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Year 3

laughWelcome to Year 3!laugh


The children had a wonderful time on Friday for TT Rockstars. They all looked amazing! Well Done everyone!

Autumn 2

Autumn 1


What a fantastic half-term we have had! 

I am so proud of everyone for settling into Year 3 and KS2 so well! 

We have learnt many new skills and have immersed ourselves into the topic of 'The Explorer'.

Why don't you ask your child what they know about plants? 

Key information 

PE day- Wednesday. Please send your child in their PE on this day. 

Spellings- they are given out on a Monday and tested the following Monday. 

Homework- expected back on Wednesday. 

laughWelcome to Year 3!laugh



WB 11th October 2021


In our math lessons this week, we have been learning how to add and subtract 100s, 10s and 1s to any number. We have used lots of different methods to do this and have used Base 10 and Place Value counters to help us. 


In our writing lessons, we have been learning to understand a dilemma story. We have then moved on to writing descriptions about an island in The Everglades. We have used adjectives and adverbs to help describe what could be seen and heard. 


In science, we learnt the different parts of a flower and next week we are going to use this knowledge to dissect a flower head. 

Star of the Week 24th September 2021


For always participating in lessons.

Star of the Week 17th September 2021


For settling in well and working super hard. 

Please use this link below to access the One Drive. Here you will find the documents needed for your child's home learning.  


04.03.21 Olivia has understood the concept of the expanded method very well and produced some beautifully presented work.


You can tell that Charleigh is really interested in our topic of predators, her work on dinosaurs is roarsome! She has even sent some photographs of a fossil that she has at home.

Lottie certainly made me want to adopt a polar bear with her persuasive leaflet!

We just love Isaac's work on predators and his fantastic numeracy work.


Just look at the amazing presentation and content of Ruby's work.

Callum has been working so hard at home this week on our topic of Predators.

Here is Lula's fabulous work on mammals.

26.02.21 Friday afternoon's lesson was to sketch a picture of a hawk. Here are a selection of some amazing pictures the children have produced. We are extremely impressed with all the effort the children have been putting in.

26.02.21 This week the children have been learning all about conjunctions and the past, present and future, then they were asked to produce a poster to help year 2 to learn about them. Here are few of the wonderful posters they have designed.

25.02.21 Jacob has completed all his work today and made an impressive model with his lego.

25.02.21 Wonderful work from Ella again today. You are working extremely hard Ella, Well done, keep it up.

24.02.21 Beautifully presented work produced by Thomas today and amazing scores on the activities. Keep up the good work Thomas!


We absolutely love Ruby's leaflet about birds!

Maja has been working hard at home learning to sort animals by what they eat and getting top marks on purple mash.

Heres another brilliant example of Mia's work.

22.02.21 Another beautiful example of how work should be presented. Well done Ruby. Stunning!

22.02.21 This is beautifully presented Thomas. Well done. A great start to the term.

12.2.21 We are absolutely loving your robot and Iron Man, Callum Well done

12.02.21 Thomas has completed all his week for today and finished reading another book last night. We love your foil sculpture of The Iron Man.

12.02.21 This week the children were asked to write a poem related to the Iron Man. Here are just a few of the amazing ones that they have produced. Well done year 3 you have worked extremely hard this term.

11.02.21 Excellent work from Callum today, Keep up the hard work.

11.02.21 Tommy has produced lots of wonderful work today and going on a scavenger hunt this afternoon. Hope you and your family have lots of fun Tommy.

11.02.21 I cannot believe what a busy bee Thomas has been this morning, He has completed all his work. He has also made up his own scavenger hunt and done lots of reading. Keep up the hard work Thomas..

11.02.21 Ella has completed her numeracy work very quickly this morning. Well done Ella, Your work is very well presented.


Look how brilliant Lula's poem about the Iron Man is. We have been so impressed with your writing today.

Tommy has been very busy learning at home today. We love your Iron Man poem too!

Here is Lottie's brilliant poem about the Iron Man. You're right, he definitely isn't as light as a feather!

Check out Jaxon's fabulous poem about the Iron Man.

Another brilliant poem here from Callum! I love 'As big as an ocean, he causes alot of commotion.' What brilliant writers we have in year 3!

I absolutely love Thomas' Iron Man poem that he wrote today!

I love Lottie's celebration photograph for doing brilliantly on her home learning today.


Here is Mia's brilliant work from today, we love how neatly presented your work is and the effort you put in.

Amber has been working super hard at home today, we are so proud of you.

