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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

2022 - 2023


Spring term 1


PE is now on Monday and Tuesday for this term. Monday is gymnastics so children will be bare foot. If for any reason, your child can’t go bare foot then please provide PE plimsoles. We are fortunate to have a cricket coach from Derbyshire Cricket Foundation teaching us every Tuesday afternoon.

Spellings and homework to be given out every Friday. Please help your child to learn their spellings.


Our topic this term is rivers and mountains. We are hoping for some good weather so that we can go to Pleasley Pit Country Park to practise our geography fieldwork skills. 







What a super start to the new school year! The children have come back in good spirits and ready to learn. I am so pleased to be working with this lovely class again. smiley

Spellings and homework are due on Friday.

PE will be Thursday afternoon.



Year 4 are being mindful with Cosmic Kids yoga.

This week, Ali from The Dog's Trust, came into school to teach us all about being safe around dogs.

Well the weather might be awful but Year 4 still have lots of fun in PE.

The Y4's really enjoyed our visit to Pleasley Country Park to hunt for minibeasts and learn about food chains. We even had time to make some wonderful crowns with natural materials.

This term we are learning all about the digestive system in our science lessons. Ask your child to name the parts of the digestive system. I'm sure you will have heard all about our experiment where we made poo!

Welcome to

Year 4 - 2021-2022

 Keeping fit and learning new sports skills will be the order of the day on Mondays.

On Wednesdays, is the Year 4 book swap for when you've got to the end of your book.

Spelling test takes place each Tuesday  

Practice TT Rockstars weekly to progress

Remember Year 4, the primary rule is ALWAYS TRY YOUR BEST!



The teaching staff in year 4 are;

Mr. Cutt - Class Teacher

Mrs. Rason - Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Bowler - Teaching Assistant

If you need to discuss anything then please do not hesitate to contact us via


25.03.22   Class Star of the Week 


For being unrelenting while working on fractions in Maths this week. 

Well done Lola!



In Literacy this week, we have been writing stories using our imaginations. The children have been working on skills such as; writing speech using the correct punctuation and fronted adverbials. All of the children's stories incorporated them finding a magical ring and then describing what the ring would do, where it would take them and the adventure that they would go on. The children have all made lots of progress in their writing over the past few weeks. As you can tell, we are very proud year 4 staff.

This week in Maths, we have been learning about fractions. The children have used their times table knowledge to aid them in this. Practicing TT Rockstars really helps the children throughout all of our Maths lessons.

Some brilliant home learning about fractions from Lottie!


18.3.22  Star of the week

Everyone in Year 4

For being mature and sensible during our PHSE lesson.



Personal, Social, Health and Emotional Development 


Today during our afternoon session, we spoke to the children about puberty.  The children learned about the changes that occur during puberty by watching an educational video, which depicted how both the male and female bodies will change. 


This was followed by a discussion, where the children were encouraged to ask any questions that they had.  The children learned about the different parts of the body using the correct terminology and the importance of good hygiene routines during the puberty period. 


The children demonstrated excellent knowledge throughout the session and we were incredibly proud of how mature and sensible the class were while taking part in these sensitive discussions.


Following this lesson, your child may wish to speak to you about what they have learned.  We have reminded the children to always be respectful when discussing these matters.  


We love seeing work that children have chosen to complete in their own time! Fantastic work on fronted adverbials and times tables. Well done Lavenia!


Some more fabulous work done by one of class in their own time. The children are really showing interest in our topic of the Romans.


Here is some of the fantastic work our children have produced so far about the Romans. The children are enjoying learning about the weapons and armour that the Romans used to defeat their enemies.


Our topic for this half term is called...

'I am Warrior'. 

During this topic, we are learning all about Ancient Rome and the people who lived there.  We will be exploring what life was like 2000 years ago in Rome, examining roman artefacts, learning who the Gladiators were and what life was like in the Roman army.

Do you think you'd have what it takes to be a legionaire?




Today (11/2/22), children were introduced to a fun website where they can make music using various methods including using pianos, drum kits, synthesizers. This is the website: 

Perhaps you could create your own song and share it with the rest of our class?





Take a look at this fabulous topic based home learning done by members of our class. We LOVE the positive attitudes that you are demonstrate towards your learning!

Here is some of the work that we have chosen to display about our current topic. The children have worked so hard in their learning and we have been astounded by some of the homework that children have chosen to do independently. These children have, of course, been rewarded with beks!


