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Bek the Bunny is our nursery rabbit and he likes to spend time with everyone. You may even be able to take him home!

Bek the Bunny is our nursery rabbit and he likes to spend time with everyone. You may even be able to take him home! 1
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We have had a great first full week back at school so far. We have welcomed some children back to nursery and have also welcomed some brand new children too! Everyone is beginning to settle well and will soon know our routine. This half term, our theme is, 'Awe and Wonder'. We follow the children's interests and learning needs and use them to plan from. Take a look at our 'Big Picture' to read more about all the exciting things we are going to be doing. If you or your children have any special interests or ideas that you would like to share, please don't  hesitate to come in and speak to one of the nursery team. We also have our welcome letter with some handy dates and tips to start off our new school year. (Sept 2018)
In Foundation 1 (Nursery), we promote the development of fine and gross motor skills through many different activites both indoors and outdoors. All of the activities are based around the children's interest and learning needs and ultimately will help them throughout their school career with manipulating objects, creating and building, joinging in with physical activity, writing and many more skills. Some of the activities that we have include threading, using chunky tweezers, air writing with rainbow wands, dancing, yoga, large and small scale painting, playdough, clay, running, jumping... the list goes on. (Sept 2018)

Here is a handy poster which shows the different developmental stages of pencil grip.


Physical Education


We have had a very busy couple of weeks! We have started to visit the school hall on Tuesdays in both the morning and the afternoon for our Physical Education (P.E) sessions. We have been following the 'Cosmic Kids' yoga programmes which have taught us lots of different new stretches and ways to move our bodies. Last week, we went on a Bear Hunt and waved around like long wavy grass and took huge strides through the thick oozy mud! Take a look at some of fabulous stretching. (October 2018)

Daily Mile


As a school, we partake in 'The Daily Mile'. A mile is slightly too far for our little legs in nursery but we have been trying out our great new Daily Mile Track. Do you think you could beat us? (October 2018)

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Wellie Wednesday


Mrs Bowler has been leading a fantastic forest school inspired group on Wednesday mornings and afternoons. The children have been participating in activities such as making nests for the owl from the story 'Owl Babies' by Martin Waddell, making journey wands using leaves, twigs and glitter and searching for marvellous minibeasts under logs and in the ground. Keep checking in to see our exciting adventures during Wellie Wednesday. (October 2018)

Stay and Play Harvest 2018


We has a fabulous time during our 'Ugly Bug Ball' Stay and Play for Harvest. The children's costumes were great and they all seemed to have a great time afterwards with our fundraising activities. During the performance with Foundation 2, we sang songs such as, 'Pumpkin Head', 'The Owl' and 'Mister Scarecrow'. Thank you to all of our parents who donated towards our fundraising. We raised just over £80 which will go towards resources in our nursery. (October 2018)

Harvest Festival 2018


Thank you to everyone who donated and participated in our Harvest Festival celebrations. We had lots of wonderful foods which were donated to a very worthy cause and make people extremely happy, especially over these colder months. The children enjoyed carrying their donations down to the school hall and placing them on the table. We talked about the different foods that had been donated and we also thought about how heavy and light different foods and packages were. The children also had discussions about their own likes and dislikes with foods and drinks and we talked about the fact that some people are not fortunate enough to be able to go to shops, bakeries, butchers and markets to be able to buy their food and their kindness will help lots of people in need. (October 2018)

Wellie Wednesday


Mrs Bowler has been extremely busy again planning and resourcing for the Wellie Wednesday sessions. The children absolutely love these sessions and they are invaluable for their learning and life experiences. Thank you for your donations of resources that have been kindly requested. 


A big thank you is owed to Mr Bowler (Mrs Bowler's Husband) who has been busy at home making beautiful fairy doors and a wonderful Forest School sign for the teaching and learning space. They all look fantastic!


