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Peer buddies

New Peer Buddies

In Years 5 and 6 there are some new Peer buddies and there are 2 children for each day.

The peer buddies are there if you don’t have anyone to play with. You can find them under the veranda on the Key stage 2 playground. You can go and chat to them and they might have some ideas about what you could play.  They will also find someone who you can play with. These children have been trained and know just how to talk to you.

 Here are the days for the Peer Buddies:


Monday         Tuesday       Wednesday      Thursday          Friday

Grace.S             Caitlin           Jennifer               Brodie           Summer

Sarah.L               Rhys             Kaiden               Charlie           Che`


We are sure that they will do a wonderful job to help us all enjoy our playtimes and lunchtimes.


The News Crew. (September 18)