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Welcome To Anthony Bek Nursery 


Below you will find the home learning plan and resources for the week beginning 25th January 2021.

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This week some children have started back in nursery for a 3 hour morning session, these children are following the same plan in the classroom as the children doing their learning from home. It is always good to reinforce school learning at home, so we still welcome all parents to send us photos via our email so we can see your brilliant work. 


If you are busy working from home Miss Leverton will call you every Wednesday or Thursday morning using a private number to check that you are okay with this weeks home learning plan, and to see if you need any additional support with anything? Could all parents try to email us at least once a week showing us photos of your child's work please? You and your child can then check below to see if you can spot one of your photos...


Good luck everyone, and we will get through this together heart

Here Ella is learning her letter sounds by listening to and singing the catchy 'Jolly Phonics Phase 2' songs, which can be easily found on YouTube (click the link below). This will help make reading and writing fun for Ella, whilst she is learning those all important letter sounds.

Still image for this video

Flinn has worked really hard this week, here he is incorporating maths into his baking - Well done!

Still image for this video

Below you will find the home learning plan and resources for the week beginning 18th January 2021.

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Thank you all so much for all your emails showing us your fabulous work, it has been so nice to see you all working from home. Below I have attached a slideshow of photos for you to look through.

Below you will find the home learning plan and resources for the week beginning 11th January 2021.

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Below you will find the home learning plan and resources for the week beginning 4th January 2021.

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Welcome to the new Spring Term of 2021. 


This half term our theme is 'Earth and Beyond'. Below is our 'Big Picture' which shows some of the exciting things we have planned. 

Awe and Wonder!


This half term, our topic is called Awe and Wonder. We will be thinking about celebrations such as Bonfire Night, Remembrance Day, Diwali, Advent and Christmas. We incorporate number, letter, shape, fine and gross motor and imaginative activities into all of our sessions as well as our daily phonics and maths groups. We thought you may find this image helpful which shows the different pre-writing shapes which you could practice at home with your children. Also, all of the children practice finding their name and mark making to begin understanding that marks hold meaning. 

Evening Everyone

I will be putting photos of the children on the website every week, just so you can see what fun we are having in Nursery.

We have been learning lots of different shapes, making them with sticks and sorting them also doing lots of name writing (may be you could carry this on at home) looking at everyday things in the home getting your child to name them and maybe even drawing them.

Some of your children will have brought a sparkling (Mendhi) hand home as we have been learning about Festivals. (Diwali).

We made hats on Wellie Wednesday, looking for different coloured leaves to attach onto tape.  Had to put a stop to attaching worms though, EEEEKKK!.


More photos below.....

So please take a look.                 



Hi Everyone,

Miss Monks here, hope you're all well and staying safe.

Just thought I'd let you know that Mrs Bowler will be joining us in Nursery for the next few weeks as Miss Leverton will be working from home due to her health condition,  she is very vulnerable so is having to self isolate.   We will really miss her and I know the children certainly will. (PLEASE stay safe Miss Leverton).

We also have Miss Howe helping us on a Wednesday, the children love her and she loves being in Nursery too.


Right then, What have we been up too?


We've been doing lots of playing, taking turns and we're starting to get the hang of this sharing lark (YIPPEE)

We made a big purple poppy with lots of glue and purple bits of foil paper, (great activity for those little fingers) we learnt about what it represents too.

I wonder how many of you noticed that we weren’t muddy this week (is that a sigh of relief I can hear!) Even though we did roll in the leaves and tripped over quite a lot! We made some more weaving looms that Miss Leverton started. Hope you like them, Miss Leverton. The children wanted to hang them on the fence (see photo below).

Sorry forgot to put Mrs Abbott-Lewin's email on last week. What am I like? I know some of you may have it but here’s a reminder.

See you next week, same time...over n out.




Hi Everyone,

Hope you've all enjoyed your week off and enjoyed dressing up on Halloween night, did any of you carve a pumpkin? If so, we would love to see the photos. I'll bet Halloween was a little bit different this year, no trick or treating boohoo!  Mind you, I'll bet you still managed to have lots of sweets, hopefully you'll sneak some into nursery for me! I really love sweets, shhhhhhh don't tell Mrs Abbott-Lewin or Miss Leverton hehehehehe!   Please have a look at photos below of the dress up day and our first few days back at nursery.   Oh just before I sign off...

