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Gate reminders

Dear Parents,


Overall, I think the dropping off and collecting routines are going quite well. We've had a few teething problems, but these are being ironed out each day so hopefully next week, we;ll have it all running perfectly.


Our barriers have now all arrived so on Monday, we should have some better queuing systems for the gates used by Nursery, Reception, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3. (Gates near Nursery and kitchen).


Timings are crucial (on our part and on yours) so please ensure you join the queue at your time slot and listen for the staff calling for the last children before they leave. We've had several children miss their gate slots this week which means they then have to wait until other groups have gone in so they are kept separate.


Staff will remain on the gate for 5 minutes only (see times below) so they can be out of the way ready for the next group as it is important that these groups don't mix. If your child misses this slot, you will need to go to the Reception gate at 8:55am or 9:05am onwards. 


See below for a reminder of the gates and the windows for you to drop off. On the first week, we made the Nursery and Reception times slightly earlier- this is working well so we are going to keep to these times. 


Kitchen gate:

                      Y1 8:50-8:55am drop off and 3:15pm collect

                       Y2 8:40-8:45an drop off and 3:05pm collect

Middle/Nursery gate:

                    FS2 (Reception) 8:35-8:40 drop off and 3:00pm collect

                       FS1  ( Nursery) am  8:25-8:30 drop off and 11:30 collect

                    FS 1 (Nursery) pm 12:30-12:35 drop off and 3:30pm collect

                    Y3: 8:45-8:50 drop off and 3:10pm

Main reception gate:

             Breakfast club (arrivals between 8am and 8:30am only)

FS1 (Nursery) 30hrs   9:00-3:00pm

             Y4/5      8:50-8:55 drop off and 3:15pm collection

              Y5       8:40-8:45 drop off and 3:05pm collection

                  Late arrivals 8:55am (social distancing key)

Car park gate: (no access to and from car park during these times- please do not turn your car around at the bottom of the road when Y5/6 are leaving for the safety of our pupils, staff and collecting parents)

             Y5/6  8:45-8:50am drop off and 3:10pm collection


Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs. Johnson