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Whitehall and The World Cup Top Trumps

From Monday 18th June to Friday 22nd June some Year 5 and 6 pupils went to Whitehall and camped in tents for 4 nights. They had an amazing and adventurous time and participated in lots of exciting activities! The people that went to Whitehall were split up into 3 groups. They did many activities such as canoeing, abseiling etc. On the first night they went on a 4-5 mile walk.

However, the people that didn’t go to Whitehall went into the Year 6 classroom and did many activities and here are a few of them. They learnt about the World Cup and where it is taking place. They tasted different foods from different countries around the world, such as Poland. They also made top trumps cards and they drew a massive picture of a mascot.