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Mrs Johnson's challenge 5- VE Day Celebrations

With VE day almost upon us (Friday 8th May) and lots of celebrations planned (all maintaining social distancing measures I truly hope) what better theme is there to use to set this week's challenge?

I have been impressed with the number of children taking part in these challenges but it would be amazing if we could make this number even bigger- it would be INCREDIBLE if everyone joined in this one so I've tried to make this was as open as possible so it appeals to every child and family.

Your challenge is to create something to celebrate/mark this occasion and send a photograph of you with whatever you have created or send a video if it is not something you can show in one photograph. It can be anything you want but here are some ideas to get you thinking:

  • Use your new cooking/ baking/ food skills to make a VE day cake, afternoon tea spread, special buns- anything food related with a VE day theme
  • Perform a VE day song or dance (this can be one you've made yourself or one you've learned)
  • Make a poster about VE day
  • Make flags and or bunting in VE day theme
  • Decorate your house or garden in VE day theme
  • Dress up or make an outfit to wear with a VE day theme 
  • Make an information booklet about VE day
  • Write (and perform if you can) a VE day poem

Please send a photograph of your entry (with you in the photograph as always!) to For entries that need to be sent by video, please upload the video to the headteacher video folder by following the link below.

All entries need to be received by 12 noon on Monday 11th May. I may group the entries into different themes to make judging easier!

Good look everyone and enjoy this momentous occasion safely!