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Update on phased reopening

As you will have heard in the media, the Government have recognised that it is not possible to reopen Primary schools safely to all pupils this term with the need for 2m social distancing, groups of no more than 10-15 pupils, additional cleaning and not being able to share areas. They also remain firm that schools should not use rotas to swap groups attending school. 

At the moment, we have two key worker 'bubbles', one Foundation Stage 'bubble' and one Year 1 'bubble attending school. On Monday 15th June, the Y6 'bubble' will begin. These groups all have staggered start and end times, different gates, staggered break and lunch times, individual toilets for their group, sections of the field etc.

Once the Y6 group have settled (mid week next week), we will identify if there is any scope to add any further bubbles. We do have two classrooms that could be used but we also need to consider staffing availability, toilet access, timings for dinners and breaks which enable bubbles to be kept apart as well as finding different start and end times and gates which don't clash with others. I'm sure you can appreciate there is a lot to consider and to achieve this safely, we need to continue to increase pupil numbers cautiously. 

If we can offer additional places, these will still go to the priority year groups as identified by the Government (Reception, Year 1, Year 6). The earliest this would be is Monday 22nd June. We do not have any capacity to offer any further Nursery places due to the type of environment required for this age of pupils and our Nursery is already being used for the current foundation group. If your child is in one of these priority year groups and you have decided you would like a place if one becomes available, please e-mail me : or (it is the same e-mail box). 

Please remember, for the safety of all the pupils attending school, the staff and their wider families, it is crucial that all pupils (and their household) who have a place in school, follow the social distancing guidelines consistently when not in school to ensure the risks are kept to a minimum. Several schools have had to close completely due to positive tests and whilst we all know this is possible anyway, we need to do our very, very best to keep the risks as low as possible and we appreciate your support in this.

For parents of pupils in Y2, 3, 4 and Y5, I messaged previously about the unlikelihood that we would be able to offer places to your child under the current restrictions. I have still got a list of Parents who said they would like a place if one became available so if we do have scope to offer additional places and there are no further pupils in the priority group wanting a place, priority will go to the pupils who already requested a place previously in the following order- Y2, Y5, Y3, Y4. I have to be honest in saying that it is very unlikely that we would have the ability to offer to all of these pupils-I'm very sorry to have to say that.

I will continue to update you as soon as information is shared with us. Many people are asking about September. As much as I would like to say we know what it will be like then, we do not yet have any indication. The Government doesn't discuss anything with schools, authorities or unions first so the first we hear about changes is the same time that you do.

I know pupils have now been absent from school for a long time and some are finding it ever more difficult. Please keep in contact with the staff at school, who will do their best to continue to support you. 

Take care, Mrs. Johnson