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Year 3

laughWelcome to Year 3!smiley


WB 09.11.20

This week we are learning to: 

- Find fractions of numbers in our math lessons

- Identify the features of a diary and planning our own based on our topic ,Gods and Mortals in English. 

- Extract facts from a piece of text in History

- Say numbers in French

- Use Microsoft word on the laptops

Well done to Jaxon who was our Star of the Week last week!


Words of the Week!











WB 19.10.20



Billie, Rory, Francesca and their parents managed to visit Yorkshire Wildlife park this week. Some lovely photos of their day. Looks like you all had a wonderful time!

Some lovely photos of Annie and her brother Tommy who have been really busy doing lots of reading, memory games and outdoor play this past week. Well done to you both!

Wow! Billie has been super busy this past week with working through her work pack. Look at how well her bean is growing. Well Billie!


Coda has had some wonderful presents for his birthday. His favourite being his army outfit and his Forest T-shirt. It was really lovely to hear that he had also asked for a few books too!


Look at all the incredible things Grace has been doing at home this week!


Francesca's bean has started to take over her kitchen. So yesterday, she planted it. She's also been busy designing and making a healthy food menu which sounds and looks delicious. Perfect for this hot weather! Well done Francesca!


Grace has made a pizza from scratch which looks absolutely delicious. She's also been busy with working through her work pack and has particularly enjoyed making diagrams of skeletons and volcanoes. Well done Grace!

Wow look at these beautiful paintings Francesca has created.Well done!


Thank you Grace for sending us these wonderful pictures of you making pizza and of all the incredible learning you have been doing this week. It makes us all smile when we see your photographs.


Thank you Isabelle for sending in these pictures of you researching food groups and making dinner. We love seeing all the amazing things you are doing at home!


Topic Activities Term 6- Week 3

Look at how Francesca's beans have grown! This is what would happen if you planted a seed underground. Isn't it amazing that we can see the process using the glass jar!

Annie has been super busy! She's created a piece of work based on a local walk her and Tommy went on. It's great to see that by being out and about is giving you a hook to learn about something new. Just like her amazing knitting!

Harry's doing a fabulous job working through his work pack. Well done Harry keep up the good work!

Wow! Grace has been extremely busy this last week. She has been doing some geography work using a globe. She's also been working through her work pack, baking, bird watching and feeding the birds of their daily walk too. Well Done Grace you have been busy!


This week, Billie has planted some beans and been enjoying a film night with her brother after all of her hard work this week. Enjoy!

Francesca sent us these pictures and as you can see her beans are growing nicely!



Welcome to Term 6! Our topic for this term is named 'Staying Alive'.

This term we will be learning how plants grow and survive, how we can keep ourselves healthy with the right nutrition and we'll be looking at how volcanoes and earthquakes are created. 

For the first 2 weeks of this term, our focus is plants and below is a document giving you some helpful activity ideas that you can choose from to support your learning.  

Remember to send us pictures of your work once it is completed! 













Well there we have it Year 3. Another term over. It’s been another strange term hasn’t it?


Together we have ‘Walked like an Egyptian’, learning about key events and people from the Ancient Egyptian era. You’ve worked so incredibly hard throughout this term, teaching yourselves all there is to know. We’ve seen some incredible posters, leaflets, pyramids, fact files and more. Not only History, but many of you have continued to work through your learning packs or the online lessons of BBC Bitesize, ensuring you keep up to speed with the Year 3 curriculum.


Each and every day we waited for your emails and they didn’t disappoint. It has been so lovey to see your smiling faces while you’ve been working at home and learning key life skills that will help you in years to come. From learning to sew, cook, bake, making cups of tea, building dens, exploring your local environment to even creating a home for a snail. We’ve loved going on this journey with you and we’re so proud to call you our class.


Although next term may bring us more learning from home and the chance of us meeting together as a class is slim, we are here for you every step of the way. We’re only a phone call or an email away and we want to help you as much as we can. Next term we start a new topic and all will be revealed soon. We’ll guide you through your learning and continue to update you through Year 3 News!


We want to thank you and your families for the support you have given us during these unusual times. I’m sure you’ll agree it hasn’t been easy but knowing we have you all on our side and making us smile, we know we can accomplish anything.


For now, we have one final request. Take time over half term to have a break, enjoy spending quality time with your family, be safe, be sensible and most importantly, be happy. Who knows what next term will bring? We’ll tackle it together, as a team, like we always have.


Much love,

Mrs Braithwaite, Miss Rushin & Mrs Bowler


Grace has been working incredibly hard at home again this week! It was also lovely to see that she has been enjoying some time outside building dens and having a family barbecue.

