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Stand Up Derbyshire Day

Stand up Derbyshire Day

Stand up Derbyshire was all about recognising that we could still learn whilst keeping fit, school is not all about sitting down, we can read, write, act, calculate and play whilst standing up, running round and keeping fit.

We started the day with an assembly for Key Stage 2 and then one for Key Stage 1 and Reception when we trained to become a “Jedi”. It was lots of fun and all the moves soon had us out of breath. It was a really good exercise routine to follow. Each class then took part in some different activities and we all met at the end for a Daily Mile relay on our new super-duper track

Year 6 completed some Maths activities in the hall. It was all about working in a group whilst during Literacy they once again worked in groups to expand on some story openers. Guided reading was completed on the playground!


Year 5 completed some group work for Maths and acted out their story for Literary. In the afternoon they did the daily mile and they did not sit down all day.

Year 4 did the daily mile in the afternoon with the rest of the school, push ups, planks (5 minutes), cart wheel, snakes and ladders, and then they wrote about an upside-down castle.


Year 3 enjoyed extreme reading on the playground, Numeracy challenges such as standing on 1 leg and doing star jumps.



Year 2 worked on the playground with number bonds to 20 and then acted out the story “Whatever Next” They really enjoyed being the teddy who built a space rocket to go up to space in.


Year 1 threw balls to each other and counted in fives every time they caught it. They took part in our daily mile relay as well.

We finished off with an assembly at the end of the day when we shared all our “Stand up” learning with each other. What a wonderful (if tiring) day!!


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