Our topic for this term is named...

'Misty Mountain, Winding River'.

In this topic, we will be learning all about the different geographical locations that contain mountains and rivers.  We will learn about the water cycle, different mountains from around the world, different mountain formations, features of rivers and rivers from around the world.


As part of our RE lesson, the children learned about holy communion by taste testing different breads from around the globe. As you can see, the children thoroughly enjoyed this lesson.


03.12.21 Mrs Johnson's Star of the week


For doing amazing work at home on prefixes and suffixes without even being asked!


03/12/21 Class star of the Week

Harley Ba

For doing amazing work on his numeracy assessment this week.


As part of our topic, this week we have been learning about dental health. Children took disclosing tablets to highlight plaque build up and the problems associated with poor dental hygiene. After that, we looked at brushing teeth correctly in order to maintain healthy teeth.


For our topic work this week, we have been looking very, very closely at the digestive system! Can you guess which photo is which stage?


Our topic for this half term is...

'Burps, Bottoms and Bile'

In the topic, we will be learning about the digestive system. 

We are learning about how our bodies process food, the importance of our teeth and of having good oral hygiene. 

We will be doing lots of fun experiments to show the children how our food travels through the body and what happens if we don't take proper care of our teeth. laugh   


Welcome to Year 4 2021-2021

Stay Safe

Stay Positive

Be Happy 

Keep smiling

Word of the Week

Heroic - Please discuss with your children what it means to be heroic.

Year 4/5 End of Year Tea Party

Please use the link below to access the One Drive. Here you will find the documents needed for your child's home learning. 

Making dream catchers

Music with Gareth!

Year 4/5, Gareth, our music teacher, has kindly put together some remote learning revolving around music. You can access it by following this link. Don't irritate Mum and Dad!


Term 4. Week 2. Home learning.

02.03.21 Excellent work Paul, lots of green ticks!

02.03.21 Well done Grace, you have been busy completing your work and found time to walk the dog.

02.03.21 Excellent numeracy work Francesca!

02.03.21 Well done with your numeracy Annie, keep up the good work!




In a glass, fill 1/2 of the glass with cooking oil and 1/4 of the glass with water. Leave the other 1/4 empty.


Add a few drops of cooking oil (red works well).


Then, under adult supervision drop a fizzy tablet into the glass.


After a few seconds, the tablet will create bubbles, which will give the appearance of a lava lamp by sending air bubbles through the cooking oil.



By Annie Smith


23.02.21 Ralphie has been super busy completing his worksheets. Well done, you work really hard on all subjects!

23.02.21 Paul has been busy completing numeracy and topic. Keep up the great work!

23.02.21 Well done Grace, very neat work.

Home Learning. Term 3. Week 6.

10.02.21 Alfie completed his numeracy sheet. Well done! Keep sending your work in, we love to see how hard everyone is working.

10.02.21 Tim has been working hard on his numeracy work. Keep it up!

10.02.21 Riley and Esme having fun in the snow.

09.02.21 This week in literacy, the children have been asked to write a story about an imaginary world. Billie, Francesca and Evie-Grace have started theirs. We can't wait to read about your adventures.

09.02.21 Well done Annie, you have completed some amazing numeracy work.

08.02.21 well done Harry, a great start to numeracy and literacy this week. Keep up the hard work.

08.02.21 Excellent numeracy work Billie, very well set out and neat.

08.02.21 Well done Ralphie on completing some of your tasks today. You are working very hard.

08.02.21 Today's numeracy for yr4/5 is to understand how to multiply/divide by 10/100/1000. Fantastic Francesca. Keep up the great work!

08.02.21 Isabelle designed and made some chocolates, they look delicious!

Home learning. Term 3. Week 5

02.02.21 Wow Francesca they look yummy! This weeks science lesson was to make different flavours to add to chocolate and then package them and give them to someone. Someone is going to be very lucky!

02.02.21 Well done Paul, fab numeracy work!

02.02.21 Looks like Esme enjoyed doing the science experiment. Did the vinegar and bicarbonate of soda inflate the balloon?

02.02.21 Ralphie designed new flavours for his chocolates, they look delicious! He then made the beautiful packaging and gave them to his family. Well done!

02.02.21 Very neat work Billie, well done.

01.02.21 Annie completed her numeracy, Lovely neat work. well done.

01.02.21 Francesca has had a busy morning, keep up the fab work.

01.02.21 Ralphie has already completed numeracy and literacy today. Well done! Wow! Look how much Ralphie's crystals have grown.

