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Rival Run

Rival Run


On Friday 4th of May, 3 children from Key Stage 2 entered a competition. This competition was the cross country and the length for Year 3/4 was 1200m but the Year 5/6 track was 1500m. The children who competed were, Jessica Burlinson Year 5, Connor James Year 3, Charmaine Wagstaff Year 3, Brooke Deakin Year 4 and Amy Read Year 4. There were 2000 runners altogether. Jessica came 11th, Brooke came 20th, Amy came 15th, Connor came 5th and Charmaine came 5th as well. All of the children ran really well and they tried their best and that’s all that matters.

Over 15 children in Year 5 have beaten their daily mile time and we’ll bet the other classes have beaten their times as well. All the classes are doing really well in the daily mile and on Thursday had bibs on to represent their house.

Chatsworth have 1 medal, Peveril unfortunately have 0 medals, Hardwick have 2 medals and Haddon have 2 medals drawing with Hardwick.


Reported by Josh Lewin and George Winder.