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2019/ 2020

Bek the Bunny is our nursery rabbit and he likes to spend time with everyone. You may even be able to take him home!

Bek the Bunny is our nursery rabbit and he likes to spend time with everyone. You may even be able to take him home! 1
To accompany our Harvest theme, we have been reading the Traditional tale of The Little Red Hen. We made some playdough together and talked about the importance of helping each other and sharing. The children have also been exploring a tough tray to retell the story themselves.
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Thank you all to everyone who came to our Harvest Stay and Play. We had some lovely activities such as face painting, pumpkin and owl pictures, glitter tattoos, biscuit decorating and of course, our wonderful Harvest singing performance!

Week beginning 7th October 2019


This week, we have been on some number hunts. We have been looking in and around the nursery environments and around school too. We have focussed on the numbers 1 and 2 so far and have found them in all sorts of places! Take a look at some of these discoveries!

Week Beginning 30th September 2019.


This week we have been reading the book - Owl Babies by Martin Waddell. We have been thinking about ourselves and families and the children have taken an interest in babies and animals. Therefore, we thought we would read a book which tells the story of 3 baby owls who thought they were lost and had been left by their mother. It all ends with a happy ending when Mummy Owl returns to her 3 Owl Babies. We have been talking about adult animals and their babies such as elephants and penguins too. We have learnt some new animals baby names. Ask your child if they can remember any.


We have also been having a go a 'transient art'. We used the materials that had been mentioned in the Owl Babies book such as feathers and twigs plus a few others such as pine cones and corks. With these different materials, we laid them out in the frames and created pictures. We also talked about the non-permanence of the pictures and how we could take it all apart and start again  if we wanted to.

This week in Wellie Wednesday, Mummy bear went out searching for Baby Bear! She searched high and low and she even took a bag with her for the long journey. In her bag she had a telescope, a banana, a drink, a blanket, a toy and a phone. Why do you think she would have taken all those things? (25.9.19)

Funnybones by Janet and Allan Ahlberg

Funnybones by Janet and Allan Ahlberg 1

Week beginning 23rd September 2019

This week we have been thinking about our bodies and our skeletons. We have tried moving them in different ways whilst playing outside and doing P.E. We have also tried making our own skeletons using white art straws. We have so many bones in our body that it was tricky to stick them all on!


Our story this week has been Funnybones by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. The children have been joining in with the repeated refrains and have enjoyed singing the Skeleton dance song at the end of the day. 

We are currently thinking about ourselves and our families. The children have loved looking at our family display which shows family photos. They have also been painting and drawing pictures of themselves by experimenting with marks. 

Week beginning  - 16th September 2019

This week we have been into our school hall to develop our gross motor skills. We experimented with different animal movements such as walking tall like a giraffe, jumping like a frog and running like a cheetah. 

As always, we followed the children's interests and they decided they would like to make some jelly. We talked about how we might do it first. Then we opened a packet and began to tear the cubes apart. The children used vocabulary such as slimy, soft, smooth, sticky, squashy and slippery to describe its texture. We then thought about keeping ourselves safe when using different appliances such as the kettle. The next day, once the jelly had set, some of the children tried the jelly and it was delicious!

Wellie Wednesday

We have started Wellie Wednesday with Miss Leverton and Miss Monks. This week the children found lots of different coloured things in the environment to attach to our colour wheels. We have displayed them in nursery - come in and take a look!

Week beginning - 9th September 2019

We started our first week by welcoming our new children to Anthony Bek nursery. They all settled in beautifully and have been super busy exploring our environments and developing their interests. Take a look at some of our photos.

Take a look at our Big Picture to find out what our topic is and how we will be exploring it over this half term. The theme is 'Magical Me' and we will begin by thinking about ourselves and our families.