Just look at all the incredible learning that Ruby has been doing at home. The content and presentation of her work is just brilliant!

Charleigh has been working hard at home, completing all her work and even having time to build a Lego robot with her little brother.

Maja has blown us away with her amazing work! We love how you have half dipped your pennies, so you can see the results.

08.02.21 Ella has made a fantastic job of her numeracy this morning. It's beautifully presented and she has really understood the objective. A great example to share with you all. Well Done Ella!

05.02.21 Some wonderful work from Thomas today. Well done, keep up the good work.

The children were asked to design their own playground equipment. Here are some of the wonderful designs, I think you will agree these are amazing.

05.02.21 Wow! Tommy has worked very hard this morning completing all his work for today.

05.02.21 The children were asked to write a persuasive letter. I think Lottie has written an excellent one. She would persuade me!

04.03.21 Well done Lottie on completing your work today. It is very neat.

04.02.21 Lovely neat work from Olivia today.

04.02.21 Tommy has been concentrating extremely hard on his numeracy work today and answered all the questions correctly. He has also designed an amazing piece of playground equipment.

04.02.21 Excellent work from Ella this morning, completing her work very quickly. Love her design of the playground equipment.

03.02.21 Lovely presented work Mia, Well done

03.02.21 Tommy has been working hard today on all his work .Lovely and neat Tommy!

03.02.21 Lovely literacy work Anna,

02.02.21 Wow! Just look at how beautifully presented Maja's poster is! Lots of effort has been put into this and really puts her message across on saving our planet. Well done Maja.

Tommy's Lovely litter poster and a few photos of him and his sister looking after the environment in the summer. This is wonderful to see.

02.02.21 Love this vibrant poster designed by Thomas.

02.02.21 A fantastic poster created by Lottie today. Lots of different skills used here too.

02.02.21 Some fabulous work from Charleigh today. Look at how neat her fraction drawings are.

01.02.21 Amber has created a wonderful explanation on what a fraction is and also written a huge list of toys for her force table. Well done Amber!

1.01.21 Harley really enjoyed his French lesson and now knows the days of the week and months of the year. Well done Harley!

01.02.21 Wow! Ruby has put alot of effort into her work today. Beautifully presented. Well Done.

01.02.21 Callum has created and lovely worksheet on fractions. Well done Callum, it's very eye catching.

01.02.21 Great explanation from Anna on what a fraction is. She has worked really hard with French too.

01.02.21 Lots of work completed by Charleigh today. Here's a few photos of her wonderful work.

01.02.21 Olivia has worked really hard with her days of the month in French. Well done.

01.02.21 Great start to the morning Ella. Lots of wonderful work produced here.

29.01.21 Well done Amber! A fantastic explanation text.

29.01.21 Lovely work on time Mia and amazing scores on the games.

29.01.21 Amazing scores from Ella today on the time games.

29.01.21 Not only has Thomas been completing all his tasks this week, he has been building some amazing models of Wembley stadium (out of Lego) and the solar system. Excellent work Thomas.

28.01.21 Well presented work on time from Maja.

28.01.21 Beautifully presented work from Ruby today, It looks like she has enjoyed do her PE lesson as well.

28.01.21 Thomas your explanation text is amazing, good use of punctuation and wonderful work on time.

28.01.21 Well done Fin, you have had a go at the numeracy extension.

28.01.21 Love how Lola has answered her questions on time in numbers and words.

28.01.21 Excellent work on time Tommy.Well done on getting them all correct.

28.01.21 A good start to your explanation text Rose about magnets.


Ruby has presented her work beautifully. Well done!

Ella has done a great job writing her explanation text and also achieved full marks. Well Done Ella!

Emie-Lee has created a beautifully presented explanation text on magnets. Well done Emie!

Congratulations on achieving full marks on telling the time to the nearest five minutes. Looks like you've been extremely busy Lottie well done!

Wow! Fin has worked really hard on his explanation text. Well done Fin. He even did some experiments using his Magnetics Lab. I bet you had a lot of fun with this.

Here is Thomas completing today's task, we just love seeing your photos and videos.

Still image for this video

Lola has been working hard at home again today, just look at all of her brilliant work!

Wow Ruby! This work is just fantastic.

Mia has been working really hard once again. We love how beautifully presented all your work is.

Callum has been learning all about magnets. We are proud of how hard you are working.

Maja has been working hard on her work about volcanoes. It is beautifully presented and very informative.

25.01.21 Some amazing work on volcanoes and magnets. Well done Ruby!

25.01.21 Thomas has been extremely busy this morning answering questions on Volcanoes and also some investigation on magnets.

