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Home learning examples- week 5

We'd like to share some excellent home learning examples again with you this week. 


Each week Tommy walks past his local cenotaph and when doing so, he has picked up litter and kept the area tidy. Well done Tommy excellent community spirit and looking after the environment. 

Sarah and Lucy Lawton and Tiana from reception have both had a visit from a local Police officer this week. They took part in a window decorating competition and won. They all had their prizes hand delivered by an officer. Well done!

You know that we all love team work and remember cooperation is part of our Crusader Code. Noah and Grace have been supporting each other in their learning this week. 

We also have a special mention for a staff member this week. Mrs Hyde has been creating rainbow keyrings. Seth is very pleased with his.

There was a local keyworker scarecrow competition in the village this week so Luzia and Jacob took part by creating a truck driver and a shop keeper. They look brilliant. 

Harrison and Evie have been learning Maths, using an exciting game that they have made. 


We love it when we see our children learning some key life skills. Below is a picture of Jessie learning to do the ironing. Well done Jessie, it's not easy and we always recommend this is completed under adult supervision. 


Keep sending us your excellent home learning photos!