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Welcome to Year 4! 

Stay Safe

Stay Positive

Be Happy 

Keep smiling

Word of the Week

Flabbergasted - explain to your children what this means.

Please use the link below to access the One Drive. Here you will find the documents needed for your child's home learning. 

Music with Gareth!

Year 4/5, Gareth, our music teacher, has kindly put together some remote learning revolving around music. You can access it by following this link. Don't irritate Mum and Dad!


Home learning. Term 3. Week 4

Home learning. Term 3. Week 3.

19.01.21  Hi yr4/5, hope you're all keeping safe and well. We're enjoying looking at all the wonderful work you are sending in. If you haven't sent us any yet, please ask your grown up to take a photo and email it to Mr Cutt so we can put it on our class page. Hopefully, we will see you all soon.

21.01.21 Look at all this amazing food Isabelle has made! Don't know about the blue spaghetti.

21.01.21 Wow! Look at all the amazing work Esme has completed. Nice work station, keep up the fab work.

21.01.21 Billie has completed an explanation text on volcanoes. Excellent presentation, well done.

21.01.21 Francesca giving her reasons for why we should change clothes for PE.

Still image for this video

20.01.21 George working hard on the laptop. Well done.

20.01.21 Grace has had a busy week, working through worksheets and taking daily exercise with Noah. Well done.

20.01.21 Looking good Ralphie! Thumbs up, back at you. We love looking at all the work you're completing, well done.

20.01.21 Francesca has completed her work on PSHE and Jenson has been working in his workbook, learning about perimeters. Keep up the great work!

20.01.21 Well done Isabelle, love your colourful, neat work.

19.01.21 Billie has been working hard completing her numeracy work sheets. Well done!

19.01.21 Travis is working hard at home. Well done!

19.01.21 Well done Tim! You're working very hard. We love to see all the different work.

19.01.21 Harry has been completing some wonderful, neat work in his school book. Keep up the great work!

19.01.21 Well done Jenson. The completed model of the Solar System looks fab! Great annotation of your work.

19.01.21 Jaylen looking relaxed and happy whilst completing his work. Well done.

19.01.21 well done Coda! We all agreed what a great question to ask.

18.01.21 Wow! Well done Grace, this is a wonderful piece of work.

15.01.21 Star of the Week

Home learning. Term 3 - week 2

15.01.21 Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! Here are a few photos of our class enjoying the snow yesterday. Looks like you all had fun!

14.01.21 Well done Evie-Grace - lovely work.

14.01.21 Some more wonderful work from Isabelle. Keep sending your photos in, we love to see all your work.

14.01.21 Beautifully presented work Esme. Keep up the great work!

14.01.21 Well done Riley, the parachute looks great. Did it work? Good to see you're still watching Newsround and keeping up to date with the news.

13.01.21 Wow! Grace you have been busy. Keep up the wonderful work.

13.01.21 More wonderful work from Francesca. PHSE lesson and some numeracy - you are a busy bee!

13.01.21 Jaylen is working hard, completing his numeracy worksheets. Hope you enjoyed your walk!

13.01.21 Well done Coda, keep up the good work!

12.01.21 Jenson has been busy completing numeracy worksheets. Keep sending your work in please.

12.01.21 Hi Zack, looks like you've been busy completing lots of work as well as having fun. Keep up the great work!

12.01.21 Super work on pictograms Isabelle. We love seeing all your wonderful work!

12.01.21 Billie and Rory have made some delicious cakes. Billie is having a go at completing a 1000 piece jig-saw. Don't forget to show us when you've finished.

12.01.21 Esme is working hard at home.

12.01.21 Great drawing Harry! You have been busy completing lots of different work.

12.01.21 Tim has designed an interesting bottle of exploding potion. Be careful when you open it! Keep up the good work Tim.

12.01.21 Ralphie has been very busy completing his home schooling work. Keep up the great work!

12.01.21 Beautiful presentation, well done Francesca, a lovely play script.

Home learning. Term 3 - Week 1.

Prompts to help with questioning children during reading





Billie Bates


For your extremely well presented work!








08.01.21 Look at the amazing work Grace has completed. Well done and keep up the great home schooling!

Two lovely photos Grace, concentrating on your laptop and walking the dogs with your brother.

08.01.21 Well done Billie, we enjoyed reading your Comic Strip Speech worksheets. What sort of character would you like to be?

