islam. We asked the question 'What does it feel like to be a Muslim in Britain today?'


French - We have been descibing traits of people in french.


Art/DT - We made poppies to take to the cenotaph next week.


PE - Tag Rugby 


Music - We have looked at the history of the Blues.


Geography - We have been following compass directions and map symbols.


The children did brilliantly with their spelllings this week.  Thank you for supporting them with this!

Here we are doing our space themed art inspired by Joseph Webb.

STAR OF THE WEEK - 14.10.22


For an amazing piece of ICT based art!

Well done to an incredible gymnast in our class! We are so proud of you Mia!



It's been another busy week in Year 5.  Here's a round up of what we have learned this week:


In English, we have been looking at the nonsense poem 'The Jabberwocky' by Lewis Carroll.  The children have deciphered what the words could mean by identifying whether they are nouns, verbs or adjectives. The children have also had lots of fun acting out the poem.  Next week, we will be continuing this in English by writing our own nonsense poems. 


In Math, we have been working on addition and sutraction using the formal method.  We are ensuring that they use the formal method correctly by putting the numbers into the correct columns for example, hundred, tens or ones.

This is how we ask them to set it out:


123 - (f)




In P.E, we have been continuing tag rugby.  The children are really enjoying this and are learning valuable skills such as working as a team.


In Art, we have been painting space themed backgrounds and learning about the artist Joe Webb.  We are in the process of creating a piece of art inspired by his work.  We painted a starry background using different painting techniques, then drew planets using pastels. You can see some examples of these in the pictures below.


In PHSE, we have been talking about marriage.  We spoke about the different types of marriage such as same sex marriage, religious ceremonies and non-religious ceremonies.  The children were very knowledgable about this and expressed their opinions in a mature manner.


In ICT, we have been using the snipping tool to cut out pictures from the internet to put on their art pictures.  We cant wait to share these with you.


STAR OF THE WEEK! - 23.9.22

Olivia Dunstan

Olivia has blown us away this week with her fantastic Maths skills and for generally being brilliant!



Here is an overview of what year 5 have learnt this week;


In Maths, we have continued to learn about place value up to a million.  The children have got a good grasp of this now and have worked hard.


In English, we have completed our fact based text about the life of the Queen and have written it up in neat whilst improving our writing using the feedback from the teachers.  Take a look at some of this excellent writing in the pictures below!


In History and Science, we have researched and created a timeline of scientific discoveries.  We have also researched the first woman in space.


In R.E, we have asked the question 'Is God real?' The children enjoyed discussing their ideas about whether they think there is a God and we encouraged the children to express their thoughts and opinions. We have also spoken about metaphors and the children deciphered some metaphors about God.


We were really pleased with the children's spelling scores this week and it really helps them when they're writing in English.  Thank you for your support with this.


Check out this amazing home learning done by several children in our class this week! We just love it when you continue your learning at home and hope to see others following this great example. Well done Anna, Kaydee, Harley, Charleigh, Lavenia and Lottie!


Cole Thompson

Fantastic writing in English this week.  Cole wrote an amazing piece of writing about Queen Elizabeth using fronted adverbials.


It's been another busy week for us in year 5 this week. 

In Maths, we have been working on place value of numbers up to 1 million!  The children have gained a better understanding of this and have worked really hard on increasing their understanding.

In English, we have been writing a biography of the life of Queen Elizabeth.  The children have used their ICT skills to research about her childhood, her marriage and her children.  They made notes using the ipads and used their notes to write paragraphs.

In Music, we have been singing a song inspired by Egypt, the song is about the river Nile.  Can you sing it for your grown ups at home?

In PE, we have been playing tag rubgy.  The children have been learning how to evade tackles and good use of the available space.

In Science, we have learnt about the phases of the moon. The children learnt that the light from the moon is actually reflected from the sun. Mr Cutt showed the children how this works using a football and a torch.

