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Safety reminders

Please remember the following:


  1. Only one adult in the queue with the child outside school.
  2. Please use the spots to ensure you keep 2m distance from those in front and behind you.
  3. If there are no spots left, please wait on the opposite side of the road still spaced out until spots are available.
  4. Please respect and be kind to each other. There are many vulnerable people out there and we want everyone to feel safe.

Hand sanitiser

For safety reasons, please do not send your child with their own sanitiser to school. As part of the Derbyshire Risk Assessment, we have to use a certain type of sanitiser containing a particular level of alcohol which has been identified as providing the most effective protection. We do ensure it is suitable for children and all skin types. The children are all using this in school many times a day and we haven't had any reactions either during the lock down period or on our first day. We know there are pupils who can be allergic to certain ingredients in products so we always look out for any reaction when using products with pupils. Children should not be carrying products containing alcohol on their person and non-alcoholic sanitisers are not effective enough for use in schools. 

Another reason for children not having their own sanitiser (apart from the key safety reasons) is the distraction. These were being played with by many children, distracting from learning and making unsafe spills in school. 

If you feel your child is allergic to a particular ingredient, please telephone to discuss with me.


Many thanks,

Mrs. Johnson