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Walesby residential trip Y3/4

Walesby Trip

The day started with all the children coming in at normal time and putting their stuff in the hall.  We went into Year 4 and did the register to see if everyone was here. About an hour later we made posters for our room. There were lots of name rooms. At 11 o’clock we set off. At 11:30 we were there and had our lunch on the grass then we found our room, got our clothes, got out our sleeping bags and pyjamas, put them on our bed and went to get ready for our first activity.

                One hour later we had finished our first activity. We went back to our lodge and played for half an hour. Then we went for our tea. One hour later we went to our second activity. At about 19:30 we set off to the campfire and we sang lots of crazy songs. We returned to the lodge were we all got our pyjamas on and got our pillows and teddies. We went to the hall and had hot chocolate and cookies.

              The next day we got our lake clothes on and went to the lake, Our first lake activity was kayaking. The kayaks were attached together so it was easier to paddle.  

We also had a go at bodyboarding which was successful. We had a disco until around 10:15pm and went to the shop we all had £5.00 to spend. On the last day we packed our bags- put them on the bus and went home.


                                 By Iysha and Jessie