07.01.21 We love seeing all the fantastic work you are sending. Riley has completed some super work on his whiteboard. Keep up the great work!

07.01.21 Very well presented work Isabelle. Keep it up!

07.01.21 Well done Billie! Working hard on Little Red Riding Hood Play Script and addition and subtraction worksheets.

06.01.21 Great work using speech Francesca!

06.01.21 Ralphie has made a Gamer Potion! You drink it and you go inside the game to play. wow!!!

Raiders and Traders

Big and strong, powerful and brave, the Saxons wave their battle axes and brandish their swords as they begin to invade Britain’s shores. Sail back to the Dark Ages, where battles were rife and fear reigned. Find out about the lives of the Saxons, including how they lived and where they came from. Meet the bloodthirsty Vikings from Scandinavia – never before had such terror swept the land. Make a Saxon sword or a Viking brooch and decorate it with intricate patterns. Choose to be a Saxon or Viking and trade your crafty goods, but let’s keep it cool. We don’t want a fight breaking out. Are you ready to shine a light on the dangerous and deadly Dark Ages?

This is the overview of our new topic - Raiders and Traders. I can't wait to delve into this with the children!

Display for Raiders and Traders. The children have produced some fantastic work of which I'm very proud. Well done Year 4/5!

Making origami boats

Halloween in Year 4/5

Learning how to cross the road safely

Hi children - I just want to say it's great to be back again at school and I'm really looking forward to seeing you again!

P.E. will be on Wednesdays and please remember, you bring your P.E. Clothes to wear all day. 

07.07.20 Look at the smile on Harley's face! he's caught his first fish and what a whopper it is! Well done Harley, lovely pictures.

07.07.20 Samantha has sent postcards to her friends, what a lovely thought. She has also been busy completing her work pack and teaching Steve how to play Chess. Looking very proud! Sammie has received two certificates from Mrs Johnson.

22.06.20 Noah has been busy baking cookies and pizza from scratch. They look delicious! He's also been working hard through his work pack and really enjoyed making a volcano diagram. Keep up the hard work Noah!

16.06.20 Sammie has had a very busy week working at home. Wow! she finished crafting a viking settlement independently, very impressive. Sammie also wrote a script with 7 different scenes. When we are all back at school you will have to bring it in for us to read. After all her hard work her family took her to McDonald's drive through for a burger.

12.06.20 Jack has been working hard on his activity pack. Keep up the good work Jack!

08.06.20 Seth has been busy working on Literacy and Numeracy activities. Well done Seth! He has also been learning new skills around the house and garden.

08.06.20 Lucy has been growing her own strawberry plant and has picked her first ripe strawberry. Well done Lucy!

21.05.20 Wow Kellan - you have been busy! Lots of work from different subjects. Looks like you and your family have been making the most of the good weather. Keep sending us lots of great work; we love to see what you are up to.


Morning all :) 

I have uploaded a new video this week at the following link on our Year 4 video section.

You can get to it by going to Mrs. Johnson's page Find the video links and navigate your way to the Year 4 videos.


Have a look and e-mail me if you need anything else!

Take care and much love

Mr. C

19.05.20 Noah has been busy completing his worksheets - keep up the great work!

18.05.20 Sammie has been very busy researching Anglo-Saxon life leading up to the Viking invasion and creating a timeline.

18.05.20 Sammie also wrote a letter to Mrs Johnson about Mr Cutt!

18.05.20 Well done Leah on the effort you are putting in; the shield and sword look great. Don't forget to keep them to show us when we are all back in school. Keep up the great work!

18.05.20 Hi Sam, looks like you've had fun exploring in the lovely weather. Well done in completing your worksheets - keep up the good work! Love the new lockdown haircut!

Mr. Cutt's Weekly message for the W.B. 11th May 2020

There are 2 audios to listen to. I suggest playing the 'normal' one last! Take care all :)

Mr C's weekly message normal voice.wav

20/5/20 Seth and Sammie seem to be really getting into the swing of VE Day

12/5/20 Topic work that some of Year 4 have been getting on with while home learning.

12/5/20 Lilly on her daily exercise around Pleasley Country Park. It sure looks lovely there!

12.05.20 Tia taking her daily exercise and having fun with her family. Concentrating hard on her school work, well done Tia keep up the good work.

