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Reception 2022 - 2023

Welcome to Reception!

Miss Deeley, Mrs Bonsall, Mrs Weston



Welcome to your new class!

The new reception children have had a fantastic start to the year and the reception team could not be more proud of how well they have coped with their first busy week in school. We have spent the week supporting the children to become more familiar with their environment and gain confidence in the daily routines of school life. We understand and appreciate that this is both an exciting yet daunting time for most of the children, therefore we have been ensuring that your children feel secure and supported in order to help to reduce any anxiety during transition however, we are always available if you have any concerns or comments that you wish to discuss with us. 


The children have been busy exploring the different areas both inside and outside of the classroom, they have especially enjoyed the addition of a playdough station and the prams and dolls, however, the home corner, digging area and mud kitchen have also proved very popular! The class have managed very well self-accessing the resources and following any boundaries surrounding each area and activity and have already impressed us with how well they negotiate and interact with their friends. All our activities and resources aim to support areas of development and learning through a play based approach - if you would like to have further information about this please refer to your child's diary or alternatively speak to Miss Deeley, Mrs Weston or Mrs Bonsall, who will be happy to explain this in more detail. 

Stick Jobs

In addition to the continuous provision, each week the children will be completing more focused activities called stick jobs. These will be linked to our theme and Miss Deeley's learning objectives for your children. At the start of the week, we will introduce each stick job to the class, which they can then complete independently throughout the week. On completion of each job, the children can add a stick to their pocket in class. When they have completed all of their stick jobs, they can add their name to the prize pot to have a chance of winning one of the prizes at the end of the week. This week we only introduced two stick jobs, which many of the children completed - Miss Deeley intends to increase this over the following weeks, as the children settle into their routine, to reach a total of five stick jobs each week.

Book of the week

Your children have access to a large and varied range of books and reading resources, which they can access independently. We also read with them regularly as part of the daily routine and love to spend time in our new cosy reading corner, sharing a book. However, in addition Miss Deeley will choose a book of the week to explore. This week our book of the week has been 'The Little White Owl'. Please chat to your children about the book off the week and any activities or new information that they have learnt from reading this. 

Adult Supported Tasks

Our adult-supported tasks focus on the theme and learning objectives for your children. Currently, these link to literacy and numeracy, within our theme of 'Magical Me'. Your children have been discussing and recording information about themselves and the people that are important to them, along with their likes, dislikes and things that make them unique and special. We have had lots of fun finding out about how we are all different and special and the children have created some lovely self-portraits, family pictures and booklets about themselves, with the help from the reception team when they needed it.

Class of the week

A massive 'well done' to our whole class for achieving the award for Class Of The Week! They were awarded this for coping so well with their first week in school and for their brilliant behaviour and attitude to learning both in their classroom and throughout the school, during lunchtime and assemblies. Keep up the hard work reception - we are very proud of you all!!

Goodbye and good luck to Mrs Abbott-Lewin in her new school - we will miss you!


Goodbye and good luck to all our class as they move to Y1 - you will all be amazing!


Have a lovely summer break everyone.

Summer Term 1


It has been so exciting preparing for the Queens Jubilee and the children showed a real interest in the Royal Family and upcoming celebrations which incited lots of curiosity and questions and provided opportunities for lots of lovely conversations, as well as engagement with technology and literacy to find the answers. The children especially loved the 'Queens Tea Party' role play area and spent long periods of time, engaged in imaginary play with their friends, dressed up as different characters within their own Royal Families. 

The Jubilee Picnic was a huge success and all the reception children had lots of fun getting involved in the themed activities, as well as joining the entire school for a picnic party on the field - even a bit of rain didn't dampen their enthusiasm!

All Creatures Great and Small continued...

The children have continued to enjoy investigating the theme this term and have engaged with more books linking to All Creatures Great and Small, enjoying fiction books such as Superworm, as well as finding facts within non-fiction books, learning about farm animals, jungle animals, sea creatures and many more. We have linked this to include various different activities such as making wiggly worms, using tweezers in mud to pull up pasta worms or finger-painting bugs, in order to support skills such as fine motor development, exploring texture and senses, encouraging and extending communication and language and negotiating with friends - most of all, the children have just had lots of fun, showing engagement and curiosity within the theme.


The children have all showed some great understanding within activities linked to odd and even numbers. They have grouped numerals, people, objects and maths resources in order to show ability in recognising an odd number from an even number and have used some lovely language to explain their reasoning behind their decisions and how they worked out an answer. 