Can I just remind everyone to wrap your children up in warm clothes during the nursery session as we will still be having the windows open (due to government guidelines about ventilation). We also spend quite a lot of time outdoors too.   COULD YOU MAKE SURE YOUR CHILDREN HAVE GOT THEIR NAMES IN THEIR CLOTHES PLEASE?

If anyone has any questions or needs help with anything PLEASE don't hesitate to contact Mrs Abbott-Lewin by phone or email.

We are having such a lovely time now that we are back in nursery. We have welcomed lots of new friends and have started our topic, 'Magical Me'. We began by looking at the story, 'Elmer' which celebrates our differences and how it's good to be you! The children's interests then turned to dinosaurs and now they have been looking for families of animals within our small world area. 


Keep an eye out for an invitation for Evidence Me, our new observation platform which will replace 2simple - 2 build a profile. 


Miss Monks has lots of wonderful photos of our time back in nursery so far... watch this space!

15th-22nd October


Hello Everyone,

Hope you're all well and staying as safe as you possibly can. (Washing hands and anti-bac-ing still, I hope!)

Well... what have we been up to this week, I hear you saying!...LOTS! Because it's Halloween, yippee!

The children absolutely loved making the spider hats, paper plate ghosts and wrapping the string round the mummies (a great fine motor skill activity).  We had a go at drawing a pumpkin, lots of name writing (we're getting very good) and the favourite thing the girls enjoyed was hairdressing role play.  The boys loved the house covered in spiders and web with all the Halloween characters.

Bet you thought Wellie Wednesday wouldn't happen because of the rain this week,  but oh yes! We go out in all weather (we're not scared). Miss Leverton took the children on the very wet field and they REALLY loved it.  They took up coloured water to make potions and Miss Leverton brought her own paint pens in so the children could paint some stones. They also made fat balls and learnt a bit about why they made them (to keep birds warm in winter).

Guess what?... Mrs Abbott-Lewin did Wellie Wednesday AGAIN!  HEHEHEHE! (I can hear you all laughing, SO PLEASE STOP) Only joking you can laugh as much as you like, I did.  Honestly she really did enjoy it, even getting muddy and wet so I better watch it because she'll be wanting me to swap my day every week... so don't get any ideas, Mrs Abbott-Lewin.

8th-14th October, 2020

Evening everyone,

We are having a lovely time at nursery and doing lots of exciting things. 

We have been studying our faces and having a go at drawing them.

Name writing.

Playing with our friends and taking turns.

Painting pumpkins.

Doing colour mixing. We used a zipper bag and squeezed the colours together to mix them and put blobs of different coloured paint on a leaf picture and dragged the colours together with a piece of card.  (The girls really enjoyed this).

We have sooooooooo much fun on a Wednesday...Yes you've guessed it... It's Wellie Wednesday.  Yippeeeeeee!    Mrs Abbott-Lewin joined us this week too,  I've got to admit though she was a bit apprehensive, she's not an out-doorsy kind of girl. (Ssshhhhhh don't tell her I've told you that) but guess what? She absolutely loved it.

7th October 2020

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well and staying safe.

We've had lots of fun again this week in nursery, (besides lots of handwashing), especially Wellie Wednesday. It was soooooo muddy with all the rain we've had.  The children collected soil and tipped  lots of water on it, mixed it up to make lovely mud, then painted pictures using paintbrushes and sticks.                          But guess what?   YES! you've got it.

We jumped in lots of muddy puddles (maybe some of you noticed as you saw your children).  We also found lots of worms, yuk!  The children are very brave.


Hi Mummies, Daddies, Aunties, Uncles, Grandmas and Grandads,  Miss Monks here, hope you are all well. It is soooooo lovely to see all your wonderful children in nursery having such a wonderful time.  Just to reassure everyone that we are not making it up, here are some photos!

Who wants to play?...We do!


Who wants to jump in muddy puddles?...We do!


Who wants to climb trees?...We do!

Welcome to Anthony Bek Nursery!


2019/ 2020

Scroll down past all the work activities for all new updated photos of your friends!
Take a look at the parent guide developed by the Department for Education - What to expect when. It outlines different milestones and developmental expectations throughout the early years. It is broken down into age bands which overlap because children do not all develop at the same rate. If you need any support or have any questions, we are always happy to arrange a meeting with you. 
Mrs Abbott-Lewin's Videos
Here is some useful information about preparing your child for school.

