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Update re school opening to further pupils

As expected, the Government have asked schools to begin reopening to priority year groups from Monday 1st June. As you know, we have remained open throughout this pandemic for key worker/vulnerable pupils and from the 1st June, we will remain open for these pupils only.

As described in detail in the previous communication, we are continuing to modify our school, classrooms and outside areas this week to ensure we can begin to open the school to more year groups. At the very earliest, this could be Monday 8th June for the first group but the safety of our pupils, staff and the wider families of all remains our first priority so we will not begin opening to wider groups until we feel we can do this in the safest way possible.

We continue to work with the Unions, Department for Education and local authority for guidance to ensure we can minimise the risk to all as much as possible.

We appreciate your support, understanding and patience at this time as we take a careful and cautious approach to opening the school to the priority year groups. (Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6). 

Under the current requirements for 2m social distancing, pupils in the none priority year groups would not be able to return to school this term as we would not have the classroom space or staffing to achieve this. The Government continue to ease restrictions so this could change but I just wanted you to be aware of the situation in case the 2m distancing remains in place until the end of term.

I will update you regarding the starting date for the first year group once we are in a position to confirm this. Please be aware that all schools will begin this process differently due to their own school context (buildings and staffing) and the guidance from unions and local authorities. 

Kind regards,

Mrs. Johnson