Esme has been busy learning about Egyptians, going on walks in the woods and eating toasted marshmallows.

It was lovely to hear how well Riley has been getting on with his work at home and to see him learning to look after his new puppy!

Kayden has been doing some excellent work all about our topic of Egyptians. Keep up the great work!


Billie has learnt new life skills whilst being at home. Well done Billie! I'm sure your mum will be pleased to have a little helper around the house.



Can you solve the answers to the questions below? They are written in Hieroglyphs. When you have, email me the answers on Purple Mash! 2 Bek reward for each question correct!

Francesca has made a fantastic restaurant out of Lego and used an app to make a movie with the characters.

Harry has been busy at home helping with the decorating and making a beautiful rainbow heart.


Coda has been working hard on his work pack and looks like he's thoroughly enjoying his picnic too. Well done Coda!


Written methods for Multiplication.

Some excellent work from Isabelle! Well done looks like you've been extremely busy working through your booklet.

Francesca's wonderful plaque creation to mark 75 years! I bet you had to have a steady hand when cutting the numbers out?

Riley's house has been decorated beautifully to mark this special celebration.

Looks like Annie and Tommy have had a lovely day celebrating VE Day with their parents! Love the bunting you have both created.


*NEW* Topic activity ideas.


Billie has created a fabulous Egyptian fact file. Lots of written information and lovely drawings. A great example! Well done Billie.

Zack has constructed a pyramid out of wooden blocks. It looks great!

Ralphie has been very busy doing lots of wonderful work. It's so lovely to see that you're practising your handwriting too. Well Done! Your cake looks absolutely delicious. Looks like you've had a great time making it.


Wow! some super work completed by Francesca over the past few weeks. Looks like you've been very busy working through the numeracy, literacy, geography and french worksheets. Well done! Keep up the good work.

Wishing Jaylen a very Happy Birthday for yesterday! Looks like you've had some wonderful presents. Mrs Smith is very good at archery. I'm sure she would love to challenge you to a game one day!


Francesca has made a sack bag out of one of her old dresses and it is great to see that she is learning new skills.


It was lovely to hear from Annie today and to see that she has been doing lots of brilliant work at home. Annie has been researching the Wright brothers and producing some lovely written work about them. It is great to see that she is getting out in the fresh air on a family bike ride.

Jaylen has been doing lots of fantastic things at home. It was great to hear that he has been drawing pictures for his elderly neighbour, as it is so important that we all take care of each other. I love your dinosaur picture and your baking looks very tasty.

Jenson has been busy helping to make dinner and his Spaghetti Bolognese looks delicious!


Grace has been really busy doing lots of work on our new topic of Egyptians. She has also been learning to cook, keeping fit and growing flowers. Keep up the fantastic work Grace!

Francesca sent us a lovely photo this morning of her, with her dog, Dude! Bess loved seeing them too! Thanks Francesca. :) We also received a video of Francesca and Dude playing with bubbles. (See below)

Dude and

Still image for this video

While I'm busily working and keeping in contact with you all, I have to ensure this little one keeps busy too. Here's Bess playing hide and seek the treat, in a box of socks! :) It's a very unusual time for our pets too so its important we take good care of them and give them lots of love too! I wonder if any of you could send Bess and I a video of your pet? Either upload it to the video site or email me! Mrs Braithwaite & Bess.

Still image for this video

Wow! Looks like you've had a very busy morning Riley. Love the report you have created!

Some fabulous extra curricular work done by Zack this past week. Your cookies look delicious! Sounds like you have been very busy on BBC Bitesize too. Well done Zack!


Love Francesca's classroom set up today. Well done Francesca! We can see you have lots of learning prompts around. Keep up the good work.

Well done Riley for working hard on TT rockstars! Looks like you're doing a great job.

We love that Billie has dressed the same as her doll today. We hope that she's working as hard as you are Billie! Well done!

Please use this link below to find Mrs Braithwaite's video update. Please select the Year 3 folder once there. The link for the BBC Bitesize lessons is also here.


Link for video update:


BBC Bitesize lessons:


You can also find the updated suggested timetable below.


This next link is for those interested in Art:













Annie and her brother have been mini beast hunting this week int their local woods.


Esme has been researching a trip to Egypt as part of our project. Excellent work! When can we go?

Evie has been busy baking cookies!

Annie and her brother have been busy exploring their local area. They found some interesting pieces of pottery in a nearby brook. They wrote about them and wondered what they would have been in the past. They then made a den in their garden to help them with stargazing! I wonder if anyone else has seen the satellites or shooting stars?


Look at Francesca's new look driveway! We love this, great support. Well done, we hope it didn't take you too long!


Today Jenson had great fun at school making a water rocket with Mrs Braithwaite and Mrs Thurman (see video below!)