Oh arrgghhhh! It's a pirate's life for me!


Here are some pirate activities for you to try at home. Please send some photos of your creations once they're finished.

Here are some play ideas you might like to try.
Take a look at these great ideas for kitchen maths. Maths is everywhere...

Hello everyone!


Hope you're all keeping safe and well.


It's been lovely to receive lots of your photos and even some videos via email and on our shared drive. Don't forget to keep scrolling down to see all of your friends on their photos and take a look at my videos for some activity ideas. I know you're all keeping super busy and have been telling Miss Leverton all about your amazing learning and play.


Miss Monks has been busy making some new wooden resources for us to use back in nursery. So that's exciting.


I have sent some more resources via email and on the shared drive too so you can continue to develop some of your skills with those. 


:)  12.05.20



I hope you all had a lovely yet strange Easter and are keeping safe and well.

Hopefully some of you have managed to collect your next paper pack and have received my email about it.

I have also sent some phonics plans via email too. You will find the plans here below. Please let me know if you find them useful.

Here is Miss Leverton's 'Challenge Your Teacher' Pack too. Please send your fabulous photos to us as we love seeing you and so do your friends.


Hello everyone,


All the staff at nursery hope that you're all keeping well and enjoying your activities in your home packs or via the website links which were sent out. Here is a copy of the resources and website links which were sent out plus a few more handy resources, websites and activities. 


I would love to see any of the activities you have been doing, you can e-mail photos and messages to me via my email address With permission, I will put some of your photos on here so that the children can continue to see their friends and the activities that they have been doing. 24.03.20

Here is another copy of the timetable. 

Here are some ideas that you could use at home. The children will already be familiar with some of the activities and ideas.


This Government link gives some of the ideas too.


Daily Maths

Counting stairs - up and down. Count the cups, plates, bowls and cutlery needed for lunch and dinner. What is one more/ one less? Representing the number with fingers, marks or writing or objects. Creating their own number problems – We need 4 forks and 4 knives – how many altogether?


We’re going on a number hunt… look for numbers around the house. Phones, clocks, ovens, doors, toys, tv remote, washing machine, food packaging, etc. Do you know what this number is? How do we write it? Can we jump 4 times? Clap 4 times? I’m going to tap my head, can you count how many times I do it?


Walking through the ‘jungle’ which shapes will we see? Show chn simple 2D (flat) shapes – either draw them or find a picture on the internet. Let’s go on a shape hunt! Look for real objects around the environment which objects are the same shape as... e.g. clock – circle, window – square/ rectangle etc.


Use your 'magic pencil' (finger) to ‘write and draw’ the numbers and shapes in the air.



Read, Write Inc YouTube. Look up RWI Pure Sounds on YouTube which helps you to know how to pronounce the sounds of the letters.

Practice looking for the letters around the house just like the numbers. Use your 'magic pencil' (finger) to air write them. Practice writing them with different coloured crayons – rainbow writing. We are currently working on set 1 sounds. 

Younger children are accessing Letters and Sounds Phase 1.

Go into the garden and be still and quiet – listen to the sounds for 1 minute. What can you hear? What was making those sounds? Can we make sounds with our bodies? Let’s sing a nursery rhyme and try to follow a rhythm by clapping.


Imagination and Role Play.


Follow the children’s interests and join in their role play. Extend their play by adding in ideas and use households items as props. E.g. the sofa is the castle and the action figures are the knights. How will they get to the top of the castle? What could we use to make a bridge? Encourage imagination, problem solving and language. If the children are making up their own story, write it down for them as they’re saying it. Read it back to them and see if they can act it out. Would they change it or add to it? What might happen next?


Bed Time Stories and Reading Books.


Encourage children to ‘read’ to story to you by ‘reading’ the pictures. Encourage use of language question them about what they think is happening. Do they know the characters? Can they think about the ending and what might happen? If it is a familiar story, can they recall it? Ensure the children hear you telling stories – this doesn’t have to be reading a book, it could be making a new story up, retelling a familiar story or making the events of the day into a story. It will help the children to hear how you use your voice for different characters and how you pause in different places. It is good for the children to hear and learn new words that you use too.