The Moon doesn't make its own light, it just reflects the Sun's light as all the planets do. The Sun always illuminates one half of the Moon. Since the Moon is tidally locked, we always see the same side from Earth, but there's no permanent dark side of the Moon. The Sun lights up different sides of the Moon as it orbits around Earth, it's the fraction of the Moon from which we see reflected sunlight that determines the moon phase.

Can your child tell you which phase we are in by looking at the moon tonight?

We LOVE to see things that you do at home.  Feel free to email us about any extra curricular activities that you enjoy out of school, so we can share your achievements in our weekly assembly.


Thomas Walton-Fleming

Fantastic start to the new school year and brilliant behaviour!


This week, as part of our science based topic we have been doing stop/start animation of how the planets in our solar system orbit the sun. We can't wait to share the finished animations with you!

Welcome back to school!


We hope that you have all had a fantastic summer and are ready for an exciting new school year in year 5. 

This term we are learning about our new topic, 'Stargazers'. During this topic we are looking at Earth and space and have lots of fun experiments to do and thrilling ways of learning about our universe.

06.5.22 STAR OF THE WEEK IS...


Ralphie H

For producing an amazing

piece of English work based on 

our topic, WW1. 

We were all close to tears!

Well Done!

29.4.22 STAR OF THE WEEK IS...


Leyla P

For settling in to 

a new school really well

and already feeling like a valued

member of the class, school and 


Welcome Back!




That's a wrap on Spring 2!


Next half term, we have some very exciting things to show you - with photographs this time!


English - In English, we will be writing our own Informal Letter, Discussion/Argument and Diary Entry based on our over-arching theme, WW1. I'm sure we will all enjoy putting ourselves in their shoes and producing some excellent pieces of writing. 


Maths - Our focus in Maths this half term will be on Area, Perimeter and properties of shapes. Whilst this will be difficult, I am confident we will all rise to the challenge and smash it. 


Reading - Our Guided Reading sessions will revolve around the book 'Private Peaceful' by Michael Morpurgo. This will be the backbone of our theme, helping us in all of our lessons. 


History and Geography - In these subjects, we will be focusing on WW1, specifically the background of why it started and how land use  and trade links have changed as a result. 


Science - Our Science lessons this half term will be revolving around animals, including humans. Specifically, we will be looking at puberty and changes over time, a recap of our PSHE lessons. Children may come home with some interesting questions, so be prepared. 


Other subject topics include Word Processing in Computing, Swimming in PE, French Transport in MFL, Musical Theater in Music and Economic Wellbeing in PSHE.


Alongside this, children in this class will take part in the Keymaster production ran by Miss Else. Children have already started rehearsing their parts and songs, so I am confident this will be a brilliant performance. 

18.3.22 STAR OF THE WEEK IS...


Grace S

For being an

amazing member of the school

and helping other teachers and TA's 

where possible!

Well Done!

11.3.22 STAR OF THE WEEK IS...



For writing an 

unbelievable autobiography

during our English lessons this week. 
Fantastic work!

Well Done!




For being unrelenting 

both inside and outside of school

and trying her best no matter what. 

Well Done!



One more week to go!


This week, we have been completing some very complicated Maths work based on adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators AND mixed numbers. The children have really blown me away with how much they have achieved with this during the week. 


We have started to get ready for our own independent story writing next week. Children have been tasked with writing their own adventure story, and I am sure they are just as excited as I am to get started!


Next week, we will be completing our coding unit in Computing, as well as finally getting around to finish our sculptures based on the artist Kendra Haste. Children will make their creation out of clay, and then attempt to remake the design out of wire. Photographs of these pending...

11.2.22 STAR OF THE WEEK IS...



For being a mini teacher

and helping everybody else in class

during a very difficult week in Maths and English.

Well Done!



We've made it to the end of Week 2!!! 