12.05.20 Jessie has been very busy with her family building a bug hotel. Looks like hard work but what a great result.

06.05.20 Noah has been busy completing the daily BBC Bitesize lessons. Keep up the good work!

06.05.20 Harley has been working hard completing his work sheets. Well done!

04.05.20 Katelyn has been very busy learning the Viking alphabet. She has written a lovely letter to Mr Cutt. Well done!

29.04.2020 Looks like Lucy is keeping very busy with lots of activities. She's been enjoying her daily exercise visiting her local countryside.

Monday 27th April

Hello all, again! I have placed on here a link to a word document that is based on what should be our current term's topic - Raiders and Traders. This is all about the time period of The Anglo-Saxons and The Vikings. Hopefully, the document will explain what I would like you to do. It's based in the same style of learning we traditionally have in the Summer term where you produce pieces of work to put on a presentation. For this, I would also like you to keep your pieces of work so you can present them (fingers crossed) at some point in school. I'd also like you to e-mail me any pictures so I can place them on the website.

Take care, 

Mr. Cutt, Mrs. Winstanley and Mrs. Hyde.

Anglo-Saxons and The Vikings

Monday 27th April

Calling All Artists!

Hi Year 4. Hope you're all doing well. If you're up for a challenge where art is involved, and would love to gain a certificate from an arts college in LONDON for all your fantastic efforts, then the information on this link would suit you down to the ground. If you do go for it, please keep pictures of what you've done so you can share them in school. Take care.

Mr. Cutt, Mrs. Winstanley and Mrs. Hyde 

Thursday 24th April 2020


Good afternoon year 4.  

Here's something different for you to have a go at.


Gareth your fab drumming teacher has been busy setting up some music activities for you to have a go at.

Follow the link and have some fun, remember to send us any videos or photographs.


and if you wanted to try the online music maker we worked on at school, the link is here


The School Swimming Team have also developed a programme of resources and tasks for you to take a look at

Water safety resources:

STA Junior Lifeguard Academy notes and worksheets:

RNLI resources:

Canals and Rivers Trust resources:  :


Stay safe, stay positive, keep smiling and remember to have fun.

Samantha decorated this wonderful Osterbaum (Easter Tree). The Germans decorate the branches of trees with brightly coloured eggs; it is a sign that Spring has arrived.

I saw this and it put a smile on my face. 

Well done Samantha - it looks wonderful.


21 04 20

Hope you've all had a lovely Easter and haven't eaten too many chocolate eggs. You should all have received your home school pack. Remember there is also Purple  Mash , TTRockstars and BBC Bitesize that you can access. Don't forget to email any photographs or videos as we love to see what you are doing. Take care and stay safe.


For some awesome maths based games, you may want to look at this link Be warned, some of the activities are for older children but there are certainly some that you will enjoy. I know my daughter has!


For all you children who have been missing music, Gareth has given us access to his website where you try different musically based challenges.

Take a look at



Mr.Cutt, Mrs Winstanley and Mrs Hyde 

Noah and Grace camped in their garden over Easter

Hello children,


Hope you are all keeping safe and well.

I would like to wish you all a happy Easter.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.


Mrs Winstanley

Hello Year 4.

Hope you are all keeping safe and well. 

I've just been looking at the tower photographs - a fantastic effort from children and staff.

Enjoy your Easter holiday as much has you can; remember to follow my example and don't eat to much chocolate.

It's not good for you!

 Missing all your smiley faces  - take care. 

Mrs Hyde.  

A flexible timetable used at home with my daughter

Hi Year 4 multiplication table maniacs! This is a link to a site where you can practise multiplication tables to your heart's content! Enjoy :)

Cooking potato latkes and Yorkshire Puddings

Children analysing and understanding the features of a persuasive leaflet

Children learning all about coastal erosion.

Curriculum Map - Term 3

This weblink is a link to fun numeracy games which will aid mental arithmetic. 

Curriculum Map - Term 2

TT Rockstars' Day

Children using papier-mache to make Roman helmets - the finished articles!

Children using papier-mache to make Roman helmets

Physically representing the 'Three States of Matter' - gas, liquid and solid.

The battle is on! Girls vs Boys. Who will win? 

This link will take you to the battleground - good luck all! 

The BOYS won!!!

Children dressed as Romans

Romans at War!

Curriculum Map for Term 1