22.01.21 Well done Anna on your writing about Jesus feeding the 5000

21.01.21 Lovely neat work from Lola and a wonderful plan ready for your explanation video

21.01.21 Looks like Lottie had a little friend come to help with her work this morning. Can you spot the squirrel?

20.01.21 Ella's seeds are growing very quickly.

20.02.21 Mia, your work on explanation text is beautiful. Well done.

20.01.21 Lovely work Ruby, she has even got her brother to help with her experiment.

20.02.21 Here is some of Amber's work. She has done a very colourful explanation text checklist. We really like your experiment.

19.01.21 Here's Emie experiment on floating air friction, using 2 pieces of paper.

19.01.20 Well done Callum on completing your tasks. You have written a good Explanation.



Jessie has worked very hard with her learning today and has answered the questions relating to her bar chart very well. Well Done Jessie!

A great start to the week for Fin. Well done!

Emie has made a great start to this weeks learning. Well done!

16.01.21 Oh my goodness Callum! how busy have you been? Some lovely work done. Keep it up. It looks like you've had lots of fun in the snow building your snowman with Olly, cooking and going on muddy walk to look at ducks and horses.

Wow Mia, What amazing gymnastics. I wished I could do what you do. Keep up the hard work.

15.01.21 It looks like Amber has been having lots of fun making and eating her potato latkes.


Cole has been very busy learning from home this week, here he is making his latkes.

Take a look at Thomas explaining how to brush your teeth in his instructional video.

Still image for this video

Zak has been so busy doing his home learning this week. We just love these pictures of you cooking and tasting your latkes!

Charleigh has been busy doing Joe Wicks P.E, English and Math this morning.

Rose has been very busy doing her literacy and numeracy. I love your drawing of Fluffy the three-headed dog!

Jessie has been super busy doing her numeracy work on money.


Snow ball fight! Check out the pictures of our class playing in the snow today. I hope you are all warming up afterwards with a nice hot chocolate! Best snowman wins!

Anna has done so much learning this week, this is just a few examples of her excellent work.

Lottie has been working hard at home again today.

Maja has been busy working hard at home...look at all this brilliant learning!

Charleigh has been so busy learning at home. We love to see all the brilliant things that you have been doing this week.

Check out Ruby's brilliant work from today. We love your set of instructions on how to look after the three-headed dog named Fluffy.

Thomas has been learning to play chess with his Dad, playing in the snow and of course completing his written work. We are so impressed with all of the work we are being sent in and we love to see the new skills you are learning and you having fun with your family.

Look at all the wonderful things Tommy has been doing at home this week! We love to see all the extra things you have been doing like going for muddy walks, making dens and painting. Learning new things doesn't just happen in the classroom!

Olivia has been working hard at home and has been practicing her French colours, using her pencils like we do in class. Perhaps you could show your grown ups the French colours that you know too? I'm sure they will be impressed!

We love Mia's drawings, we may have a future artist in our class!

13.01.21 Lovely work on money Lula, hope the brownies turned out yummy!

Wow, those look delicious Lottie! I think you look like you're ready for MasterChef!

13.01.21 Ruby has been working super hard and completing her tasks.

13.01.21 Thomas been really busy doing some P.E activities, numeracy and enjoying reading 'The Wizard of Oz'.

13.01.21 Some more delicious potato latkes made by Ella.

13.01.2021 Wow Isaac! You look as if you have had a great time baking and looks like you're really going to enjoy eating the potato latkes.

13.01.2021 Well done on completing your work Jenson, your work is very neat.

13.01.2021 Wonderful instructions on how you made your parachute Lily.

13.01.2021 You have worked so hard Jessie, keep up the good work. Well done!

13.01.2021 Fin your instructions are wonderful and the potato latkes look delicious.

12.01.2021 Well done, your handwriting is lovely and neat.

12.01.2021 Wow, you have worked extremely hard Olivia on your instructions.

12.01.2021 Excellent work Rose, enjoy reading your book and doing your times tables.

13.01.2021 Ella has been planting some carrots, radishes and spring onions. Looking forward to see how well these grow.

Zak has been working really hard through his work pack and really enjoyed making the fortune tellers. Well Done Zak!

Rose's fabulous work. and beautifully presented too. Well done Rose!

Thomas has worked super hard this morning writing up a set of instructions and also teaching his dad the colours in French. Well done Thomas!

This cake that Fin and his brother, Hugo have made looks delicious!