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Enrichment during 2018/19 written by Wiktoria and Caitlin (Year 6)

2018-2019 review of the year

2018/2019 has been a great year full of excitement and fun with sporting events! We have achieved so much this year as we have completed many things for charity.

Term 1

The 5th of September came around -  the first day back at school! All the classes from last year had moved up to the next class, which means harder work to do and much more memories to make.

On Tuesday 11th September Year 4 had their first drumming lesson ready for presentations later in the year for their parents.

At the beginning of the year we welcomed 2 new teachers, Mrs Barnes and Miss Thompson. They were interviewed by the school council and they had each a lesson to teach the classes.

Next was the Year 5 swimming crash course, they had an amazing opportunity to swim 25 metres across the Arc leisure centre swimming pool. That made many more children have confidence to swim.

Our school then collected foods for the Harvest festival for local food banks. We collected so much food from across the school that it didn’t even fit on one table!

In KS2, every class got a French teacher, she came in for 2 terms and we had her for exactly 40 minutes per class.  

KS2 and KS1 had the pleasure of enjoying the Halloween disco, as so many people every year come to this disco, we have to have 2 parties because they wouldn’t fit into the hall. It is placed on October the 24th Wednesday.


Term 2

12th of November was Anti bullying week, the whole school celebrated this and we did many activities to do with this!

Another charity event came around, Children in Need 16th November! We dressed up historically.

Next, at around Christmas time, we made presents out of shoe boxes for people that do not get gifts at Christmas. The whole school took part and Sports Direct distributed them.

On the 30th November we got presented the Gold Sports Award and we were very proud of it. We deserved it so much.

On the 4th December we went down to the local church, St Michaels, for the tree service to look at the beautiful Christmas decorations that we had all made.

5th December -we got to go to Mansfield Palace theatre for the pantomime and we watched Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

On the 11th of December we had Christmas Jumper day where we wore Christmas jumpers for the whole day to raise money.

KS1 Nativity was on the 13th and 14th of December where they performed to the school and then to their parents.

The school then had their Christmas parties, KS2 had their party where they all joined together to have lots of fun and then KS1 had theirs on a different day.

We then had our Carols and Mince Pies Christmas festival where we sang lots of carols for our parents.

The choir sang at various venues including Kingsmill hospital and Mansfield market place.




Term 3

Book Day was placed on the 28th of January and we raised lots of money so our school would be able to buy new books for the whole school.

In January we welcomed a new teacher, Miss Walker, and she started teaching Year 1.

Term 4

Year 2 and Year 5 visited Derby Open Centre to learn all about R.E, this happened on the 4th of March.

Our first Rewards days were on the 14th and the 15th of February. We had many large trips and we enjoyed it so much!

Comic Relief was on the 15th of March and we raised money for people less fortunate than us.

Our choir got the amazing chance and experience to spend a night in London, Wembley. They performed in the Voice in a Million Wembley arena!

Lea Green then came for KS1 and 40 people went, both from Year 1 and 2. They went for 2 days and 1 night. They went on the 28th March and came back the next day but those 2 days were filled with fun.

Term 5

On April the 1st KS2 had their performance, Rocky Monster Show! They performed excellently, performing 4 times, once for the school and 3 times for the parents, 2 afternoons and an evening.

The Easter Egg Competition was placed on the 8th April and this year it was different as we painted our own eggs, then did lots of challenges with them, like rolling to the target, an egg and spoon race.

KS1’s SATs had started on the 6th of May where they worked very hard all through the week!

13th Of May year 6 started their hard SATs and worked tremendously hard through the 5 days! Luckily at the end, they had a party and relaxed.

The 2019 leavers, Year 6, went on a trip to relax and spend time together at Alton Towers. Going on lots of rides, they enjoyed their day there!

Foundation stage started their forest on the pit top where they worked hard to learn about everything.

Term 6

Next was the trip to Walesby, the year 3/4 enjoyed it so much it was packed with building/climbing to do. They were there the 5th-7th of June, which meant they stayed 2 days in total!

Year5/6 then stayed at Whitehall for a whole week, camping in the fresh outdoors, they did many activities to build their confidence to survive. The 10th of June till the 15th of June were their lucky days full of rain!

On the exact same week of Whitehall, the year 1s’ had a very important phonics test! It tested how much they had learned over the past year.

Sports day came around fast, week beginning 24th of June. KS1, Foundation Stage and KS2 had all separate ones. Chatsworth won overall, well-done!

Then 2 days after that was the summer fair! This year was probably the best year yet, we had inflatables, stalls, raffles and much more and a massive thankyou to Mrs Holmes for making it happen!

Reception had their lovely trip to Yorkshire sculpture park where they looked around at sculptures and much more. They went on the 2nd of July.

The sports Presentation was presented on the 2nd of July. Lots of people got awards and were very proud.

Then came the 3rd of July the day of Cleethorpes all year one and 2 were ready for what the day had to hold! They were also absolutely amazing out there - they followed all the instructions carefully.

Next was a very exciting fun after school day, it was the Year 6 leavers disco its was absolutely amazing it was so warm outside and we got to see all of our friends again! The leavers disco wasn’t just for year 6s it was for any ages!

Year 6 had their transition beginning 8th July, some went to Shirebrook some to Bolsover and Queen Elizabeth.

Next came was rewards day the 17th-18th the children got many Beks and got to choose where they wanted to go they had so many options and are so lucky!

Sports and after school clubs

*Year ½ had their football festival

*Ks1 athletics club

*year 5/6 tag rugby club

*Messy church lead by our vicar in our local church and other governors

*Choir lead by the head teacher, Mrs Johnson

*Year 5/6 Lawn Bowls lead by Mr Gamble and helped by the lawn bowls association

*Mrs Johnson and Mr Cutt took 8 people to table tennis 4 boys and 4 girls

*Year 1 went to the inclusion festival in Shirebrook academy

*Basketball club from Mansfield Giants, Ian, he actually took some people from the class to join Mansfield giants

*Sports hall athletics lead by Mrs Johnson, we got to the County finals

*Choir went to perform at Shirebrook academy

New Year New Club

*Basketball continues and Year 6 got taught personally by Ian,  from Mansfield Giants

*An old student (Paige Allen) came in to teach some of KS2 a dance every Tuesday

*Tag Rugby was led by Mr Cutt and we reached the finals

*The dance festival was performed at the winding wheel and an ex-student came in to teach some of the KS2 children a dance.

* Basketball - and the first round was changed to Bench ball unexpectedly but still went well.

*The second round of Basketball was the normal game we were supposed to play in the first round but it still didn’t go as well but we tried our hardest.

Term 4

*KS1 Cheerleading came and was taught by Mrs Harrison

*Ks1 had Gymnastics and performed at Shirebrook

*Swimming Gala came around where Mrs smith took some Year 6 and 5s .

*Infant agility at Shirebrook 8th March.

*Year 5/6 basketball final, again they tried their best but didn’t win.

*Infant dance festival came at Heritage on the 22nd

*We completed the finals of Sports hall athletics in Derbyshire University

*KS1/2 SEN Festival at St Michaels at 2 pm 18th of May


As you can see, we have had a wonderful year and I am sure that we have still missed some of the wonderful things that we have got up to.

Thank you for reading our report.

Wiktoria and Caitlin