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Year 1

enlightened Welcome to Year 1 2022-2023! enlightened

Autumn term 2

Our topic this term is called Dinosaur Planet! We have been learning lots of non-fictional information about dinosaurs and even creating our own in English using amazing adjectives and connectives to describe what they eat, what they look like and even where they live. 

Autumn term 1

Throughout our first term we learnt all about superheroes! This was prominent throughout our English, Maths, Science and other subjects. We learnt about real life superheroes such as Rosa Parks and how our bodies are super at keeping us healthy, having created a healthy meal of pizza pitta bread in D&T. All Y1 settled incredibly well. We have all created a learning environment that is happy and most importantly safe. Please see the pictures below to see all our amazing work over our first term together. 

Class of the week

13.06.22 - I am proud of all of the children this week for showcasing their amazing Phonics skills when completing their screening check. We have had an excellent start to our new themed topic of the Enchanted Woodland! We are also Mrs. Johnson's class of the week. Well done.

Phonics Screening Check

26.05.2022 - Detailed information about the Phonics screening check that your child will be taking on the week commencing 6th June 2022 can be found below. Our homework is to read as much as possible, it would be great to see some pictures of children reading in different places sent to the class email. For example, in the park, at the beach or even on a horse! 


Fabulous acting!

10.05.22 - First of all, I would like to say well done to Y1 for their excellent recounts of Little Red Riding Hood last week. We have started a new fairy tale on Monday (Goldilocks and the Three Bears) which we have acted out today. They have been amazing on their trip to the church in RE as well. 

Once upon a time.

28.04.22 - This week we have started our new learning all about fairytales and we have made our own story of three little pigs. We have started to learn the 10 times table and they are representing our crusader code by achieving lots of great feedback and results in their Maths. Great work, Y1. 

The last week of Spring term

08.04.22 - Wow! I just wanted to say how wonderful year 1 have been this week; so much so that we have received class of the week for being so co-operating and unrelenting! I am super proud of all their hard work in their learning in a variety of class rooms this week (due to the boiler) and at Lea Green. Please see below our activities from the Ukrainian fundraiser day. They all deserve a restful break. See you all in two weeks.

Amazing Actors!

30.03.22 - This week we have started to read the book Whatever Next! by Jill Murphy. We acted this out in groups ahead of our recount writing next week. Everyone really loved being dramatic and showing what happened in the book to all of their friends! Please see the pictures below of their brilliant acting skills and their nearly completed papier mache planets. In Maths we have assessed what we have learnt this term ahead of parents evening next week. Finally, we are all super excited for Lea Green tomorrow laugh.

Weekly overview

25.03.22 - This week we have come to the end of our measurement unit in Maths and finished off our fabulous instructions of How to Catch a Star! They have made excellent progress on their papier mache planets and in PE especially. Please see the pictures below of all our learning. Have a lovely weekend.

The Anthony Bek Spelling Show!

This is our extra Phonics based learning and the class contestants use their excellent skills for the answers to our quiz. Each week we have a different set 2 sounds and new computer generated contestants, so far every contestant has won!

Superhero Day - 18.03.2022

Weekly overview

16.03.22 - This week we have started reading the book 'How to Catch a Star' by Oliver Jeffers. We are starting to make our own fabulous instructions based on catching stars! As you can see from the pictures below all of Y1 have enjoyed practically measuring weight and mass using key terminology when building sentences to their partners. Next week, we will be making papier mache planets; please ask them about the eight planets in our solar system and the seven continents of planet Earth. enlightenedsmiley

Moon Zoom

8.03.22 - During this week we have found remains of a spacecraft outside our classroom and we investigated the materials the aliens left behind! We have just completed our plans in English of our non-fiction planet information texts and have learnt lots about the planets in our solar system. Well done, Y1. 

New Teacher

04.03.22 - Hi! I am Miss Lowe-Collins the new Y1 teacher covering Miss Walker's maternity leave. We have had a brilliant week learning all about our new topic of Space. The children have been wonderful and I am very much looking forward to working with them till the end of the academic year. If you have any questions please email and I will get back to you. Have a lovely weekend smiley

21.1.22 We have had a busy couple of weeks learning all about the queen and having a tea party. We have also been busy learning all about our country and the Capital Cities and Seas.

22.12.21- We have had a fantastic term and I am so proud of the progress the children have made. We have had a lovely last week writing instructions and making shortbread and today we had a fabulous party. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

3.12.21-We have been busy making dinosaur habitats and learning about reptiles.

18.11.21- We have been very busy making dinosaur fossils and creating a dinosaur trap. We also had lots of fun making our penny trail from Children in Need.

4.11.21-Strange things have been happening in our class this week. We found dinosaur footprints, cracked eggs, dinosaur poo and dinosaur bones and teeth. We then created wanted posters to try and catch the dinosaur.

22.10.21-We have had a wonderful last day. The children have enjoyed making chocolate apples and having hot chocolate. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and a restful break.

15.10.21- We have had a fun filled week learning about number bonds to ten and thinking about what makes a good team. Here are some pictures of our towers that we made as a team.

8.10.21 We have had a lovely week designing, making and evaluating pizzas. We enjoyed eating them, they were so delicious! We have also been looking at part whole models in Math's and next week will be writing instructions on how to make pizza.

1.10.21 We have had another brilliant week. We have been learning about lines in art and have been colour mixing too. We have created our own Superheroes and labelled them and wrote sentences about them.

