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Here is our Artist display board, showcasing the creative activities that took place during our Through the Secret Garden topic.

Happy Easter!

Our story this week is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We read through the story and talk about ALL the foods the caterpillar eats! We look at photographs of different fruit and vegetables growing and try to guess which ones they are. Using reels we attempt to create repeating pattern caterpillars with light and dark green paints. In Phonics we are still working on hearing initial sounds within words and some children are beginning to write the letter sound during our activities. One of our favourite activities this week was using the special metallic paints to create a beautiful butterfly. These were done in pairs, one of us doing one side and our friend doing the same on their side to make is symmetrical. We also introduced our Tree of Kindess this week, each time one of us does something kind it will be written onto a leaf and hung on our tree!

We continue to look after our sunflowers, giving them water daily and checking to see that they are growing. We have also been practicing our one-to-one counting by matching the correct amount of petals to the number on the bud. During our Wellie Wednesday session, we wanted our new bird box putting up somewhere high so that the birds would feel safe to come and visit. With a little help from the grown up, Willow wrote a letter to Mr Davies our caretaker. Miss Hewitt left it on his board for him and the next day he came to ask where we would like it. Willow went up to the field with Mr Davies and Mrs Clayton to show him where we would like it fitting. We've also plated some herbs in recycled milk cartons and hung them in our herb garden outside. Hopefully we can use some in our cooking when they have grown!

We planted sunflowers this week and talked about what they would need to grow. We looked too at the lifecycle of a sunflower, so that we know what will happen to it if we look after it. We made flowers to go into our role play Garden Centre using pipe cleaners and buttons as well as creating our own sunflowers by tearing tissue paper. In our Mathematics sessions we used cubes to measure the different height beanstalks and then write the number at the bottom of the page.

This half term our topic is Through the Secret Garden in which we will be learning about how plants and flowers grow, what kind of flowers you might find in your garden, what foods can you grow etc. This week we begin by reading the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We recall the main events and characters of the story, thinking about their choices - were they good or bad? We look at their emotions at different points of the story and think about ourselves and our choices - would you climb a beanstalk if you found one in your garden? We drew character descriptions, colour mixed to make different shades of green leaves, and explored the puppets in the small world area. We had a new sand pit for outside this week too and our new sand was delivered, however, it was left at the bottom of the hill! We had to figure out how to get it up the hill and into the sand pit? It took a lot of heavy lifting and team work!

Pancake Day! We talked about the ingredients used to make pancakes and tried a variety of toppings. We then had a vote to decide which was our favourite.

This week we read 'Aliens Love Underpants' - it was very funny! We looked at the different patterns from the book and tried to design our own underpants. We continued with the Space theme when practicing our one-to-one counting skills and wrote lists of what we think we might find in space. We also watched a clip of an astronaut in the Space Station and learnt about how they live up there. We learnt about the different shapes stars can make and that these are called Constellations - can you see the ones we made ourselves? For our home learning challenge we created fantastic rockets with our grown ups, but the aliens came to pinch them! Thank goodness we cut the tape and rescued them.

After learning of different countries on Planet Earth, we read 'Whatever Next' and imagined shooting into space and thinking about what we might find. Our role play areas changed into the Space station and we explored moon dust in our small world area. In PE we learnt how to create new stretches, this week we tried the Straight, Pike, Star and Tuck. We also celebrated Valentines Day, lots of discussion was had about the people we love, why we love them, what they do for us, what can we do for them.

Chinese New Year - we linked this in to learning about different countries on our planet and looked at them both on maps and on a globe. To celebrate Chinese New Year we looked at their country's flag, read The Great Race story and talked about the different animals, made lucky envelopes, explored noodles and Chinese tea in our water tray, created a Chinese restaurant and tasted Chinese food!

This week we used Google Maps to find a photograph of our homes and painted a representation of them, thinking carefully about which shapes/colours we would need. We continued our hunt for shapes and made up games outside with a grown up and then carried it on ourselves. During our Wellie Wednesday sessions we watched a clip of birds eating from different places or containers and decided to make our own bird table using the logs that we have. They were a bit heavy to lift so we had to work together!

Our topic this half term is Earth and Beyond! We start off by looking at different types of houses, reading the story of The Three Little Pigs. We create a large straw, stick and brick house, colour mix to make pink pigs and recall the story. We are also learning about shapes - their names, how many sides/corners they have, and hunting for them in our environment. In PE we are practicing rolling, this week doing a log roll, trying to keep as straight as possible.

