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Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)

Personal, Social and Health Education.

From September 2021, at Anthony Bek we have been following the KAPOW scheme of work for PSHE. The curriculum is based around 5 main themes which all year groups from Year 1 - Year 6 take part in each week. These themes are:

  • Families and Relationships
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Safety and the Changing Body
  • Citizenship
  • Economic Wellbeing

There is also an additional transition topic to prepare the children for their next steps in the education.


    The INTENT of our PSHE curriculum is to build confident individuals and active members of society, who make informed choices now and in the future around their health, safety, wellbeing, relationships and financial matters. It also develops the 4 core British values of democracy, rule of law, respect and tolerance, and individual liberty, all of which will allow our children to contribute to society and achieve high aspirations.


    Our curriculum IMPLEMENTATION has been carefully considered to allow the children to revise and revisit the same areas of learning each year. The lessons are based on the statutory requirements but also develop the DfE recommendations. A range of teaching and learning activities are used to ensure all children can access learning and make good progress. Each unit includes an introductory lesson which sets the ground rules for the follow up lessons, thus creating a safe environment. All lessons are differentiated to stretch the more able as well as providing support to those who may need it. We aim to make the learning journey as real as possible by using real life scenarios, stories and video clips alongside current topics in a safe and structured way. Role play allows the children to explore situations they may find themselves in, in the future.

    There are many meaningful opportunities for cross - curricular learning, and the long term plan reflects this, linking to Science and Online Safety in particular. 


    The curriculum encourages children to develop the following values which underpin our school vision of creating lifelong learners with high aspirations, :

    • Valuing families and different family structures
    • Creating and maintaining positive friendships 
    • Developing safe and respectful relationships
    • Understanding the changes which take place during puberty
    • Promoting good health and carrying out first aid
    • Learning to make independent choices and not to be influenced by others
    • Operating safely in a digital world



    The following documents show the progression between each year group and what they will be covering in each module.


    To assess the IMPACT of our curriculum, we include assessment tasks throughout the topics in all year groups. By using knowledge catchers, we are able to measure progress from the beginning of the unit to the end of the unit and highlight any areas which may require further development therefore informing planning for future PSHE lessons or incidental learning opportunities. 


    Children who have accessed the full scheme will have met the objectives set out within the statutory guidance and can utilise their learning in their daily lives, from dealing with friendship issues to resilience to making healthy choices and knowing where to get help when needed.


    There may be times throughout the week, term or year when issues arise which need addressing in class through our PSHE lessons. Teachers at Anthony Bek are encouraged to react to news and current affairs or school issues and adapt lessons where necessary.

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