This is a document showing the letter sounds that we learn and the order than we learn them in. The older children have just reached j. There are some descriptions of how to write the letter within the table. These sentences correspond with the letter's picture. E.g. a is all the way around the apple and down the leaf and the picture is of an apple.
Here is a list of websites which was sent home with the home learning packs. I have added a few more to the list.
Easter activity ideas
A great website to use for nursery rhymes is YouTube. Search for singing hands uk and join in with lots of familiar nursery rhymes, stories and words all accompanied by Makaton signs and symbols. 
Here are some Makaton resources which you might like to try during this time.

13th July 2020

Yes everyone, Guess what?...................its me again, Miss Monks.

How is everyone?, hope you're all ok?,  I do apologize, it has been a while and I also apologize for not  replying to your emails too as I've downloaded the photos then deleted them, what am I like? LOL 

I can't believe it is nearly the end of term, (YIPPEE).......... only joking, and I've not had the chance to say goodbye to all my little cuties, I am soooooo going to miss you all.   Hopefully I will get to sneak across to reception  to see you all in your new school uniforms. 

I've had lots of fab photos sent to me, it  looks like you're all having an amazing time.  I've really enjoyed looking through them all, you have all been sooooo busy, busy and lots of you have been out and about now the restrictions have been lifted...........thank goodness!  So have a gander below at some of the fab photos.


WOW! Isabel, what more can I say!  you have been doing lots of fantastic work, soon as you get your packs, you get stuck in straight away, there's noooooooo stopping you.  But look guys, there it is again, that beautiful smile, Well done!

Here is one of our newbies, Rory, on his trip out to the zoo and seaside, Such a little cutie. What is your favorite animal Rory? mine is the polar bear.  Looks like you had lots of fun with your sister Billie too.   

Give us a lick!, I hope you brought me a lolly back............only joking.  What do you think would happen to my lolly on the way home Rory ?

He's even  growing his own beanstalk, maybe you will find a golden egg at the top for your mummy, Rory.

Well these two cuties Miles and Lola have been out and about at the seaside again!  I'm sooooooo jealous, because they have been to my favorite place.  Bet you can't guess!.......... Do you know, have you got it?...................CORNWALL.  Does anybody else like it there?  its wonderful.  They've also been strawberry picking too,  look at all those strawberries!,  WOW! You have picked loads, I hope you didn't eat too many on the way round..............lots I hope, LOL

Look at these two cuties, Clara and Ralph.   Mum did send me these for class photo, but I'm sooooooo sorry mum,  it was too late when I saw them, so I just had to put them on here.  I hope you don't mind?  

Look at this little cute speedy lady, Esmee, she is such a whiz on her balance bike.  I bet you could ride a two wheeler bike now Esmee,  I wonder if you've tried?  You have been busy too with your work pack, your work is fantastic, Well done!

Oh my goodness Ravan, you have grown up soooo much, look how your hair has grown too, its beautiful.

I take it that's your new school uniform, verrrrry cute.  You also look like you have been having the time of your life with Ryder and Ricco,  cutting, planting, baking and painting.  Miss Harrison will be getting you to teach everyone how to use those scissors when you go into reception class,  I'm sure. 

Here is Poppy again, one of our newbies too, just look at that smile, she's sooooo adorable.  What doesn't this girl get up too?  Everything! LOL with her big sister Lottie.  I definitely think Poppy will own her own bakery one day, I soooooo can't wait to taste her creations.

Hi everyone, yes it's me again, Miss Monks,

How are we all doing on this lovely sunny Monday? Hope your all enjoying the glorious weather, mind you, you need to hold on to your sun hats, it's a little breezy.

I am really loving seeing all these photographs, you are all little superstars, your writing and drawing are coming on fantastic.  If you want your photos of your children adding to this page, then maybe you could email me, it's, as I have taken over this job, Hehe!. 

I am really missing you all, I bet you have all grown a lot taller too.  

Please take care and stay safe, hopefully see you soon  xxxxx 


Oh my goodness Lola and Miles, I'm sooooo jealous, how lucky are you two  having that wonderful tent and camping in the garden, What time do you want me? lol and I'll be round with my sleeping bag.  Loving the Spiderman costume Miles.
A few photos of Ivy on her day trip to the seaside, 'give us a lick Ivy' that ice cream looks delicious, 'what is your favourite ice cream?, mine is strawberry.  It looks like you had lots of fun in the sun and I'm loving your little suit too Ivy, I cant wait to hear all about it. Just look at that smile.

