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Year 2

The children are really enjoying our topic, Land Ahoy! We have learnt about Captain Cook and which countries he discovered. The children have made boats and investigated which shapes float best. We have labelled the parts of a ship and learnt which materials float. All of the children have loved learning about the Golden Age of Piracy. 

We have been learning about the five oceans of the world in Geography.

We are so proud of our newest Mini Crusaders!

We are still working hard to learn all about fractions. Today, we were finding fractions of amounts of money.

Today we were finding fractions of an amount using conkers.

Year 2 have been working hard this week to learn about fractions. Ask your child what they have learnt about the numerator and denominator.

Well what a fabulous half term we have had in year 2! Despite the slightly different way of life at school, the children have settled well and coped brilliantly with the changes. Each and every one of your children has amazed me with their resilience and they have all worked so incredibly hard- it has been a pleasure to teach them!

I hope you all have a wonderful half term and I look forward to welcoming the  children back in November. 

With warmest wishes, 

Mrs Barnes x 

Year 2 have enjoyed lots of treats today.

The children all looked amazing in their Halloween costumes!

Today we carved pumpkins and wrote a set of instructions about how we did it.

Having fun in our music lesson.

This week the children have been learning about multiplication. They used conkers to help them make equal groups.

We've had another fantastic week in Year 2. The children have been classifying minibeasts in Science and learning about information texts in English.

The children enjoyed looking at a selection of fiction and non-fiction books.

Welcome to Year 2

2020 -2021


Wow what a fabulous start to the school year! The children have settled into Year 2 so well  and I couldn’t be more proud of them. Some of our routines are quite different this year but the whole class have taken it in their stride. Keep it up Year 2, you are all superstars! 


Eating our lunch in the classroom.

Learning the chicken dance.

Learning to double and halve numbers.

We had fun being marching ants in music today.

We have been learning about algorithms and programming in ICT. We directed our partner to reach and collect the minibeasts.

frownWelcome to Year 2frown


Phew, what a busy week it has been!

Congratulations to Lottie Baker, Lola Hart and Tommy Smith for being awarded Rainbow Star awards. You have all continued to work hard at home through lockdown.


Last night was the annual Anthony Bek awards ceremony and I would like to say congratulations to the children who won an award.

Issac Phillips - Year 2 Star of the Year.

Ruby Guy - Year 2 Special Mention.

Lavenia Khoodeesing -  Mrs Johnson's KS1 Star of the Year.

09.07.20 Thomas has been extremely busy doing lots work. He has also had lots of fun going on a nature work.

08.07.20 Lottie has been busy again doing lots of different activities.

03.07.20 Excellent work Olivia D. Keep up the hard work.

02.07.20 Charleigh been helping round the house , baking and helping with dinner. She has also made an LOL surprise town. Well done Charleigh for being a wonderful help for your mum and looking after your baby brother.

01.07.20 Isaac has found some amazing information and facts on The Great Barrier Reef

30.06.20 Tommy has been doing some reading, maths, memory games, lots of outdoor play and even had a birthday in between! Hope you enjoyed your birthday, the cake pops were delicious!

30.06.20 Excellent work Olivia. You have been working extremely hard.

Still image for this video
Lola had been experimenting using water and soap.

29.06.20 Lottie has been working on her work pack, along with some reading and helping her mum with my work, putting paper work into order number for her. She’s been bike riding and strawberry picking too! The strawberries look delicious. I also know that you have learnt to count backwards from any given number. Well done Lottie, keep up the excellent work!

25.06.20 Well done Thomas for your wonderful work and completing the work pack. You have worked so hard, keep it up!

24.06.20 Some amazing numeracy work completed, well done Lola. It's lovely to see your smiling face.

24.06.20 Ruby been completing her BBC bitesize and has loved completing her seaside tasks. She has got her green fingers by helping in the garden. Love all the bright colours you have used for you work.

24.06.20 WOW!! Beautiful work and lovely neat handwriting Lavenia.

Some more amazing work Olivia. She has completed the Bitesize work set.