This past couple of week we have been attempting to create a skeleton out of wire for our Art project. We are examining the work of Kendra Haste and hoping to recreate something as brilliant as she can. Next week we will hopefully be using clay to create the external 'body' of our sculpture. 


In English, we have finished writing our explanation texts. We have been challenged to invent a machine and explain how this works to the class. We had some very interesting ideas ranging from a motorbike invention machine to a teleportation device to an all you can eat chocolate vending machine! We all enjoyed sharing our step-by-step guide with the rest of the class. 


Next week, we will be continuing with our fractions unit in Mathematics, something we have all been working hard on the past couple of weeks. 





Hope you have all had an amazing Christmas break like we all have. Looking forward to a new start back at school?


This half-term we will be introducing some VERY complicated ideas: Fractions, Living Things and their Habitats and Observational Geography. Children will really enjoy these lessons, although they might find it daunting to start off. There are some very exciting changes happing to our lessons with a key focus on retrieval and practice. Therefore, the weekly spelling, reading, times tables and online homework will continue to be happening. We are hoping that the more we practice, the more we remember! 


We cannot wait to share with you some amazing photos of our work with you all. 



17.12.21 STAR OF THE WEEK IS...



For impressing us all 

with her behaviour and attitude

during our visit to the Pantomime. 

Well Done!



10.12.21 STAR OF THE WEEK IS...



For always trying his 

best at his schoolwork and 

being a really good friend in class!

Well Done!



03.11.21 STAR OF THE WEEK IS...



For really impressing us

all here at Anthony Bek with some

amazing results during assessment week

and in class. 

Well Done boys!

26.11.21 STAR OF THE WEEK IS...



For being an amazing friend 

and making sure everybody feels 

included at all times at play and lunchtime 

Well Done!



December is nearly here!


This week in Science we investigated which type of material is the best at keeping drinks hot. We found out that metal cups and bamboo cups were the best at keeping drinks the hottest for the longest. In English, we continued to research the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe ready for our narrative writing unit. We are all so excited to write our own stories based on characters of our choosing. 

19.11.21 STAR OF THE WEEK IS...



For having an amazing

week in school and showing 

excellent presentation in all subjects.

Well Done!



Wow this week has gone fast!


This week, we have been looking at grid references in Geography - children have been creating their own maps and plotting routes to travel from one location to another. Children have loved creating magical and wonderful countries. In Maths, we finished our Multiplication and Division unit and absolutely smashed it with some amazing test scores. In English, we have all produced some fantastic newspaper reports based on 'Earth discovering Narnia'. We are all enjoying reading the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. 

12.11.21 STAR OF THE WEEK IS...



For being kind and respectful in class and

around school, making new friends 

and being thoughtful.

Well Done!

05.11.21 STAR OF THE WEEK IS...



For always showing amazing presentation 

skills across all subject in school,

trying his best and being 


Well Done!




Welcome to Autumn 2! Time flies when you're having fun! Christmas will be here before you know it!


This half-term our topic is called 'Alchemy Island'. Our Geography lessons will be focusing on map reading skills and  following compass directions to navigate around the island. Science will be all about  properties and changes of materials. Our book focus for the next eight weeks is 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'. We will be reading the book in class and linking this in to our English lessons. 


For this half-term, to test children's multiplication ahead of a very difficult unit in Maths, children will be expected to write down a specific times table up to 12x in addition to reading daily and practicing spellings daily. This is to ensure children are confident and fluent in being able to quickly recall multiplication facts. 


We have lots of fun and exciting things planned for this next half-term and we can't wait to share some of our amazing work with you!


22.10.21 STAR OF THE WEEK IS...



For being 'Unrelenting' and resilient

at all times both inside and outside of 


Well done!! 



That's a wrap on Autumn 1!!


To finish the half-term off, we produced some amazing Halloween art and poetry. We loved dressing up on Friday and it was great to see everybody make a huge effort. Hope each and every one of you have an amazing break, and looking forward to seeing everybody back in November!