Here are Miles and Lola on a bike ride, looks like Clumber park, I think!   Look at you Miles, love the new hair, such a cutie pie and you have made your name using flash cards too Wow!, well done you.  I have also got a video of Miles but it won't let me upload it, but guess what?..............Miles is an absolute superstar,  he has learnt to ride his bike without stabilizers, yippee! fantastic job.

Oh my goodness!, I think we have an artist, Lola your paintings are fantastic, maybe you could make an art gallery on your wall, fabulous job.

My oh My Isabel, what can I say, there is no stopping you, your writing and colouring is fantastic.  Look how good you are tracing round the letters and staying in the lines.Well done!  

Hi Miss Monks here again!

Hope you are all well and have enjoyed the wonderful sunshine, I must admit I am enjoying a bit of rain now though, so i hope like me, you've put your wellies on and gone and jumped in a few muddy puddles, SPLASH!, SPLASH! 



Liam has been busy playing and learning with his new tuff spot, playdough, dressing up and baking! Well done, Liam. Were those cakes as tasty as they look?
There's nothing better than a cardboard box, especially when you can make it into your very own playhouse! Wow! Well done, Rory!
Happy birthday, Poppy! Poppy had a lovely time celebrating her birthday. Here are a few pictures from her lovely day.
Pola has been busy playing at home. Have you ever played Twister before?
Wow! Esmée has been super busy with her work pack at home. Look at all the pirate-y pictures she has done!
Hi Isabel! Isabel is still enjoying her time learning and playing at home.
More fabulous home learning from Poppy. She is learning so many new skills and having amazing adventures at the same time. Well done, Poppy.
I think Rory is becoming a little explorer and learning so many new skills! He has been outside exploring, he has found an enormous box with endless possibilities and he has been planting some beans with his sister. Will they grow as tall as Jack and the Beanstalk's beans?
Some wonderful summer fun with Pola :)
Here is Jax one of our new little cuties coming into nursery soon, enjoying some great family time and just about to go swimming in his pool, nice wet-suit Jax.   Wow! does that smile melt your heart or what? Soooooo cute.

Isabel soooooo loves dressing up.   You look beautiful Isabel.    Wow look at your picture, how clever are you.  Here are a couple more photo's of Isabel.

Here's Poppy again sharing more of her amazing learning experiences. She has been baking, mark making, writing, making shakers, planting, building, playing cards and recognising numbers. Well done, Poppy!
Wow! Georgina from Nursery and Oliver from Reception sent a letter to our Prime Minister - Boris Johnson. They received a letter back from him! Well done, Georgina and Oliver!
Rory has been so busy learning and developing new skills. Here he is mark making and writing his name, fantastic marks, Rory! Also, he has been developing his gross motor skills by jumping on his very own hopscotch and learning his numbers at the same time! Rory has also been developing his fine motor skills and strengthening the muscles in his hands by doing the brilliant activity of picking pasta up with pegs! Wonderful, Rory! Well done!

Hi everyone Miss Monks here,


Hope everyone is well and staying safe.  I am really missing you all very much so it has been lovely to see all your photographs of all the hard work and new skills you have been learning.  You have all been busy, busy, busy.  I think you will all have to teach me how to do them, especially the baking or even sneak me a cake or two...only joking.


Please keep sending your photos and videos and you can even email me too:-


Here are a few photos that have been sent:-

Girl after my own heart, but I don't think I love horses as much as Pippa. I really do miss our little chats about Magic and what he's been up to.  How good does Pippa look?  That is one great riding position and a lovely looking pony. I am so jealous, your balance is incredible!
Isabel has been doing lots of exciting things, I really love the little house you have made for your toys.  I could just eat one of those cakes too,  they look sooooooo yummy.  Just look at that beautiful smile. 
Wow Ivy, how you have grown. It looks like you are having lots of fun and doing some fantastic writing, well done!  What a beautiful playhouse you have, maybe I could come round for tea and you could bake me some chocolate muffins like the ones you have made.  I'm loving the sneaky taste of chocolate.

Mila - Oh my goodness! you are getting so good with those scissors, look how good that triangle and circle are.  I am really loving the colours you have used for your zigzag repeating pattern.  Mrs Abbott-Lewin and Miss Leverton will be so pleased when they see your writing too.