Well done to Ella, our Star of the Week and a big 'Well Done' to the whole class on achieving Mrs Johnson's Class of the Week this term too!

All creatures great and small

We have had a busy start to our new term and the children have been working really hard, they have enjoyed exploring books linked to our theme such as 'The Ugly Five' and 'Handa's Surprise' and they have completed lots of stick jobs and activities linking to these, such as fruit tasting, retelling the stories using props, making fruits and baskets using playdough, and using the computer and games to investigate African animals to name just a few! We have lots more exciting activities to complete throughout this half-term and look forward to sharing these with you over the next few weeks.


The children are really enjoying different opportunities to practice their reading and writing and are working hard on recognising sounds and blending sounds to form words and sentences. They are often independently attempting to write sentences both linked to our themes and activities, as well as creating notes, lists, cards and letters for their friends and families. In addition, they are very engaged with the adult-led literacy activities and have produced some brilliant sentences describing different creatures, fruits, characters etc. Each week the children complete an 'independent write' activity and are showing brilliant progression as well as producing some impressive sentences using their own phonetical knowledge.  


Last week the children learnt about doubling numbers to find the total and had lots of fun playing games on the interactive whiteboard and completing doubling activities using resources such as snap cubes and numicon. This week, the children have recapped on their knowledge of 3D shapes and have really impressed the teachers with their understanding and work! They have compared 3D shapes to objects in their environment and have hunted for shapes in the garden and in the classroom, enjoying working together as a team to group them. 

Reading Buddies

Reading Buddies returned this week, much to the excitement of the children in our class! As it was a lovely warm and sunny day, we took the opportunity to sit in the garden and the children read to their buddy and chatted with them about the book and the characters within the story.


In PE, the children have been practicing running, jogging, racing, negotiating space, changing direction, listening to instructions and managing risk. They have played games such as cat and mouse and have copied different types of movements through mirroring or being given instructions by their peers or teacher. 

This week we used the field to practice races in teams and the children enjoyed the competition, cheering on their team members and encouraging their friends! 

We have also completed a timed lap of the field as an introduction to the daily mile challenge, which is completed in older classes. We hope to continue this on a regular basis and record changes and improvements on the children's times to complete their lap. 


A huge 'well done' to Mila-Lily on achieving her Mini-Crusader badge last week! You should be very proud of yourself, as we are all very proud of you!


Also, a big 'well done' to Zafirah and Grayson for their Star of the Week awards, as well as all the children managing to reach the pot of gold each day. Keep it up Reception Class! 

Spring Term 2 

Through The Secret Garden

The children in Reception have been really busy this half term, exploring our theme of 'Through The Secret Garden'. They have been noticing the changes in our own school garden as the seasons change, such as new flowers growing, changes in the weather, different temperatures and even enjoyed playing in the snow!

The children have also planted their own beans and are very excited to watch them grow, they have taken really good care of them, made sure that they get water and sunshine and have found different ways to measure and compare them all. They have extended this process and applied it with other flowers outside, enjoying using the rulers to measure and record growth, using lovely mathematical language such as taller, smaller, shorter, centimetres etc.

The children have also been hunting for bugs and have had lots of really lovely conversations about the ways that we can help the creatures in our environment, along with other living things such as people that are special to us or animals and plants. 


We have been really enjoying reading lots of both new and familiar books such as 'The Hungry Caterpillar', 'Five Minutes Peace' and 'The King of Tiny Things'. The children have worked really hard writing sentences and using their phonetical knowledge to recall information about the stories and the characters in the books. 

Each book has been linked to lots of different types of activities in the classroom and the children have worked hard to complete their stick jobs each week, having lots of fun making cheerio wiggly worms, playdough minibeasts, butterfly paintings, creating number sentences, and making care packages for the people that are special to them, to name just a few!

They have watched videos and used technology and books to find out different facts relating to our theme or focus book, including understanding the life cycle of a butterfly, exploring different mini beasts and thinking of questions in order to find out the answer using available resources. 


During PE, the children have either been working on their own or in teams to control a ball in different ways - they have been very skilled at this and have really impressed the teachers, showing great control. They have listened to instruction and followed direction to complete the different types of movements asked of them but most of all they have had lots of fun, scoring goals, defending, moving in different ways, throwing, catching, rolling, kicking and bouncing balls to each other!

