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Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)

At Anthony Bek, we deliver Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) through our PSHE curriculum, for which there is a dedicated weekly lesson from years 1 -6. We also deliver elements on the objectives through our Science and Computing curriculums in relation to Biology and Online Safety.



We want our children to be able to confidently and competently navigate the complexities of 21st Century life by providing them with skills and attitudes to make informed choices about their health, safety, wellbeing and relationships. We follow the KAPOW curriculum which covers fully the statutory and government recommended guidance.




We deliver RSE thorough dedicated PSHE / RSE lessons from year 1 to 6 with topics being delivered and revisited each year building on previous knowledge. In each year group there is a dedicated unit to Safety and the Changing Body, but every unit in PSHE throughout the year contains objectives related to RSE. The overview for this can be seen below with an informative guide to the objectives being taught in each year group. 


Units are delivered in a safe and structured way where children are comfortable and confident to express thoughts and feelings via a variety of learning methods. We provide consistent messages across all year groups so that children know and understand how and where to get help.



Learning is always occurring in the PSHE / RSE curriculum, whether it has been planned as part of the dedicated units, cross - curricular lessons or through  incidental / responsive teaching and learning. We monitor the impact of our RSE understanding through regular assessment opportunities using the KAPOW knowledge catchers and assessment quizzes, work scrutiny and pupil interviews / questionnaires.