WOW! Thomas you have done so much work, So impressed with your handwriting you have worked really hard on that. Loving the shoe idea and you learning how to tie your shoe laces. Congratulations on learning to ride your bike, it's not easy! You have also been doing lots of reading, The Twits was my favourite book when I was at school ( Mrs Thurman). x

Well done Olivia on all your hard work. Keep it up. x

Tommy has done a little project about Cleethorpes and has included some photos of his visit last year. He has learnt who Peter Fidler is and visited his monument in Carr Vale, Bolsover. He has also done some reading comprehension, purple mash, TT rockstars and reading.

Love all the creative work you have done Charleigh. I like all the different techniques you have used.

Isaac has been extremely busy completing lots of work.

Ruby was pleased to receive her certificate in the post.

Well done to all the children that are still working hard at home-  I'm so impressed with your motivation! smiley

The weather is miserable this week so let's keep learning about the seaside to cheer ourselves up! You can design a travel brochure with facts and pictures about a lovely seaside resort, write a postcard to a friend from your holiday, write a diary entry from the beach or maybe write a story set at the seaside.

I would like you to learn these spelling and ask someone at home to test you when you have learnt them all.






ice cream 






To help you remember the spellings, you can draw a picture to go alongside the word, or write them as rainbow words using different colours.

I look forward to seeing your seaside work really soon.


Love Mrs Barnes x

Well done to Jessie Bennett who has already completed lots of work about the seaside.

Sorry Rose, I missed your litter poster off the photos! Here it is now.

Well done to everyone that entered Mrs Barnes' poster competition, you have all done an amazing job. Congratulations to Thomas.yes Keep up the hard work Year 2. Love Mrs Thurman xx


Thank you to all the children who designed a poster to stop people littering and encourage us to look after our local environment. You will all be receiving a little something for your effort.

I'm pleased to announce that the winner of the competition is Thomas Walton-Fleming- well done Thomas! Your poster was colourful and included lots of interesting facts - great job!

Look at the fantastic litter posters!

02.06.20 Charleigh been doing lots of crafts, cooking , plenty of walks and learnt new skills making things out of clay.

02.06.20 Rose’s work for the day. She’s currently busy in the greenhouse checking on her plants.

02.06.20 Isaac's poster for the competition that Mrs Barnes set for year 2.

01.06.20 Rose has been on the BBC Bitesize website and practicing her times tables. I would love to hear all about octopuses as I know they are you favourite creature.

01.06.20 Tommy I'm so impressed with all the work you have done over the half term and you have been out and about cleaning up the environment and picking up all the litter. Well done!

01.06.20 Lavenia, what an amazing poster. You have produced some lovely work and you handwriting is beautiful.

01.06.20 Well done Callum, Love how caring you are and how you are looking after the little robin. Your baking looks delicious, keep up the hard work.

01.06.20 Wow Lottie! you have been extremely busy over the holidays. Not only completing lots of school work but also doing some decorating and baking.

Hello Year 2!

Welcome back!  I hope you have all had a lovely week off and enjoyed the wonderful weather, I know I have. 

This term I would like you to complete some work for our topic about the seaside. I have sent a power point to your parents but if you can't look at this, please don't worry you can do some research on the internet. I would like you to find out which is our nearest seaside. Write down some questions that you could research such as, how far away is the nearest beach? How is a seaside town different to our local town? You can create a mind map or fact file with pictures.

You can also continue to log on to the BBC Bitesize daily lessons, as well as Purple Mash, Topmarks maths and TT Rockstars, so there is no time to be bored!

If you have watched this week's video message, you will know that the girls beat the boys in the TT Rock Stars battle- Go Girls! Rose was the top scorer, followed by Lavenia and Isaac. Well done to all children who took part. 


Have a good week and I look forward to seeing the work you complete.

Bye for now,

Mrs Barnes smiley


21.05.20 Thomas is doing a yoga routine, think I may need to join you Thomas. Mrs Thurman x

20.05.20 Lavenia has been working hard to complete work on Bitesize.

20.05.20 WOW! Lottie you have done a lot of different activities this week. Could please come and make me (Mrs Thurman) some lunch as yours looks delicious? Love to see you smile in these photos.

20.05 .20 some more work from Issac.

20.05.20 Issac has been extremely busy, well done Issac.



Thank you for continuing to send in photographs of your children working hard at home. It's wonderful to see their beautiful faces and we enjoy reading about how the children have been keeping busy. 

