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Home learning examples week 4

Thank you again to those who have sent in photographs or other evidence of the exciting activities you've been up to this week. Here's a selection for you to enjoy!


Jacob and Luzia have been very busy this week. They helped to make a safe space for their pets, made bird boxes for their family, had a BBQ, played tennis and created their own signs and t-shirts in support of our NHS. 

Well done to Charleigh who has made pizzas, washed the pots (an excellent life skill) and working hard on her school work.

Lucy has created her own poem all by herself and has made an excellent job of it. 

Someone has learnt a very special life skill this week. Francesca! She's learnt to use a sewing machine and has created herself a sack using an old dress. Very impressive! 

Jessica G, you've made it to the website! She has created an exceptional video of her singing AND playing the ukulele. You can find this in the Head Teacher's video folder on our online platform. You have definitely put a smile on our faces Jess!

I set Jessie the challenge of using a well-known song but changing the lyrics to represent the current situation and to send me her performance of it. I've added the lyrics below but you'll have to go to our video site to listen to her song (it cannot be uploaded here sadly).

It is wonderful- listen carefully to the lyrics- very well written. I bet there are many of you that could do the same!

Aaron has been very busy-look at the concentration on his face as he cuts out the different elements for his plate faces!

Sarah and Lucy have shared a variety of activities- they can be seen enjoying life in the outdoors looking for signs of Spring, planning a great holiday for when we return to normal life and making very beautiful craft creations such as their wonderful window display (this display earned them a prize from the local police officer!).

Well done all

Keep sending us your work- we'll try to keep adding a variety so everyone gets a chance at being the star of the website!


We'll add more as they get sent in this week.