Some of the amazing poetry produced by our talented children. Based on the book 'Malala's Magic Pencil'

15.10.21 STAR OF THE WEEK IS...



For being an amazing role 

model to the whole class and being 

a 'Crusader' at all times inside and outside 

of school. 

Well done!!


Writing a film review based on the short Disney Pixar short - Bao.

08.10.21 STAR OF THE WEEK IS...



For being extremely resilient

and completing his work to an amazing

standard despite being absent. 

Well done!! 



This week, we finished writing our film review AND our addition and subtraction unit. We are excited to start learning new things next week. Next Tuesday, in groups, we will spend some time in PE teaching our classmates, which will be exciting! We have all came up with some interesting and exciting games to share with everyone. Look out for the photographs!

Some excellent Maths work completed by our Year 5s this week!

01.10.21 STAR OF THE WEEK IS...



For being an exceptional

'CRUSADER' and making sure everybody

in class are included and 


Well done!




This week, we started our new Literacy topic - a film review! We are basing this unit on the short French animation titled "Aviatrice". Next week, we will be writing the film review and sharing some examples on the website! We also conducted a Scientific experiment based on the work of Galileo Galilei. This involved us dropping objects of different weights from the same height and observing which object hits the floor first. Try it for yourself, you will be shocked! 


As this is the start of 'Black History Month', our History and Science lessons will be focusing on historical and influential black women in Space History, including the lives of Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson, the 'human computers' who helped to launch John Glenn into orbit. 


24.9.21 STAR OF THE WEEK IS...



For showing amazing 

resilience and always trying

her best even when things can feel 

a little scary!

Well done! 



This week, we have finished our 'Place Value' unit in Maths. We are looking forward to starting our 'Addition and Subtraction' unit next week! In Literacy, we have finished writing our non-chronological reports all about a planet of our choosing. We have all produced amazing pieces of writing. We are extending this topic by looking at the 'Hidden Figures' in History and finding out all about Joe Webb's space themed collages in Art.

Children completing a non-chronological report all about a planet of their choice!

17.9.21 STAR OF THE WEEK IS...



For always completing work to an amazing standard,

being respectful to everybody and showing great

resilience when lessons have been difficult. 

Well done!



A warm welcome to all children in Year 5/6. Our topic this half-term is titled 'Stargazers'. All children have settled in really well this past couple of weeks and they are really excited to learn more about our topic! 


Children will be given spellings on a Monday morning ready for a test on the following Monday. It would really help if spellings were practiced daily. In addition to this, children will be expected to read five times weekly (at least one day at the weekend) to develop their vocabulary and comprehension skills. These will be checked daily and, if not completed at home, will be expected to be completed during break time. 


Children can only swap books on a Thursday. If a child has finished a book any other time during the week, there are a list of activities that can be provided to complete at home instead of reading, such as a 'book review' or 'draw the main character'. Children will also be given some homework to complete based on current learning in the classroom. This should be completed in a weeks' time. 


PE days are currently on Tuesday, please make sure children arrive in their kit. Earrings will need to be removed or covered up with a plaster. 


I will be updating this page regularly with children's work, Star of the Week and anything fun and exciting we get up to. 


If you need to discuss anything then please do not hesitate to contact me on the email below.

WELCOME TO YEAR 5/6 2021-22 



























END OF 2020/21

01.03.21 Weekly Timetable

We sent out certificates today to the children who have shown real commitment to their school work through their home learning. Well done to them we are really proud of them.
Check out some of this week's work. Well done to the children who have sent in work on the last week of home learning we are very proud of you.
22.02.21 - Year 5 visited some great Theme Parks and went on the rides.
A great selection of Home learning again, well done year 5!
01.02.21 Home learning examples, keep up the good work year 5!


Samantha has been busy this afternoon and has made us all a card,

We will Keep Smiling Samantha. Thankyou very much


A few examples of work from the end of the week, Jack with his decimals. Lucy has been making pizza.