Christmas is coming! On the run up to our Christmas holiday we were VERY busy! We first learnt about the Christmas story and worked together in pairs to recall the main events. We continued to develop our mark making skills and wrote inside our Christmas cards. To make calendars this year, we rolled marbles through paint to create patterns - we watched how the colours mixed as we rolled the marbles in different directions. We practiced dressing us and learning songs for our Nativity performance, as well as creating our own performances on our 'stage' in the classroom. There were a variety of activities to take part in over this period; split pins, threading, salt dough decorations, playdough, and much more! At the end of term we had a Christmas party - eating party food and dancing. Merry Christmas everyone!

Our Autumn Display, celebrating the children's learning.

World Nursery Rhyme Week! This week we celebrated the importance of nursery rhymes. They are integral to support in the development of your child's speech, understanding of rhythm and rhyme, understanding of action words, contextual phrases etc "Experts in literacy and child development have discovered that if children know eight nursery rhymes by heart by the time they're four years old, they're usually among the best readers by the time they're eight". - Mem Fox, Reading Magic. This week we focused on a different rhyme each day - see if your child can sing them to you! Down In The Jungle, Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, Incy Wincy Spider, Sleeping Bunnies and Wind the Bobbin Up.

This week we learnt about how we celebrate birthdays!

We wrote party invitations, lists of party foods, wrapped presents, and learnt how to bake a cake. We continued to practice our counting skills in Mathematics and our jumping skills in PE - both from standing and from height. 
At the end of the week we had our own party. We ate the yummy cake that we had made, played party games, danced to music and had a great time!

Diwali - When learning about Diwali, we read the story of Rama and Sita and then created our own Diva lamps. We moulded them into the correct shape, marked them with tools and then decorated them. We also learnt about Rangoli patterns, we practiced making our own with chalk outside. At the end of the week, we tasted some Indian food, lit our lamps and listened to some Diwali inspired music.

Our second half term topic is Awe and Wonder - within this topic we cover many celebrations. The first one we learnt about was Bonfire Night; the children talked about their own experiences, we created bonfire collages, made tube fireworks and chocolate 'sprinklers' to eat and much more! Our construction area was transformed into a Bonfire Night role play. The children took on roles or selling/buying foods and hot drinks and then being spectators to the firework show.

Our last couple of weeks of the first half term were lots of fun! We looked at the changes that happen during the Autumn season and celebrated Halloween too. What a great way to end our first half term :)

Last week we focused on the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We used the story to talk about safety and should we talk to strangers? We wrote 'Get well soon' cards for Grandma, drew a map to Grandma's house and developed our size ordering skills. In Phonics we went on a listening walk, stopping at different points of the school to listen carefully to the noises. During Forest school sessions, we drank hot chocolate, went bug hunting and explored with pumpkin rolling to make patterns on the paper.

We have been very busy this week! We carried on with our story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, recalled the story, drew the characters and ate some porridge! We also practised our one-to-one counting, scissor skills and painting. In our PE session we were developing our balancing skills, look how we held our arms out to help us.

Last week we read the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We painted and collaged different sized bears, explored porridge and practiced our one-to-one counting with compare bears. We also continued with colour mixing and finding out abut each other and our families. During Wellie Wednesday we went bug hunting, climbed trees, fed the birds and had some birthday cake from Miss Hewitt!

In our second week we continued to make new friends and build relationships. We also had our first Wellie Wednesday session, which we all loved!! Other activities included colour matching, creating our face using materials, playdough, moving our bodies in different ways during PE and biscuit faces!

Welcome to Anthony Bek Nursery 


Our first week back has been so much fun! We are getting to know the staff and friends in nursery, as well as exploring our environment, both inside and out. Thank you to those who have sent in family photographs, the children have created frames for them and they will be displayed around the classroom. If you have not sent one in yet please do so by the end of this week, thank you!

Please use the link below to access a video from Miss Hewitt, our new Nursery Teacher. 

Once on the link, click the Nursery folder then click the video file.





























Welcome To Anthony Bek Nursery 


Nursery Home Learning WB 12.07.21

Hi Everyone,

I thought it was time for some more photographs to show you Mum's, Dad's, Grandma's and Grandad's what fun we're having at nursery.  I can't believe just a few weeks ago we were in our wellies and mud suits and 'Poof' shorts and sandals. (not that we're complaining).



We would like to say a very big, massive thankyou to FELL PRO ARBORICULTURE AND FORESTRY SERVICES ( for making us some fantastic benches for our Wellie Wednesday fire circle, we love them as you can see from the photos below.  We sat and ate our ice lollies on them and One of the children had a lay down on them too, we did think she'd fallen asleep.