Still image for this video

Dear Year 3, 

Well done! That's our Spring term finished for this year. I hope you'll agree (despite the homeschooling bit), we have had a fantastic term 'living in the Stone Age'. You have all blown us away with your enthusiasm to learning and the willingness to achieve. We created incredible stories about 'Om', wrote letters to the author, created an incredible piece of cave art, took part in a topic homework project, visited Creswell Crags, touched real animal bones and the list goes on. As we're writing this, I have the biggest smile on my face, as I think about all the things we've shared and achieved together since January. You really are the loveliest group of children and we've missed teaching and having fun with you these last two weeks. However, we have an even more exciting topic coming up. It may be that we have to carry on learning at home but don't worry, as it won't stop us from 'Walking like an Egyptian'. 


We are so incredibly proud of how mature you have been during this time. We have loved seeing the work you have done at home and it puts a smile on our faces every time we get a message from you. Over the Easter holidays, we'd like you to enjoy your time with your family, make precious memories together and have a break from your learning. We can't wait to hear about your home adventures and remember to look after each other! 


For now, Happy Easter! 

Much love, 

Mrs Braithwaite (& Bess!), Miss Rushin (& family) and Mrs Bowler (& Harley and Max)

An incredible achievement from Billie this week. She has worked her way through our activity grid and presented her work so beautifully. Well done!

Lovely photos sent from Isabelle enjoying her time at home. Loving the takeaway look Isabelle :)

An incredible effort from Francesca here. She's taught herself to play a song from Mary Poppins on her keyboard. Well done Francesca!

Still image for this video

Ralphie has sent us some photos of the pie chart he has made about the Solar System and his excellent window art, supporting the NHS. Thanks Ralphie!


Thank you to Jaylen for sending us the picture he has created, supporting our amazing NHS!

Zack has sent us his plan for his own active workout and he had a little help from his cat with his Math booklet last week! Thanks for sharing with us Zack!


Below are two links we have been sent from a parent. 


Free music lessons by Myleene Class through YouTube 


Science lessons with Maddie Moate 

A beautiful poem sent to us from Billie today. Thanks Billie!


It was so lovely to receive an email from Grace's family today. They've been very busy over the last week with Joe Wicks, science, gardening, mini projects and even building their very own radio! (See pictures below)

Thank you Grace! 


Hi all, 

Keep looking on our class page for updates. 

I have added more '2dos' to Purple Mash for you today. I will be posting a 'timetable' of activities for you soon to give you some ideas. There are already lots of websites posted on the Parent Help page that you could be using for the time being. 


Wishing you all well! 

Mrs B



Wow! I am so impressed with the homework which has already been handed in. Thank you to the parents for their support and help towards the project. The children should be very proud of themselves for what they have achieved. 

Please see the photos below and celebrate this achievement with us.


I cannot wait to see the final parts of everyone's homework!

Mrs Braithwaite!

WB 2nd December 2019


This week, Mrs Smith from First Grade Sports came to teach the children dance. 

The children had a fantastic time learning how to dance, imagining they are a character from the Stone Age. 

The children took on the role of this character brilliantly and put together an excellent dance. 

We have shared a few photos from the session below. 


This week the children also had a brilliant time visiting St Michael's Church for the Christmas Tree Festival and Mansfield Palace Theatre for the Pantomime of Cinderella.

WB 2nd December

WB 26th November


This week the children have been busy making their Christmas Decorations ready for St Michael's Church Christmas Tree Festival. 

The children learnt t trace a design with black out line and then fill it with glass paints. This is linked to our light topic this term where we've discussed the decorations as being translucent. 

WB 26th November

WB 18th November

Please see the below the children working hard, estimating and measuring a range of food items from Mrs Braithwaite's cupboard. 

The children really enjoyed experiencing real life items. 

WB 18th November

WB 7th October

The children have had excellent fun this week, designing and making pizzas. They were so well behaved and learnt lots of skills within the kitchen. See the pictures below from the lesson. 


The children have also worked hard in Numeracy, learning their times tables. 

WB 30th September

Please see below pictures from last week when the children took part in active lessons for Stand Up Derbyshire Day. The children have then also been tasting fruits and vegetables ready for pizza making next week!

WB 30th September 2019

This week the children have been learning new ways to add. We've used 100 squares and formal methods. Look out for the homework on Friday as the children will teaching their parents. 

In Literacy we've continued to work on instruction writing. The children have created their own animal and will be writing a set of instructions to explain how to look after it. 

On Friday, the children will be taking part in active learning in support of Stand Up Derbyshire Day!

Numeracy 23.9.19

Look at how we've learnt to follow instructions this week!