Noah has been preparing a risotto and Tia has produce a magical entrance to a wonderful land.

A selection of work from this week's home learners, well done to you all we are so proud of you all! It is getting harder to decide on the star of the week as you're all working so hard. This week's work is by: Noah, Sammie-Jo, Tiarnii, Charlie-Jo, Lucy,Kellan, Samantha and Harley.
We have had some great work in this week from year 5. Well done and we are very proud of how you are coping with all this. We are all learning news ways of working but we can do this!

A selection of this weeks work. Well done Seth,Jack,Sharley-Rai,Ethan,Samantha, Olivia and Finley.

Great word documents from Holly and Harley well Done!

Sam has also been out enjoying the snow today.
A few examples from Tia of the work she has been doing at home.
Examples of work Samantha as done today, building a snowman and even having hot chocolate nd marshmallows.
Along with our work Noah has been doing his science experiment.
Lilly has sent in some of her numeracy she has been working on this week.
Harley has completed some of his work today and even made time to play in the snow.

Here is some of Kellan's work from this week.

Look at the avatar he has produced.

A few examples of Holly this week

A selection of Home Learning- .week commencing 11.1.21 We are so proud of you all, well done keep up the good work.

Harley doing a great job as Teacher, watch out Mrs Fish.

Still image for this video

Home learning timetable for this week: 




Charlie-Joe has been working hard today on the laptop.

Jack has been having a literacy lesson today.

Samantha was asked to write a descriptive opening paragraph but she went on to write an account of the whole island.

Then has been working on calculating volume.

Noah has been busy this week, he has been on an hours work every morning with the dogs as his exercise.

Then he has been reading daily and  using TT Rockstars and BBC Mathmatica online learning. Noah has also found the time to produce a piece of music.

Well Done Noah.


Lucy has been busy at work, she as been using BBC Bitesize to learn about area and perimeter.

Then some handwriting practice followed by making a model of the 4 Kingdoms from Lego. Also made time for art.

Samantha has been hard at work again. Well Done
 Seth has made and Avatar model and been learning the russian ahlpabet.
Jack has been working on numeracy and describing the ancient citadel.
Samantha has been busy again, this time with science and literacy.


Still image for this video


Seth has been busy working, he has been learning using Purple Mash and BBC Bitesize. He is also learning the russian language.



Well what a start to the new term,  back to home learning.

I really hope we will be all back together soon.


We already have work being sent in to us.

Harley has been working really well, we have a fabulous model of the 4 kingdoms and he has also been working on area and perimeter and figuring out what the old language means. well done.

Samantha has been hard at work.

She has been working hard on area and perimeter, working out the old language words and there meanings.

Also another fabulous model of the 4 kingdoms. Samantha has done some extra work finding out facts about William Shakespeare. She even made time for a bit of exercise and got out in the fresh air, trying out on her Heeleys.


Year 5 found the Christmas cards very challenging, but didn’t they turn out brilliantly in the end?
Fabulous calendars for 2021, the class used seasonal colours to quarter the sheet, then coloured over this in black crayon. Then using templates they scored around the shapes for that season before adding details to them.
Some of year 5 made Christmas decorations for the Christmas tree outside Mrs Johnson’s office, infront of the school.
Busy week in year 5 with assessments and we still managed to get our Gonks made for the class tree. Aren’t they great? We also made our Christmas card box, so the Christmas cards can be collected. Meet our snowman ‘Shimmy Arr’.


We have settled in well to this half term. I am so proud of how well all of the children in Year 5 have adapted to the changes.


We are now getting stuck into our topic - Stargazers. The children are learning lots about space. Over the last couple of weeks, they have written some fabulous myths about the moon. Hopefully we will be able to post some examples by the end of the week.


You should have received an email about the at home Science Investigation. We can't wait to see how you get on with them.

