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Whitehall residential trip for Year 5/6

White Hall Trip

On Monday the 10th of June 2019 it was the day of Whitehall. Everyone who was going to Whit hall had to arrive at school at around 8:45 so we would leave approximately at 9:30. Everyone took all their luggage onto the bus and said goodbye to their parents, and then we set off.

       After about an hour on the bus we arrived at Whitehall; it was foggy and cold outside but we just ignored the weather and got off the bus. We then obviously started unloading the bus, there was so many heavy bags to carry to the field that we were camping on. After unloading the bus, we were taught how to build our tents!

     After that, we went off to put up our tents, and we were put in groups of 5 or 6 so we could work together to do it. We were lucky because when we had finished it had started to rain.

After building our tents, we went to Mrs Johnson to find out which tent was ours. Once we knew that we had to go to our tent, make our bed and put our pyjamas folded on top of our bed. Next, we made our way outside and ate our lunch we had brought with us from home.

      After that we went to our first activity of the week and everyone enjoyed that. For the whole week we woke up, got ready and went down to the cottage and had breakfast. Then we had to get all of our bags ready for the activity that we were doing that day. Each day every group had a different activity but they had at least 2. After the activities we got back to camp had hot chocolate and a biscuit and went to bed. On Friday we went shopping and then went back to camp put all of our bags onto the bus and then put all the tents down and came back home.

Grace and Caitlin