Comic Relief

The children all looked amazing for our Hero theme for Comic Relief, there were so many brilliant costumes and we had a really fun day (and raised lots of money too!)

Reading Buddies

We are really happy in Reception to welcome back our reading buddies and the children have been very excited to pair up with a 'buddy' every Thursday and read a story to them. The older children in school are doing a brilliant job, listening and helping the children in our class to enjoy their stories and the reception children love to read to their buddies!

School Council

The children all voted for two FS2 school council representatives, they used blocks to visually represent their vote and the two children with the most votes (blocks) were selected. The class all talked about the types of ideas or choices that the school council representatives could take to the meetings and we are in the process of making an ideas board to jot down the children's ideas as they arise. If your child has any ideas that they discuss with you at home, please feel free to encourage them to share this with the class and their school council representatives. 

Autumn Term 

Our first week in Reception has been a busy one! We've been settling in to a new routine and getting used to being at school all day. The children are adjusting to the new classroom and routines well and have been enjoying our activities. 


This half term, our theme is Magical Me! We are thinking about ourselves - how we are all special and unique in our own ways. Will we learn about choices, kindness, our bodies and what makes us, us! We have already read the story of Elmer the Elephant who didn't always enjoy being different, however his friends showed him just how special he was to them and Elmer began to appreciate that being different and being yourself is great! We are now reading The Rainbow Fish and discussing how our words and choices make others feel. We have been drawing self-portraits, writing labels, re-telling stories and enjoying lots of different activities. 


We have begun our daily maths and phonics sessions too. Your child will soon be given a home/school diary, some phonics sounds to practice at home and a book to share. Please aim to read with your child at least 3 times per week. 


Notice: Please be reminded that children do not need to bring their water bottles into school. Thank you. 

Reception 2020-2021

Welcome to our page!

End of Spring Term

We have had a fun last day today and been baking and eating egg and milk free banana chocolate brownies! As you can see from our photos we loved making them and most definitely enjoyed eating them cheeky


Home Learning

1st March 2021

Through The Garden

The Tiger Who Came To Tea

Home Learning

22nd February 2021

Through the Garden

Tadpoles Promise



Rihanna-Mae has worked so so hard with her letter formation throughout homeschooling. Her perserverance has been nothing but amazing and we are definitely seeing progression and can't wait to see it in school. Well Done Rihanna-Mae!!

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel and we are counting down the days until we are together in the classroom again!! Thank you for trying hard again this week. Keep going just 1 more week to go!! laugh

Home Learning

8th February 2021

Space Continued and Adding 1 and 2 more to a number....



Clara has consistently worked hard throughout the whole of home schooling. We know Clara really doesn't enjoy writing but her hardwork (and mummys) shows week in, week out and we have loved seeing your writing this week as well as all the other amazing things you get up to. 

Great effort once again everyone. We really hope we can be back at school soon. Keep going you're all doing great. 

Home Learning

1st February 2021

Space and 2D Shapes Continued....



Your determination to learn in your phonics is shining through your writing. Well done Amelia.

Look at all this super work we have had sent in this week. Take a loom at what your friends have been doing at home. 

Home Learning

25th January 2021

How to Catch A Star



Ravan and Pippa

Your consistency with home learning and willingness to learn in and out of school impresses us every week. Well done, we are so proud of you.

Pippa's home learning as been just as fabulous, and even better spelling whilst riding a pony, you are so talented Pippa. Great Job. 

20210128_154538 (1).mp4

Still image for this video

Once again we have received some amazing work from you all. Take a look at the pictures of your friends below. The progress we are seeing in Maths and Phonics is amazing. Don't forget to access Oxford Reading Owl to practice your reading too. We have seen a lot of you have been accessing this webiste already. Keep up the great work Reception. An to your parents too, you are all stars in our eyes.

Home Learning

18th January 2021

Neil Armstrong



Your improvement with your handwriting has completley blown us away. Well done.

Wow. You have all worked so hard this week. You have sent us so much work and we are so proud of you all and your parents. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed to help your children with home learning. 


Here is a snippet of a few things you have all been doing.

Our Story Map of Goodnight Spaceman.

Today in class we have been to the Dough Disco. Check out the link below to have a go at home. I have also added a recipe to make your own play-dough too. Play dough is great to strengthen little fingers which will help with pencil grip and control. 