After speaking to Callum last week, I have decided to set an extra home learning activity this week. Callum and his brother Olly have been litter picking on their family walks as they were not happy about the amount of rubbish in the local area. I am asking all children to please make an informative poster or leaflet which outlines the problem with dropping litter and suggests ways in which we can solve the problem. If possible, please take a photo and send it to me via email and I will choose my favourites next week. 

I have also set up a boys v girls battle on TT Rockstars so make sure you log on and have a go at winning the times table battle. 

I have uploaded this weeks video message onto the website for you to view. Mrs Thurman and I will be phoning you all this week to hear your news.


Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Barnes.

18.05.20 Rose has produced some more fantastic work.

13.05.20 Ruby has found some amazing information about deadly animals. Can't wait to hear all about them.

13.05.20 Rose has been working on purple mash and been on a mini beast hunt.

13.05.20 Some amazing work from Lavenia

12.05.20 Congratulations on receiving 2nd prize in Mrs Johnson's competition, for your wonderful VE day window display. Love the craft vegetables.

12.05.20 Amazing work Tommy

Lovely display Lottie.

12.05.20 Well done Jessie on working hard. Hope you enjoyed your picnic.

12.05.20 Excellent work Rose.

12.05.20 Some amazing photos and wonderful work. Well done Callum.

Thomas has enjoyed doing his work pack.

Lottie has been working on Bitesize. Some more amazing cooking again and your plants look like they are growing well. Keep up the hard work Lottie.

Zak has been busy working and enjoyed walking his dog in sun.

Well we have some super bakers in Year 2!

Congratulations to Olivia Dunston for winning Mrs Johnson's Bake Off with her beautiful rainbow coloured unicorn cake. It looks amazing and she made it all by yourself - OUTSTANDING!

Second place went to Lavenia and Dhruv.  Lavenia your sweet coconut cakes looked absolutely delicious!

I only wish I could taste all of these yummy cakes!

Take a look at Mrs Johnson's community competition page under the 'Children' tab to see the wonderful cakes.

Lula has been enjoying the sunshine in her garden.

06.05.20 Rose has been very busy again, completing lots of work. Well done Rose.

05.05.20 Some more wonderful work from Charleigh. Well done.

05.05.20 A yummy lemon drizzle cake baked by Lottie and her sister Poppy.

05.05.20 Charleigh has been learning some amazing life skill by cooking her own pizza. It looks delicious. She even washed the pots afterwards!! :)

05.05.20 Lottie has been extremely busy, from doing her school work to DIY, to cooking and planting seeds. Some amazing skills being learnt.

03.05.20 Issac is concentrating on his work. He has also been doing BBC Bitesize and enjoying lots of reading. Keep up all your hard work.

02.05.20 Lavenia and Dhruv are looking very professional in their amazing chef hats. The Sweet coconut Idli look delicious.

01.05.20 It's lovely to see Tommy and Annie working together. You have done some amazing research Tommy on The Wright Brothers, We love your model of an airplane, which looks very similar to what the Wright brothers made. Keep up the hard work. We enjoy seeing all your work.

01.05.20 Rose has been a busy bee again. She has completed her maths and english. She's even been out in the rain on her bike to see the swans, geese and ducks.



Good afternoon,

As we reach the end of another week of home schooling I just wanted to say thank you once again for your support with home learning. So many of you have sent me photographs and emails with work attached. It's really heart warming to see how hard the children are working at home, despite the challenges this brings. Just a reminder, your child should be completing the tasks set on Purple Mash and saving the work so that it can be checked by a teacher. They should also be going on the internet to complete the daily lessons for Year 2 on BBC Bitesize. The lessons include videos, games and tasks, as well as links to other resources which will support and enhance the learning. Please ensure that your child completes at least one of the three activities that is included in the daily lesson, this can be in their blue book. Whilst I would like the children to complete the maths and English lesson each day, I would also encourage them to choose lessons from other curriculum areas. The lessons are approximately twenty minutes long and are designed to be fun and are easy to follow. Please read through the activities with your child to ensure that they understand the task. 

I will be posting a new video update on Monday, please use the link below to view this.


Finally, I hope you all have a lovely, restful weekend. Stay safe and please tell your children that Mrs Thurman, Mrs Pickbourne and myself cannot wait to see them again soon.

