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Home learning examples week 2

Lots of parents have shared aspects of their home learning with us this week. Here are a few from this week that have been sent to me which are wonderful examples of home schooling. Please also have a look at the class pages under the Children's tab for even more. Vinny made an amazing Soup presentation which is too big to upload to our website! His vegetable research powerpoint presentation is also particularly impressive (year 5 page).

We've had our first Parent Crusader award (I'm not sure everyone in the family was as happy!). Well done, Mr. England! We've also had our first consequence- Stevie the cat- I hope to see an improvement soon!

Samantha has continued with our weekly choir practice and Trinity has sent me audio files of her practising a range of songs.

Gary and Lola look they had an amazing time in their craft session! Jessie challenged my knowledge with a very difficult quiz she's made about ocean life (it's lucky I'm a scuba diver!)

Tiger-Rose and Destiny have made a stunning rainbow which I hope is now proudly displayed in their window. Rhys and Sophie have also been making beautiful rainbow cards with messages of love and hope and have delivered them to vulnerable members of the community. Charleigh has shared her rules and cloud behaviour system and Seth has made a beautiful cross to display in his window as well as a family plaque which will be something to remember these times in years to come. The Parson family have also been keeping everyone's spirits up with some amazing dancing!


Many of you might like to try the family plaque (if you have the following ingredients). Mrs Parsons said it is easy to make.

500g plain flour, 250g salt, 250ml water. Mix to a dough. Roll, flatten, imprint. Bake on low for 4-5 hrs. 

Remember- we love to see what the children are doing so please keep sending us your special photographs.