In class today we have played shops, just like you at home. Here is a game we found you might like to play. Follow the link below, and look at the photos of the fun we have had. Send your shops to Miss Harrison. We would love to see what you have been selling and buying.

Home Learning

11th January 2021

Whatever Next



You are so eager to learn and we love it. Your writing this week has been fabulous. Well done.

We are so proud of this weeks efforts. We have received soooo much work its been very difficult to choose photo's. Your adults should all be very proud of themselves as well as you too. We know Home Schooling is not easy, but you've all done AMAZING!! 

Home Learning

4th January 2021

Whatever Next



Your effort and attitude to home learning has really impressed us. Well done.


Well done everyone. We have enjoyed looking at all your work, here's a few things so you can see what your friends have been up to as well.

Pantomime The Annual Royal Ball

Still image for this video


We have had a busy few weeks in Reception.

In Maths we have been learning about length, height and 3D shapes. 

Literacy we have been reading the stories, a Tale of the Atwood Feathers, The Stickman and The Gruffalo’s Child. Ask your child who the Author of The Stickman and The Gruffalo’s Child is? We have been learning how to make story maps and making our own. We have been segmenting words using our Fred fingers and some of us have been writing our own labels and captions. 

We have also enjoyed strengthening our fingers playing games to develop our fine motor skills.

This week we have been getting excited for Christmas in our home corner making Christmas dinner and building toys in Santa’s Workshop.....we have also been getting ready for some Christmas Surprises for all you Adults at home. Shhhhh!

Dinner Menu 

Autumn 2020

Check out the menu below for full details of meals. Please use the School Money Website for the simple version, Jacket Potato option and to choose your child's meal. Alternatively your child can make their own choice during the morning registration. 



This week we have been learning about Diwali.

We know that Diwali is the festival of light and people celebrate it in many ways.

This week we have made our own Diya lamps using salt dough, created our own Rangoli patterns and designed Mehndi.

In P.E we performed our own Bollywood Dance!

Please click on the link below to watch our performance.


Bollywood Dance for Diwali - Autumn 2020

Still image for this video

Remembrance Day



We remembered soldiers of past and present today via a teams assembly with Karen Bradley and the rest of the school.




We have had a busy first week back, making Poppies for our beautiful whole school display outside our building, for Rememberance Day, please take a look when you come to school. We used potatoes to print them and then cut them out independently too. We have all been working on our Number Bonds, adding 2 numbers together especially number bonds to 5. We have also been ordering our numbers to 10 and practicing our pencil control.

In literacy some of us have been finding the initial sounds of words, others writing CVC words and some writing captions. We have all been amazing and worked really hard.  We have been discussing Bonfire Night and made some fantastic rockets for a class display.  In P.E we were transported to the jungle where we experimented in different movements as we were all suddenly Dinosaurs, stomping, running and flying around.

Halloween Dress Up Day






This weeks theme... Halloween


The children have been super excited for learning today with our new spooky theme! They have made and had a go at writing their own potions, made skeletons using cotton buds, counted Halloween pictures when playing I spy and made spiders with play dough.



Stars of the Week.


Well done to Ivy and Georgie for being our Stars this week. 



In P.E today we did Sticky Kids, using our bodies to make different shapes and movements. We had to listen carefully the music to know what we had to do. We got really hot and sweaty because we worked hard. 



Still image for this video

We are back!



Still image for this video



Todays sound is e.

Get your sound cards and pencil and paper ready.

Download the document or follow the images uploaded.

Children's work and activities done at home.


Great Job Everyone. Have a great last day of home learning and we will see you all in school tomorrow.




Pippa has been learning lots of words to write whilst being at home, even her horses name, Magic. :) 
We love Pola's bunchem Rainbow.
Rueben's used cheerio's to help with his counting and he also sent us a video of him ordering household objects in size order. Great effort Rueben.
Ivy has been super helpful and helped crack the eggs for her lunch, we can see Ivy has had lots of fun whilst learning at home. Well done.
Well done Amelia, we love that you have been using sound cards to make words.



Todays sound is f.

Get your sound cards and pencil and paper ready.

Download the document or follow the images uploaded.

Children's work and activities done at home.


We are so proud of you all Reception.

We couldn't choose 1 Star Home Learner this week as we were so impressed with the amount of you have been working hard at home. All children who have sent us some work/photos in should have received a certificate via email. Well done everyone we look forward to seeing more work over the next 2 days.


Izabella has done the phonics session today.
Well done Georgie, you are trying so hard with your writing. 



