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As you know, we usually have a Nursery Graduation, Rewards ceremonies for Reception, KS1 and KS2, a leavers ceremony for Y6 with rewards and a Sports Presentation evening at this time of year. Sadly, we can't offer all of these and those we are offering can't be in the same way this year due to the current restrictions but we felt we couldn't completely cancel/ forget some key achievements this year.

Y6 Leavers

We are holding a Y6 BBQ/PICNIC where we will also present their attendance, Stars and Special mention awards on our school field with social distancing measures in place on Wednesday 15th July at 5pm (weather permitting). This is the last opportunity this group of pupils have to be together before they leave Primary school so it is really important that we do something to celebrate this milestone. A separate e-mail has been sent to Y6 parents.


We are still going to award any child who has achieved 100% attendance from the start of the term until Friday 20th March (the last day of 'normal') school. We have taken this day for all pupils, even those of key workers who have continued to attend to ensure it is fair to all. If your child has achieved 100% attendance up to this date, your child will be presented with an attendance medal at the Rewards ceremony (see details below). You will receive a text later today to confirm this. You will also see your child's full attendance details when you receive your report just before the end of the term.

Stars of the Year and Special mentions

Each teacher has chosen a Star of the Year and a Special mention. Staff have taken the whole year into account both in school learning and at home learning when deciding these. Both children from each year group will be presented with trophies at the Rewards ceremony (see details below). You will receive a text later today if your child has been chosen. Please keep this is secret. We know they will realise on the day of the ceremony as only those with rewards will be attending but it will be nice for them not to know until then. 

Sports Awards

As many of the competitions this year have been cancelled along with the restrictions of COVID, we have decided not to award Sports trophies this year. 

Nursery Graduation

We will not have our usual graduation this year for our pupils moving up to Reception. However, these pupils will still receive a gradudation certificate and a little message which will be sent with the reports at the end of the term. We will also still be awarding trophies to pupils in Nursery if the have been chosen as one of the 'Special mentions' for their achievements this year. If your child is chosen, you will receive a text later today. Please keep this is secret. We know they will realise on the day of the ceremony as only those with rewards will be attending but it will be nice for them not to know until then. 

Rewards ceremony for awards mentioned above

Our Rewards ceremony for pupils in Nursery, Reception, Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4 and Y5 will take place on Wednesday 15th July at 3pm on the school field. Usually, our Reward ceremonies are open to all but unfortunately, this is not possible this year so you will only be able to attend if you receive a text to say your child is receiving a reward. You will be seated as a family group but please try to ensure your family group doesn't exceed 6 people (including your child, wherever possible). You will need to go the field gate (the double gates half way along the field. We will open these gates at 2:50pm. If your child is attending school, staff will bring them up onto the field to meet you there. If your child is learning from home, hopefully you will want/ be able to bring them to this event so they can receive the award they have earned. We will treat the field as you would a public park, with families sitting together (children with their own families) and spaced 2m apart. It would be really helpful if you could bring a blanket to sit on or camping chairs. We will have a stack of chairs available for you to help yourself to if you don't have either of these but hopefully most people do have their own. This will help in terms of cleaning. Unfortunately, we do not have any toilet facilities that visitors can use so please ensure you go before you leave! We expect the ceremony to last approx 45 mins-1 hour. Once you receive the text message, please e-mail me: to confirm whether you will or will not be attending so we can ensure we have the right Awards ready to give out. If you can't attend, your child will be given their Award in September.