Over the last few weeks, the children have gained so many new skills and experiences during their outdoor learning. Such as painting and displaying fairy doors and windows, using real tools such as hammers to crush flowers to colour bunting and hand drills to make and create woods slice necklaces, making bird feeders using a variety of materials, taking tree rubbings and even looking for treasure left by fairies!


Take a look at these photos to see their wonderful adventures. (October 2018)

We have been working hard to hold our pens, pencils, crayons and paintbrushes with three fingers when we are mark making. We also continuously have lots of different activities available for the children to access in order to develop their fine motor skills. Here are some of the children's mark making pictures and colour mixing. See if you can spot the name writing too! (October 2018)

Numbers, numbers all around...

Maths is everywhere and we've been thinking about ways that we can represent numbers. We practise writing them in the air, on our board with 'magic' pens, with paint and we look for them everywhere too. I wonder if you can see any numbers around you now. Here is a way that we have been representing numbers. Do you know which numbers would match to each photo? (October 2018)


Mud, mud, glorious mud!

There's so much learning that happens in the mud kitchen. Not only do the children love using the bowls, spoons, containers, water and MUD, they also develop their language and maths skills too. They share, pour, fill, empty, fetch more, have less, mix, ask questions, discover, wonder, feel, smell, imagine and so much more! (October 2018) 

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Welcome back!

We hope you had a great half term. We are starting back this half term with our new theme of 'Sparkle and Shine'. Within this theme, we will be thinking about different celebrations such as Diwali and Christmas. Here are some of the foods we tasted during our rolling snack time whilst thinking about the Festival of Light - Diwali. (November 2018)

Children in Need 2018

We had a great time fundraising for Children in Need. We dressed up as people from the past and our Pudsey spots and brought in 1ps and 2ps to create a trail of coins along the school hall. I think you'll agree we did very well! Thank you for all of your generous donations. (November 2018)

Wellie Wednesday

This week, we went on a Bear Hunt! We splashed and sploshed through the cold river, squelched and squerched through the mud until we found... one shiny, wet nose, two big furry ears, two big googly eyes... it was a bear! At the end of our hunt, we spotted a rainbow and ran across the field to see if we could find the end of it. (November 2018) 

Christmas Time!

We have been very busy preparing for our nativity, 'The Christmas Star'. Here are some of our stars of the show. Don't they look fantastic? They did a great job remembering all of the songs, actions and times to go on to the stage. Well done, Foundation! (December 2018)

The Christmas Tree Festival

As a school, we all made a bauble to hang on our class Christmas tree. These were then taken to St. Michael's Church to be displayed alongside some other beautifully decorated trees from around the community. Each class walked to the Church to take part in a service held by our Reverend Karen Bradley. Take a look at some of our creations. (December 2018)

White Post Farm

For our Christmas trip this year, we went to White Post farm. The children, parents and staff all had a lovely time and the weather held out for us which was great too! We saw lots of farm animals and some more exotic ones too, even some reindeer. Our trip to see Santa was wonderful and he told us that he was looking forward to visiting all of our homes on Christmas Eve as he knew that we had all been so good this year. We also watched the nativity at White Post Farm and some of our children from Anthony Bek took part too. Thank you to our lovely nursery parents for coming along. Without you, our nursery trips would not be able to go ahead. (December 2018)

Christmas Party

Thank you to everyone who provided food and drinks for Foundation 1's Christmas party. They had a great time and enjoyed our party games and dancing. We hope you have lovely Christmas and we'll see you in the new year! (December 2018)

Nursery Fundraising.

Throughout the year, we hold different events as a Foundation Stage in order to fund raise to develop the children's learning environment and resources. Thank you so much for all of your continued support and generosity which enables us to have all of these wonderful resources and learning opportunities. (January 2019).

Happy New Year!

Welcome back! We have a new theme this half term which is, 'The Earth and Beyond'. Take a look at our Big Picture to find out what we'll be thinking about over the next 6 weeks.