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Mrs Braithwaite's virtual Whitehall visit

Many Y5/6 children should have been at Whitehall this week and many Y3/4 children at Walesby last week so to give the pupils a taste of what they should be experiencing, Mrs. Braithwaite is currently completing an amazing virtual visit which you can see each day on the latest video. Watch the videos below and encourage your child to take part in the activities and send the photographs to Mrs. Braithwaite or upload larger videos to the Virtual Whitehall folder (see link below). Don't worry if you missed day 1 and day 2. You can easily catch up and send photographs whenever you can. We look forward seeing your contributions!


Day 1 (click to follow link)


Day 2 (click to follow link)


Day 3 (click to follow link)


Upload your video here (click to follow link)