24.9.21- We have had another brilliant week. We have been learning about our senses and have been smelling and tasting. We have been learning about greater than and less than and our story has been George saved the world by dinner time and we are working hard hard to form and write sentences.

10.9.21 Well what a fantastic first week we have had! I am so proud of how the children have settled back into school and how hard they have worked. We have been learning about numbers to 10, writing sentences and have been learning to label the human body. It has been a very busy week and I can't wait to do it again next week!

Year 1 Welcome Letter

9.07.21-Work Pack for next weeks learning.

We had a wonderful time at Conkers on Tuesday 6th July

Look at  how much fun we had...

21.04.21- Our topic this term is splendid skies please open the documents to find out what we will be doing. There are also some home learning activities you can do at home and we would love to see them!

We have had a wonderful time learning all about woodlands. We have used oil pastels and paint to create woodland animal pictures and we used different materials to create our woodland crowns. We have also made our own amazing Fairy Tale book with some wonderful stories in. In Maths we have been learning how to subtract using a number line and a 100 square.


This week your child needs to learn to count in 5s. Below are some links to help them. The spellings this week are: with, are,  were, come and some.

15.03.21 We had a lovely first week back and the children have been brilliant! We drew woodland animals and used oil pastels to colour them in. We described woodland animals for our friends to guess which woodland animal we were and we wrote instructions on how to make woodland crowns which we will be making this week.


spellings this week are: 

who, what,  was,  want and were 


Your child could write these in flour, chalk or glitter. You could play hangman or hide these spellings around the house for your child to find. 


Spelling this week are the days of the week.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday


This weeks spellings are:  they, was, all, are and said.

We hope you have all had a happy and safe half term and are looking forward to this weeks work.

Our children have really enjoyed their woodland walks this week and learning about the different trees and leaves.

They have also done a fantastic job in understanding half and a quarter of a shape. We are so very proud of all of you!


This weeks spelling are: looked, called, said, like and asked.

Try one activity a day for 10 minutes.

Write them out and hiding them around the house for him to find.

Write them in glitter or flour. 

Musical bumps but when the music stops  find a word and if you say that word they are out. 

Write them outside with chalks. 

Use magnetic letters to spell the word or write the letters that form the word and put them in the correct order to make the word.  


Snow day activities

Good morning,with us having plenty of snow on the way, I would like you to have fun in the snow. You might want to go sledging ( adhering to social distancing rules), build a snowman in your garden, have a snowball fight or make  snow angels. Maybe you could write a set of instructions on how to build a snowman and include the features of a set of instructions. You could draw a winter scene and imagin yourself in the scene. You could write down what you can see, what you can hear, what you can smell and what you can feel and what you might taste.  

I can see fluffy white snow.

I can hear people talking.

I can smell ......................

I can taste ........................

I can feel ..........................

What ever it is you do today, have fun and stay safe.

Miss Walker, Mrs Hand and Mrs Bonsall. 



Last week in English we was working on knowing the features of a set of instructions and then going on to writing a set of instructions. It looks like you all had lots of fun baking your biscuits and most importantly tasting them!

For Maths, we have been learning the months of the year and putting them in order. You all did a fantastic job of making your paper chains with the months of the year.

We have also been working on time and how to measure time in minutes and seconds and how to read and write the time to o'clock. 

Following on with our space topic, we have been making star mobiles which I'm sure you will agree are absolutely fantastic!

01.02.21 This weeks spellings are: 

could, their, people, Mr and Mrs 

25.1.21 Spellings this week are: were, one, when, what and oh.

This week our children have been super busy writing a story about a boy who wanted to catch a star. They have excelled themselves with their writing skills and it's fantastic to see them have so much pride in their handwriting while home learning. 

In art, we have also been looking at colour lines and texture in cityscapes and have been looking at the work Van Gough. It is clear to see that we definitely have some budding artists in our class.

Wow! We are just blown away with the outstanding work our year 1 children have done and continue to do. This week we have continued to learn about space and understanding how to form a non chronological report. As you can see, our children have added some really interesting facts about space and other planets.

In math, we have been learning about the value of money.Here is a few snippets of some of their work:

18.1.21 Spelling this week are: little, out, have, so and some
11.1.21 Spelling this week are: said, like, do, come and there
More fantastic work by our amazing year 1 children. We hope you all enjoyed having fun in the snow!

What a fabulouse snippet of the Little Bear story!

Still image for this video

WB 11.1.21 Our work this week.

Some more fabulous work this week!

We hope you have settled in to your new routine of home learning. We have received some fantastic pieces of work and it makes us so proud of your dedication. 

It looks like you had lots of fun making your rockets. Did we discover who was in the rocket?

It will be hard to choose a home learning star of the week this week!

**Please use this email address below to contact a member of the Year 1 Team.

Oh my goodness look at what has happened this morning. A space rocket has crash landed in our classroom! Where do you think it has come from? Where could it have been going? Who might have been inside? How might it have crashed?


This weeks spellings are: he, she, we, be and was. 

Well what a finish to the term, we have missed our panto and party but we will have something to look forward to when we get back to school as we can watch it then with the goodie bags. At least you all got to take all of your lovely Christmas things home yesterday. We hope you all have a magical Christmas and New Year and we can't wait to see all of your lovely smiling faces in the New Year. Take care and stay safe everyone. 


Love From

The Year 1 Team smiley

How many activities can you do over the Christmas holidays?

25.11.20 It has been a busy week so far. We have been using balancing scales to weigh objects, we have made houses to create pudding lane, we have directed each other to London sights using North, East, South and West and we have started writing a story about a little girl called Katie who goes to London for the day.