Todays sound is l.

Get your sound cards and pencil and paper ready.

Download the document or follow the images uploaded.

Children's work and activities done at home.


We are so proud of you all Reception. Its lovely to see all of your photos. 

Thank you parents/carers we know homeschooling is not an easy task but we appreciate your time and effort to inform us of what you and your child have been doing. If for any reason you are struggling to access any home learning please let us know so we can support you where possible.

Have another great day of fun and learning. We look forward to seeing what you have been up to.

Look at Clara's homemade playdough. The tea party looks great too. 
We love Esmee's box pumpkin and playdough person, very creative. :)
Beautiful photos of Georgie enjoying home learning. I can't wait to hear the story, The Haircut Georgie.
Ivy's been working so hard she needed to have a nice relaxing, pampered break and close her eyes. Keep up the good work Ivy.
Izabella has also been doing some counting with pasta and writing lots of words using her sounds. 
Pippa has been enjoying the Daily Phonics Activity and watching lots of alphablocks and numberblocks.
Pola has been enjoying accessing the websites in the home learning pack, and reading and looking at books on Oxford Reading Owl too. Well done Pola.
Great learning from Ravan again. Super number ordering and writing.
We are really impressed with Rihanna-Mae's progress with her name, writing all the letters side by side. Great Job!! yes
Rueben has sent us some videos as well as pictures. Take a look at his great sound work. I'm so pleased he knows d as he sometimes muddles it with b, like a lot of you. Well done, Rueben.

Still image for this video
Look how busy Tejveer has been. Lots of sound work, reading and even adding numbers. Well done Tejveer. 



Todays sound is b.

Get your sound cards and pencil and paper ready.

Download the document or follow the images uploaded.

Children's work and activities done at home.


We are so proud of you all Reception. Shall i tell you all something funny....I (Miss Hudson) am working from home wearing my pyjamas too.laugh It is soooo comfortable, but seeing your fantastic photos keeps me awake.

Have another great day of fun and learning. I cant wait to see more photos later to share with Miss Harrison and Mrs Bonsall.


Lots of reading and matching done by Rueben and also ordering numbers too. Brilliant Rueben.
Ravan has been doing phonics and ordering numbers with her Mummy. She is going to have a go at one more and one less than a number. I wonder if anyone else can do this too? Well done Ravan.
I cant wait to hear how the Monkey and Gorilla get the fruit when we are back at school Ellie. What beautiful colouring and choice of outfit too. 
Izabella is working hard with the phonics sessions, writing the sounds and doing the Fred Talk too. She will be a super reader in no time. Fun dancing with her sister too. Well Done Izabella.
Rhianna-Mae has been counting her blocks and grouping them in colours and using her sounds to make words. Fantastic activities and you look like you're having fun.

That looks a great book Amelia. We can see you have been using your sound buttons to help with your reading. Great Work.

Amelia-Lilly has been so busy and working hard with her letter formation. We love that you have used flour, we love to be messy in Reception. Well done.

Important Information


Please make yourself familiar with our Curriculum by going on the Key Information tab, then curriculum. Ours is under Early Years, Foundation Stage. There are lots of tips on there as well as introducing you to this years curriculum that will help you whilst at home.


Please keep sending us photographs of any activities you have been doing at home and any work your child may have completed. We would like these daily. If for any reason your child is not accessing the home learning pack or other learning based activities then please let us know so we can support you as much as we can.


Thank you to those who have already sent us updates and spoken to Mrs Bonsall today. We hope you are all keeping safe and well.


Thank You for your continued support. FS2 Team.



Childrens work and activities done at home.



Although we have no pictures we have heard that Pippa has been enjoying watching numberblocks, doing the daily phonics sessions and writing lots of words and sounds. Fantastic Pippa. Well done. 
Rueben has been working hard with both his Numeracy and Phonics at home. We love that you have been using pasta to help with your counting and adding Rueben. We are so proud of you.
Ravan has been doing lots of writing, which we know she loves to do in school too. Keep up the great work Ravan. Superstar.
Izabella clearly loves to read and has been sharing her stories with her baby sister too. She has been baking with her big sister and getting creative as well as doing some worksheets. Great Job Izabella.
Ivy has been getting busy by doing treasure hunts for the Phonics Sounds each day and keeps trying even though its not very easy. We love the effort you have continued to put in Ivy. You have clearly been having lots of fun whilst learning. Well Done Ivy, give yourself a pat on the back.

