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Year 1

25.11.20 It has been a busy week so far. We have been using balancing scales to weigh objects, we have made houses to create pudding lane, we have directed each other to London sights using North, East, South and West and we have started writing a story about a little girl called Katie who goes to London for the day.

18.11.20 We have had a busy day making bread and tomorrow we will be writing our own set of instructions. In maths we have been learning how to measure how long objects are using cubes and cms.

11.11.20 We have had a busy week so far. We have been learning all about The Greta Fire of London and I am so proud of the recount the children have written. We have also made posters and learnt a Great Fire of London dance.

We have had a great first week back. We have been learning all about London and Guy Fawkes. We had a tea party with the queen and have been busy making poppies for rememberance day.

We had a fantastic Halloween themed day to finish off a successful half term. We went on a spooky hunt to find some treats, we did some drama entering a spooky house and then we wrote a description of the haunted house and we played lots of games and had lots of fun. Have a lovely holiday everyone!





We have been working on instructions. We followed our instructions to make our fruit kebabs. We used our chopping skills to cut up the fruit . They look and taste delicious!

Year 1 Class Page 2020-2021!

Another great home learning day yesterday. I am so proud of you all. One more day to go and then you can all have a lovely relaxing weekend. Well done parents as well a great effort!

A great job from Nellie yesterday too. I love the something magical picture!

Look at all the work Taine did yesterday. We are so proud of you!

Mateusz was a busy bee yesterday doing all his learning at home. A great job Mateusz well done!

Logan had a busy first day of home learning yesterday. Keep it up Logan!

Great work from Joseph today. He has completed his Phonics and his English and Maths work as well as finding Autumn things in his garden. We are so proud Joseph!

Florence has had a busy first day. She has done PE & Yoga, Phonics, Reading, Maths and Purple Mash. Well done Florence we are so proud of you!

Evelyn has done an amazing job today. She has completed her English work and has been learning about part whole models as well as finding some Autumn things in her garden. We are so proud of you, keep it up!

Tiana has already sent me her Maths work from this morning. Well done, we are so proud of you!

5th October** Here is our home learning booklet. I can't wait to see all of your wonderful work!

We are having great fun in Year 1!

Some of our English work we have done so far in our books.

So far this week we have sequenced a story, wrote labels and lists, used paint on the laptops and decided what makes a hero and a villian.

Please find attached what we will be doing this half term.

It has been a great week and the children have all been fabulous! Here are a few pictures of the things we have been doing.

We have had a fantastic few days. The children are settling really well and we have been busy making Superhero masks and badges and we even completed Superhero training yesterday! Today we learnt a new sound in Phonics and practised our numbers to 20. This afternoon we drew our own self portraits and they look amazing!

Welcome to Year 1!

Well it has been a strange academic year and it is sad it has ended like this but I wish you all a safe and happy holiday and I will see all of the children when they are in Year 2! 

**Here is the final workpack for the last week. If you can't download and print it then there are copies in the office. Have a lovely week!

Blake has completed lots of work during lock down!

Michal has completed his booklet and has made a fantastic light house and has written some fantastic instructions about building a sandcastle.

Oscar has written a postcard from Skegness.

Look at Sophie working very hard at home!

Oscar has wrote us a lovely letter!

Sophie has been working through her home learning booklet!

Sophie has been caring for her moth. Sh went to an airfield to watch the planes take off and land and has been strawberry picking. She is busy making lots of memories!

Michal has been busy completing his booklet and again has completed some fantastic seaside work!

** Please find attached the two week workpack for the 29th June. There is also a Maths one for anyone who can't access bite size or who want more work. If you can't print them out then please collect one from the office from Monday afternoon!

Dhruv completing his Maths work at home.

Wiktor has been doing lost of work this week and has been learning all about arrays and repeated addition as well as enjoying his free time in the sun and doing jigsaws. Well done Wiktor!

Sophie has been looking at a cocoon she was given and has been busy learning about seasides in the past. Well done Sophie!

Michal has been doing lots of seaside activites and has been working hard again this week!

Lots of Maths work from Sophie and some lovely seaside pictures. Keep it up Sophie!

Oscar has been busy on bite size and has been helping his dad in the garden.

**Please find attached the next booklet for the next two weeks. Please use bite size for Maths and this booklet for English and Topic. We will do this in school too to ensure consistency. If you can't use bite size online please find attached a booklet you can use. If you are unable to print these out there are copies in the office ready to collect.

Sophie has been enjoying our new topic. She has made a boat to go on holiday on, some binoculars and went to an ice cream parlour and she wrote about it. She has also been on Purple mash, trampoline and done some dancing for her dance challenge set by her dance teacher.

Michal has been completing his seaside topic booklet and he looks like he has had lots of fun in the pool.

More of Michals work!