Home learning. Term 3. Week 4

29.01.21 Well done Travis, keep working hard!

29.01.21 Annie and her brother are following a yoga session. Well done both of you .

29.01.21 Ralphie has sent us an update on how his crystals are growing. He has circled where they are coming through. Keep us updated please!

29.01.21 Well done Coda, we can see you have been trying hard completing your fraction worksheets.

27.01.21 Well done Evie-Grace, working hard in school and at home.

27.01.21 Fantastic work on fractions Isabelle. Cheesecake looks yummy too!

27.01.21 Great work on a fraction of quantities Paul! Keep up the fab work.

26.01.21 Francesca has been working hard on fractions of quantities. Well done and very neat.

26.01.21 Lots of green ticks Billie! Well done, very neat work.

26.01.21 Wonderful to see lots of different work taking place Grace. Your baking looks delicious!

26.01.21 Ralphie is growing his own crystals. Keep us updated with how they grow.

25.01.21 Wow! You have been super busy Esme. Fab work, well done.

25.01.21 Good concentration Alfie, keep it up.

25.01.21 Tim has been on a walk to Pleasley Pit Top, looks fun. Great drawing of the engine house and headstocks!

25.01.21 Wow! Annie has been very creative at home, the baking looks delicious too.

25.01.21 George looking pleased with his science experiment. Well done.

25.01.21 Harry has been working hard, telling us how to be a Goal Keeper. well done.

Home learning. Term 3. Week 3.

19.01.21  Hi yr4/5, hope you're all keeping safe and well. We're enjoying looking at all the wonderful work you are sending in. If you haven't sent us any yet, please ask your grown up to take a photo and email it to Mr Cutt so we can put it on our class page. Hopefully, we will see you all soon.

21.01.21 Look at all this amazing food Isabelle has made! Don't know about the blue spaghetti.

21.01.21 Wow! Look at all the amazing work Esme has completed. Nice work station, keep up the fab work.

21.01.21 Billie has completed an explanation text on volcanoes. Excellent presentation, well done.

21.01.21 Francesca giving her reasons for why we should change clothes for PE.

Still image for this video

20.01.21 George working hard on the laptop. Well done.

20.01.21 Grace has had a busy week, working through worksheets and taking daily exercise with Noah. Well done.

20.01.21 Looking good Ralphie! Thumbs up, back at you. We love looking at all the work you're completing, well done.

20.01.21 Francesca has completed her work on PSHE and Jenson has been working in his workbook, learning about perimeters. Keep up the great work!

20.01.21 Well done Isabelle, love your colourful, neat work.

19.01.21 Billie has been working hard completing her numeracy work sheets. Well done!

19.01.21 Travis is working hard at home. Well done!

19.01.21 Well done Tim! You're working very hard. We love to see all the different work.

19.01.21 Harry has been completing some wonderful, neat work in his school book. Keep up the great work!

19.01.21 Well done Jenson. The completed model of the Solar System looks fab! Great annotation of your work.

19.01.21 Jaylen looking relaxed and happy whilst completing his work. Well done.

19.01.21 well done Coda! We all agreed what a great question to ask.

18.01.21 Wow! Well done Grace, this is a wonderful piece of work.

15.01.21 Star of the Week

Home learning. Term 3 - week 2

15.01.21 Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! Here are a few photos of our class enjoying the snow yesterday. Looks like you all had fun!

14.01.21 Well done Evie-Grace - lovely work.

14.01.21 Some more wonderful work from Isabelle. Keep sending your photos in, we love to see all your work.

14.01.21 Beautifully presented work Esme. Keep up the great work!

14.01.21 Well done Riley, the parachute looks great. Did it work? Good to see you're still watching Newsround and keeping up to date with the news.

13.01.21 Wow! Grace you have been busy. Keep up the wonderful work.

13.01.21 More wonderful work from Francesca. PHSE lesson and some numeracy - you are a busy bee!

13.01.21 Jaylen is working hard, completing his numeracy worksheets. Hope you enjoyed your walk!

13.01.21 Well done Coda, keep up the good work!

12.01.21 Jenson has been busy completing numeracy worksheets. Keep sending your work in please.

12.01.21 Hi Zack, looks like you've been busy completing lots of work as well as having fun. Keep up the great work!

12.01.21 Super work on pictograms Isabelle. We love seeing all your wonderful work!