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School closure Weekly update

Video messages

We know how many pupils really enjoyed seeing the staff on the video message we did last week so we've decided that each week, the teachers will upload a short video message to introduce the work they have set, to comment on any work that they have received and to generally touch base with them. This won't be a song and dance (sorry!) but I still hope these personal video messages inspire your child to keep working at home- we all know how much they love to please their teachers.

All video messages can be accessed from the same link (as below).

Just make sure you go to the correct folder for your child's class to see yours. They should be clearly labelled/ dated so you don't get confused. 

We have loved receiving your video messages this week so please feel free to continue to send any video messages in these folders. Just make sure you upload it to the relevant folder, depending on who the message is for.

Home schooling

As you know, the next review of the current lock down procedures is due on the 7th May. There is much speculation in the media about schools reopening and how this might happen but please try to ignore this. As soon as we know when schools can reopen and how we can ensure your child remains safe whilst in school, we will contact you to discuss arrangements. Until then, we need to keep going with the home schooling. I need to say thank you all again for the wonderful work you are doing at home. 

You will find staff are now setting work for literacy and numeracy each day as well as another activity based around the topic. This is to ensure that when we all come back together, pupils have all had similar learning experiences so it is easier for teachers to move forwards. You will still, of course, have plenty of time to do the activities of your choice but we would really appreciate you trying to ensure that the tasks set by the teachers are completed by your child and ensuring you send the work to your child's teacher by whatever means they have asked. Please remember, if you have any questions or if your child is finding the work too challenging or too easy, you can contact the staff in your child's class- you should by now have all of the relevant e-mail addresses.

My next challenge

Hopefully, you can see I have been trying to set challenges which the whole family can get involved in and that require different skills. This week, I am setting the Anthony Bek Masterchef/Bakeoff competition! You have until Monday 4th May @ 12 noon to bake/cook your masterpiece. We need:

  • The recipe used
  • The method (good writing practice for the pupils)
  • Photographs taken of your child/children throughout the making process
  • Final photograph of them with the finished dish/product (no photoshopping Mary Berry specials!!)

Mrs Smith is going to create an Anthony Bek lockdown menu book from all the entries!

You can make/bake anything you like- it just needs to LOOK impressive as we won't be able to taste it! Please send your photographs to I am expecting staff to excel in this challenge too!


Take care and be safe,

Mrs Johnson and the staff of Anthony Bek