Mrs Barnes x

30.04.20. It looks like Thomas has been having a lovely time in the garden doing physical activities and looking at mini beasts. Hope you enjoyed doing the jigsaw on planets Thomas..

Lavenia has been growing lettuce. I asked her how she did this and she sent me a set of detailed instructions. Super work Lavenia!

30.04.20 Wow, Rose is working extremely hard! Well done. We love seeing everyone's hard work. Please keep sending us your pictures.

Not only has Jenson been attending school all week but has also been working on the 7 Continents, and Africa, Asia and North America. He has been working on his school work at the weekends. Jenson has been doing lots of reading. As well as completing the tasks set for him, he has done a TikTok video for Mrs Johnson’s task. Well done Jenson. Keep up the hard work.

Rose has been busy again, not only completing her own work on BBC Bitesize but she has also been doing some extra work.

Rose has been learning about money with BBC Bitesize. Has anyone else completed today's daily maths lesson?

It's great to see Isaac doing his daily lesson on BBC Bitesize. Have you done yours yet?

Tommy has completed his mini beast project. Here are some photos of Tommy and Annie on a mini beast hunt.

It's lovely to see that Lottie is keeping busy at home.

Ruby has been completing lots of activities at home.

Tommy and Annie made a den outside so they could watch out for the satellites this week.

Jacob has sent in his wonderful paintings.

What a beautiful Easter bonnet Lavenia!

Lola and Gary made beautiful Easter bonnets.

Here are some photos of the other things Lola has been doing- what a busy girl!

Lavenia has already completed many of the tasks from the second work pack. Here is a beautiful poem that she has written.

Flowers are beautiful
Flowers are bright
Flowers are a joyful
Flowers are a delight
Flowers are full in my garden,
My mummy plants them everywhere
Flowers are very special,
We must take good care.

Just look at all the work that Lavenia completed from the first work pack!

Lottie has been helping with the decorating. I've already booked her to come and help me paint my skirting boards!

Lottie has been planting vegetables. Let us know if they grow well Lottie.

Zak says 'Hi!'

Zak has been doing lots of work at home. Great work Zak!

Tommy and Annie have been river walking (lots!). They found some old bits of pot and cleaned these at home. I wonder who they belonged to?

Callum and Olly have made a bird box and some bird feeders. Callum tells me that the birds have been using their new house.


Morning year 2,

Hope you all had a lovely Easter, even though it was a strange one! Hope the Easter bunny was kind to you and brought you lots of chocolate. wink. We hope you have all received your activity packs and don't forget about all the fantastic online learning that you can access etc. Purple mash, TTRs and Bite size. All the staff are missing you so much. I have seen quite a few of you while I've been on my daily walk and  I love to see you and say hello.   Stay Safe. 

Mrs Thurman x 

14.4.20- Today, Jenson made a water rocket with Mrs Braithwaite and Mrs Thurman. They had great fun launching them (see video below). Jenson then made a 'Stick man' in the forest school area and enjoyed playing on the tyre swing with his brother.

Jenson H.MOV

Still image for this video

We had lots of fun at school today 🤩

Just a few things that we have been doing today.

Hi Year 2!

I hope you're all well and happy! I'm sure you're all working hard and having lots of fun too! Listen to your grown ups, and be good, (I know you all can)! Have a lovely Easter with lots of chocolate and I'll see you very soon! Missing  all of your wonderful,smiley faces.

Love Mrs Pickbourne


Jenson has has fun at school this week.

As well as completing her work pack, Rose has been planting lots of seeds in her garden.

Jenson created a beautiful rainbow telling us to stay inside so that we can keep safe.

Thomas has been baking. Was it a chocolate cake Thomas?

Ruby and her brother Jack have done lots of activities, including Mrs Johnson's challenge.

Chareigh has been busy exercising and practising her writing. Good work Charleigh!

I have received a postcard from our adopted dolphins!

Hello Year 2!

I hope you are all working hard at home and being good for your grown ups. I am missing you and can't wait until we are all back together in our lovely classroom. Thank you for sending me some photos of you working at home. I will put these on the website.





Year 2 enjoyed making their habitat diarama out of shoe boxes. I was impressed with their creative ideas- most children completed them without any adult support!

Problem solving in maths. The children had to share the cubes equally in order to solve division calculations.

We used a blowing technique with straws to add paint to our animal pictures.