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We have been learning about the 5 senses this week., each day we looked at a different sense. 
Hear - we are learning to listen carefully, to sounds that are both loud/quiet, near/far. We took part in a listening activity, we had to close our eyes and guess which object made the noise that we heard. 
See - we mixed colours together and watched as they changed colour and we went on a hunt around our school to look for objects that were the same as on our chart. 

Smell - we had a smelling test! We closed our eyes and had to guess what object was making the smell. We talked about good and bad smells, the vinegar was definitely a bad smell! 
Touch - we discussed different textures and found objects in our tuff tray that were smooth, rough, gritty, bumpty, soft, hard etc. We also added water to our dry sand tray to see what would happen to the sand - did it feel any different? Could we make more things with it?

Taste - we talked about describing words for different tastes ; sweet, bitter, sour, tangy, salty etc , and then tasted a mixture of foods. 
What a busy week we've had!

Look at our Emotions display - it showcases all of the wok we have done this week.
One of our activities was to challenge the staff in school to pick an emotions card from our pack and make that expression. Can you remember what made the staff feel that way?

This week we learnt about different emotions. We talked about how we feel and what makes us feel that way.
We looked at images of expressions and the children talked about how they knew that person was happy/sad etc. The children then made that expression themselves in our emotion mirrors. 
Throughout the week we linked emotions to 5 Nursery Rhymes - Row, Row, Row your Boat, Miss Polly had a Dolly, Incy Wincy Spider, Humpty Dumpty and Jack and Jill.Each day we focused on one rhyme and discussed the emotions within it, how did the characters feel, why did they feel that way, how would you feel if that happened to you? 
Our focused task this week was to talk about and then draw something that makes you happy. It was lovely to hear the children's answers to this!

Look at the amazing work on our Artist board.
It is full of all our creative work from this half term.
We will change it regularly to display your child's beautiful creations!

Over the harm term we have been learning many skills in PE. We focused firstly on learning about our Hall rules. Listening carefully to instructions, looking where we are going, finding spaces, stopping when asked.
We have thought about ways of moving - slowly, building up speed until we are running. We even had a running race to see who was the fastest!
Then we have been practising the skill of balancing. We are learning to move slowly as we travel so as not to lose our balance, to put our arms out to help us remain stable and then to jump safety off of the apparatus. 

Thank you for sending in your family photographs.
The children have created gorgeous frames for them and we have displayed them around Nursery. 

Our first Wellie Wednesday of the year was a huge success!
The children have loved their time in our forest area. 
Here are a few photographs of our Wellie Wednesday sessions. 

All the children, and staff, have used their handprints to create a
Friendship Circle.
It is displayed on our door for everyone to see smiley

This week we have been learning about colours - naming them, matching them, and mixing them to make a new colour. 
We then painted a self portrait and thought carefully about the colours we needed for our features. 

Here are a few photographs of the first couple of weeks as we explored our environment and met our new friends. 

Welcome to our Nursery Class Page of 2022-23!


Your child has begun to settle into their new environment and is building relationships with their new friends and the nursery staff - Miss Hewitt, Mrs Clayton and Miss Leverton. 

Each half term there will be information and photographs shared about all the fun and exciting learning that has taken place in Nursery - so keep your eyes peeled smiley

Our final week at Nursery. What a year it's been! We spent the week having lots of fun with our friends and enjoying the sunshine. The Nursery staff made a picnic for all children, and we even had an ice lolly to finish.

Look at our Pirate Ship! We created it together and added all the different pieces it needed. The fancy dress costumes and jewellery came out and we did large scale painting to create the sides of the ship. We also read The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch. This was a favourite of ours! We created a basket to pull along the rope in our small world area, we added a box model lighthouse to the backdrop and went on a walk to the local shop to but ingredients to make our own lunch!

We used different materials to create a backdrop for all of our vehicles and creatures we would find when we got to the seaside. We also carried on making different vehicles using the boxes, this week we made an airplane, a cruise ship and a sailing boat. The warm weather is on it's way too, so out came the paddling pools!

This half term we are looking at "Going on a Journey". First, we are investigating different types of vehicles - our role play area is a Train Station. Can you see the home made trains using the cardboard boxes?

Celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee! (With a little help from the wonderful Year 6's).

Over the last half term we have been watching the development of these tiny caterpillars that arrived through the post! We had read the story of The Very Hungary Caterpillar, so new what might happen, but we needed to make sure they were taken care of first. They ate all of the food that was in the pot. Then after a while, they created their chrysalis, and after a long wait.... they turned into beautiful butterflies that we released in our Nursery outdoor area.

This week we concentrated on larger, wild animals. We had a Zoo Vet role play area in which many operations took place! We looked at a map of a local wildlife park and created our own, thinking about which animals we would want in our Zoo and what they would need.

We used our learning of Farm Animals this week to support our fine motor skills a little more. Lots of scissor skills, mark making, practicing using the hole puncher and connecting pieces of paper together with treasury tags. We also continued with our counting activities, matching numeral to quantity and using positional language.

Then we focused on Pets. Our grown ups sent on photographs of our family pets to help us talk to our friends about them. We looked at their similarities, differences, colours, features. We learnt about what they like to eat, where they sleep, what they like to play with. Then we drew them really carefully! This week we are also still carrying on with hearing initial sounds, as well as toasting 'marshmallows' and making breakfast on our camp fire in our forest school area.

After Easter, our topic was All Creatures Great and Small - we started off tiny, with minibeasts. We went on minibeast hunts, looked at their features, talked about where they might live, what they needed to survive, and drew our favourite!

Here is our Artist display board, showcasing the creative activities that took place during our Through the Secret Garden topic.

Happy Easter!

Our story this week is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We read through the story and talk about ALL the foods the caterpillar eats! We look at photographs of different fruit and vegetables growing and try to guess which ones they are. Using reels we attempt to create repeating pattern caterpillars with light and dark green paints. In Phonics we are still working on hearing initial sounds within words and some children are beginning to write the letter sound during our activities. One of our favourite activities this week was using the special metallic paints to create a beautiful butterfly. These were done in pairs, one of us doing one side and our friend doing the same on their side to make is symmetrical. We also introduced our Tree of Kindess this week, each time one of us does something kind it will be written onto a leaf and hung on our tree!

We continue to look after our sunflowers, giving them water daily and checking to see that they are growing. We have also been practicing our one-to-one counting by matching the correct amount of petals to the number on the bud. During our Wellie Wednesday session, we wanted our new bird box putting up somewhere high so that the birds would feel safe to come and visit. With a little help from the grown up, Willow wrote a letter to Mr Davies our caretaker. Miss Hewitt left it on his board for him and the next day he came to ask where we would like it. Willow went up to the field with Mr Davies and Mrs Clayton to show him where we would like it fitting. We've also plated some herbs in recycled milk cartons and hung them in our herb garden outside. Hopefully we can use some in our cooking when they have grown!

We planted sunflowers this week and talked about what they would need to grow. We looked too at the lifecycle of a sunflower, so that we know what will happen to it if we look after it. We made flowers to go into our role play Garden Centre using pipe cleaners and buttons as well as creating our own sunflowers by tearing tissue paper. In our Mathematics sessions we used cubes to measure the different height beanstalks and then write the number at the bottom of the page.