Look at Georgie's sounds and words she's had a go at writing. She has also been helping Fred the Frog blend his words each day too. Well Done Georgie, we are so proud of you.

This book looks great that Esmee has been doing. Her Mum also told us she has been playing eye spy as well as reading and practicing her sounds too. Kepp up the hard work Esmee.



Todays sound is u.

Get your sound cards and pencil and paper ready.

Download the document or follow the images uploaded.



Todays sound is k.

Get your sound cards and pencil and paper ready.

Download the document or follow the images uploaded.



Todays sound is c.

Get your sound cards and pencil and paper ready.

Download the document or follow the images uploaded.




Todays sound is o.

I have uploaded a guide as a document below or images. If you have any trouble accessing these please email Miss Hudson or Mrs Bonsall. You will not need to print these, but have your sound cards and a pencil and paper ready.


Keep scrolling for some videos that will help.


Remember any activities you do, we would love to see so send us pictures via email and we will upload them onto here. 


Have fun.

Home Learning


During homeschooling please make reference to this page on the website.


Here you will find information about our curriculum. Useful tips and online games and resources.

Below is a video showing you how to support your child with blending in phonics. Use your sound cards in your reading pack to support your child with this each day. We will upload a new sound daily for you to teach your child. They may already have this in their set. If not you can make them one at home. Remember all the sounds and rhymes are in the back of their Home School Diary. We have already taught m,a,s,t,d and i,n,p,g. It is good practice to write the sound as well as say and recognise it too. 

Teaching your child to blend/read in phonics.

Still image for this video

Pinchy Parrot Pencil Grip

Remember to always remind your child to hold their pencil using the Pinch Parrot when writing.

Please find below a link to our Home Learning Pack below. Take Care laugh

Our First Day in Reception

Our first morning in Reception class! We started our day with wake and shake (we used gonoodle and chose Boom Chicka Boom if you would like to try this at home). We have enjoyed using the powder paint independently and some of us have been practising writing our names! Miss Harrison and Miss Hudson are very happy to see that all the children have settled in really well and we all have big smiles on our faces!

Class of 2020!

Reception 2019-2020

Welcome to our page!

Great under the sea picture Logan. 

Taine has made a fabulous cake for his big brother birthday. How old do you think he is? Yummy!!

Rainbow Stars of the week this week goes to.........Tiger-Rose and Tejveer for a great home learning journey, Well done!

Aaron has been practising writing and ordering numbers. Great work Aaron.

Daniel has been working hard on his home learning pack. 

Tiana has drew a treasure map and some under the sea creatures this week.

Tejveer making a mask and doing a science experiment with skittles. What a beautiful rainbow.

Fabulous Pirate Ship and hat Captain Nellie! ARGHH!!

A bit of bedtime reading and IT from Florence this week. I wonder what shes making on her computer game?

Taine had  a transport shop this week and was selling his parents different vehicles. He was using money and writing number sentences to work out how much they had to pay for their purchases. What a great game and lots of maths involved as well as having fun.

Logan has been working through a learning booklet at home.

Adanya has enjoyed making a message in a bottle and papper mache balloons. Although her mummy did confess having much more fun with it :)


Princess Skyla has been busy doing her homeschool work. 

Rainbow Star of the week goes to................George. Well Done George for your continued efforts at home throughout the whole of the home learning journey.


Big shout out to Nellie. Not only is she attending school, but shes also working hard at home too. Great effort Nellie, well done.

More colourful under the sea pictures from George. We love the Mermaid.

Fabulous balancing during yoga Pirate Jack. Great sums too.

So pleased Gary is still continuing to do his school work even if it does take a bit of encouragement. Keep it up Gary Well done, we love to see your smile.

Florence has turned into a handywoman. Great work Florence. I wonder how high she can bounce on the trampoline?

What a creative, different way of making an under the sea picture. Well done Adanya.

Very colourful under the sea pictures done by Daniel. How many colours can you see on Daniels fish?

What an amazing ship by Tiger-Rose, we are so impressed with this. Must have taken some hard work and a long time to make.

Logan has some interesting facts about Jupiter in the video below. He has also been doing dome homegrown vegetables....yummy!!


Still image for this video

Wow Taine has been such a busy bee. Great Job.!!

Tianas writing has amazed us. I wonder who will find the message in a bottle and go on a quest to save Tiana and her Mummy?