We had great fun today dressed in our Halloween costumes. Mrs Holmes took the class as Miss Thompson is busy preparing for her wedding. Check out the photographs.
We have had a super start to Year 5. All of the children have coped amazingly well with all of the changes to school. We are incredibly impressed with their positive attitudes and how well they have got on with everything. Even more impressive considering the amount of time they have been away from school. We are so excited for this school year. We will keep this page updated with what we are doing in Year 5.

Jacob has been really busy again! What lovely presentation too Jacob!

Ryan has been really busy practising his calculation methods today!

Rhys visited Gampston Airfield last week for a chage of scenery and look what he managed to take photos of!

Take a look at Jacob's PowerPoint all about the heart!

Rhys has been strawberry picking! I wonder what he's going to make with them.

Ryan has been super busy doing his work and he also found time to help his younger brother with his work.

Check out Vinny's fabulous Powerpoint Presentation about dogs, some great factual information in there, well done Vinny.
Ryan has been playing a times table game with his sister, can't wait to try this out when we get back to school. Well done Ryan keep up the good work.
Hello year 5 it's me Mrs Winder, I'm missing you all and have something exciting to show you. We had a wasps nest in our bike shed, we had to remove it because they get bigger and bigger then the rest of the wasps come to live in them. It was near our backdoor so it had to go. The photos are below and I have kept it to show you when we are back at school. See you soon, stay safe, stay alert!

Wasps nest

Well year 5 we have a star in our class - Rhys and his sister Sophie were on the news, on the TV! how good is that?

 we are very proud of you Rhys for raising all the money you did and donating it to the NHS a very well done. What an achievement for a 9 year old, memories you wont forget.

Congratulations to Connor, our last week's star, his work has been amazing and the effort he is putting in is showing through. Well done again Connor we are very impressed with you xxx Below is just a little bit of the work on Purple Mash he is doing each week.

Fantastic effort Connor well done!

Further congratulations to Miley, another star from last week. Well done Miley on the effort you are putting in, we are very proud of you and keep up the good work. xxx

Check out some of Miley's fantastic work

Ryan keeping busy with his school work, well done Ryan! We are proud of you and can’t wait to see you soon. 
Connor has been working hard too! we are proud to see all this work keep sending it!
Harrison busy working, well done keep up the good work!
Rhys has been very busy and I think he's found a new hobby, baking! let's hope we can sample some when we are back at school. He has also completed his bike ride to raise money for the NHS raising £319 (target was £50) fabulous! well done Rhys.

Keeping Busy

Well done Harrison for your great writing about The Dog! Hope you are keeping safe and enjoying your time at home learning new things

Wow! look at this work from Vinny, he has been working really hard and we are so proud of him.

Mrs Winder

message from Vinny's mum:

Hi Mrs Thompson, 


Here is what Vinny has done in English today. He has planned it out in his work book and done a few Q and A on Formal writing and 1sr, 2nd and 3rd person. He has wrote a letter to Boris Johnson and typed it up. So here is his finished letter. He just needed some help attaching the rainbow. 


well done Vinny 

Letter to Boris Johnson

Baking and experiments

Mrs Winder

Hello year 5, wow what a strange 2 weeks we have all had.  The Tower photos were amazing and we can't wait to see your photo's for the next competition. We are pleased you are all working hard with your home learning packs and Purple mash, we know how different it is for you. Both Mrs Rason and myself have children at home too, who are having to home learn so we are all trying our best. We really miss you and can't wait to get back to class, we are all so very proud of you and keep up the good work. Miss Thompson, Mrs Winder, Miss Marriott & Mrs Rason.

Working Hard from home

Just a quick one from Miss Thompson.

We have got a brilliant class! I am so proud of all of the efforts that all of you have gone to. You have all got such lovely manners when emailing or speaking to me on the phone. I have added more tasks on Purple Mash, as I know that some of you had nearly completed them. Remember that I am hoping to see all of your projects by tomorrow. I have already had a couple - they were to a high standard.