Sponge painted boat by Aaron, Its fantastic.

Stars of the week this week are.............Daniel and Gary. Well done boys keep up the good work.

It’s cucumber time for Bolt, Sonic and Tails!


Still image for this video

Hello everyone

Thank you again for all the lovely photos you have sent in showing us your hard work. It's lovely to see so many of you getting into our pirate theme along with all the other wonderful things you are doing. Keep up the hard work smiley

Taine has been enjoying our pirate theme. He's been busy with writing and maths, plus he's been doing phonics with Rosie on You Tube.
Nellie has been busy researching pirates, drawing a pirate ship, practising doubles in maths and sounding out words when she writes them to help with her spelling.
All the hard work she's been doing and poor Nellie; or should I say 'Pirate Tall Pearl Beard' has been made to walk the plank........ 
Logan has been doing some science this week.
Liam has been practising some other skills too...... lego building, painting, baking cookies and using tools to build a bed.
Liam has been busy writing and doing maths.
Jack has been busy getting into our pirate topic.
George has been busy in the garden and doing some pirate activities.
'Captain Flossel' being made to walk the plank.

Still image for this video
Florence has been busy with her reading, maths, writing and pirate activities.
Daniel has been busy doing lots of activities at home........phonics, writing, money and craft.
Adanya has been house building with her dad.
Meet 'Captain Adanya Sparrow'
Aaron has been busy this week making pirate hooks and using tea bags to make his treasure map.

Our Star of The Week for this week is...




We have chosen Aaron this week, as he is always busy keeping up with his home learning.

During our 'Pirate themed home learning' Aaron has made his own treasure map using tea bag staining, pirate hooks and been very busy completeing his work pack.


Well done Aaron, keep up your hardwork!


Love Miss Harrison, Miss Hudson, Mrs Wilkinson and Mrs Clayton



Our Star of The Week for this week is...



Skyla you have impressed me with all of the practical learning you have been doing this week! I love the painting you have been doing with Mummy, especially the NHS pebble. You have also been busy making your own pizzas, which looked delicious. I can't wait to see what you get up to next week, thank you for your emails smiley

Oliver, I have really enjoyed looking at the photographs and videos you have been uploading. You are such a caring and helpful big brother to Georgina which is lovely to see. It looks like you have learned lots of facts about dinosaurs too, I can't wait to see what else is inside your red book when we return to school! laugh 


Thank you for making me smile this week, we are all so proud of you both!


Love Miss Harrison, Miss Hudson, Mrs Wilkinson and Mrs Clayton


Here is a video of Bolt, Sonic and Tails eating their weekly fish flakes.

It is their favourite part of their week after bath time.

As you can see the babies are growing very quickly, but they still look tiny compared to Bolt.

I wonder if any of you could have a go at painting or drawing our pet Giant African Land Snails, or maybe even research GALS?



Snail video 4th

Still image for this video

Here are a few ideas for you Pirates to be doing at home.


Arghhh! Shiver me timbers!!

Hello Reception!

Thank you for your photos this week, we have a new face.

Your friend Skyla has been having lots of fun at home, making pizza and doing some painting. Its great to see her beautiful smile.

Logans not so keen on doing the work booklets, but that's fine because he's doing lots of learning other ways. Its great to see him using Purple Mash. We all like to learn different ways.

Nellie has enjoyed her look, cover and write sheets for sentence writing and even did some quick math sums at snack time with her grapes.

Adanya has been a scienstist this week and experimented making her own crystals...we love the goggles Adanya.

Florence has been learning about space....did anyone see SpaceX Launch on Saturday? Miss Hudson and her children stayed up lat, got wrapped up in blankets on the garden and spotted it going over Shirebrook. Let us know if you saw it too.

Tiana didn't want to do Maths this week, so her Mummy made her a Treasure Chest and she enjoyed doing it using that. Great idea Tiana's Mum. She has also been looking a differences in homes and countries. She is able to see the differences her Mum had as a child growing up in a different country to Tiana's childhood here in England.

Taine made a obstacle challenge for him and his mum. He took 17 seconds to complete and his mum took 25. Taine made it harder by putting lava in the middle made out of blanket which his mum had to jump over. 


We have seen so may different activities this week, what a great start to the Summer Term. Maths, Literacy, Science, Understanding of the World, Creative, ICT and PE. Keep up the great work. I think us Teachers and Teaching Assistants need to look out for your adults taking our jobs.wink