We are all missing you. I will be ringing around everyone again tomorrow.

Thank you for keeping yourself busy and safe.


Here are the links to the Computing Lessons:









Have fun using them smiley

We have had a busy and exciting start to this term!


Last week was our first Water Safety lesson. All of the children had to swim in their clothes. They found it a lot harder than they were expecting - but still managed to put lots of effort in. We have got our final Water Safety lesson this Wednesday. After that, we will try to achieve at least 25 metres.

We were visited by Catherine, from The History Van, who taught us lots about the Vikings and how they lived. This made us excited to get stuck into our topic - The Vikings.


In Numeracy, we have looked at different kinds of graphs and the kinds of information recorded in them. This week we are focusing on fractions.


In Literacy, we have written and performed play scripts. We imagined that we were part of a Viking battle and wrote diary entries about it.


We have been learning to play the recorder. We are pretty good at playing the notes, A, B and G. We have started to look at the note E. Learning to play the recorder is great fun and incredibly loud! Our aim, by the end of the year, is to put on a performance for our parents to enjoy.





In Maths, we have been converting mixed fractions to improper fractions, multiplying whole numbers by fractions and we have been practising using all four methods.

In Literacy, we have been looking at a range of Myths. Today, we planned ready to write on Friday.

We have also completed our poppy wreath. We will post a photograph of it on Friday after the memorial service. We're really proud of how it has turned out.

We have completed our first term of swimming. We’re pleased to say that we have all improved since September.


In Literacy, we have written our own poems and then performed them to the class. All of them were fantastic. We are clearly a humorous class! We used similes, metaphors, alliteration and rhyme.


In Numeracy, we started looking at statistics – we used a line graph and interpreted a table all about the planets.


We started to make our poppies for Remembrance Day. We investigated different ways of using the paint. Unfortunately, the poppies didn’t quite look right. So, as class, we thought of a different and creative way to make our wreath.


I would just like to thank all of the children for a wonderful start to the new school year. I hope that they all have a lovely holiday.

It was great to see so many parents at the Parents' Evenings this week. It was also really nice to hear how much the children are enjoying Year 5. I am sure that they will feel this way for the whole year.

This week in Numeracy, we have been using the bus stop method for division. All of the children know how to use this method. In Literacy, we have been performing poems. We have thought about the different performance techniques.

We are all really looking forwards to TTrockstars day tomorrow. We will upload a class photograph with all of our wonderful costumes!

Poetry and Division

We have refreshed ourselves on how to use the column method for addition and subtraction - we were all super! This week, we have moved on to multiplication. We have been using TT Rockstars at home to help us with the times tables.

We had an alien (pretend, of course!) visit our classroom and he caused lots of mayhem! We wrote some great stories about his adventures. We have now moved on to writing our own newspapers. Hopefully we will be able to put some on next week when we have finished.

To keep inspiring us about our Space topic, we have watched some clips of the ISS - we saw some astronauts doing their jobs.

We are just about to go swimming, for the third time this year. We are all going to try really hard to keep our feet up!

We have had a super start to this year. I am so excited for this year - I know that we have an amazing class. Each and every child brings something wonderful to our class. So many lovely, bubbly personalities. What a lucky teacher I am! Thank you for all of your support so far with reading, homework and returning letters.


Remember that we start swimming next Wednesday 25th September. Please can you ensure that you send your child to school with their full swimming kit on Wednesday. We also need all of the replies for swimming by Friday.


Please remember to send any pantomime replies before next week.

frownWelcome to Year 5!no

I hope that you all had a brilliant summer. All of the children have settled in very well into Year 5. We will be keeping this page up-to-date with what we're learning about in class, any brilliant work, sports and any other news.


As always, any questions, put a note in your child's organiser or ask to see me at the end of the day. Thank you for your support,

 Miss Thompson