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Easter school closure update

The Easter holidays are almost upon us signalling the end of the Spring term and who could have expected that we would be in the position we are when we began this term? Thank you so much for sending all the photographs of your children taking part in my challenges or completing some really fantastic activities. You are all doing an amazing job keeping your children engaged and we love seeing their smiling faces. I hope you're keeping up to date with photographs on class pages, news section and my competition section.


Easter holiday period

We know the holiday period is not going to be like any other Easter holiday you have experienced but we really hope you find something different and enjoyable to do over this period. We do not expect/want you to continue 'home schooling' your child over this period. It is as important for them as it is for staff to have a break from their usual learning routine during this time. Staff will therefore not be providing work over this period or responding to e-mails etc- they will be having their usual Easter break. Staff will resume looking at e-mails and posting new work from Monday 20th April (assuming school closures continue- we only know what you know- schools are closed until further notice).

All of the websites and activities currently being used by the pupils will of course still be available if pupils really want to do something but hopefully, they will enjoy different activities over this time.


Work packs

The next work pack (paper kind) will be ready for collection on Monday 20th April. We will text to confirm this after the Easter holidays. We will also be sending an exercise book home so pupils can complete any other tasks in it (I know not everyone will have lots of paper or a printer). It may be that we are not permitted to send any more paper copies after this date (depending on how the restrictions change) so an exercise book will come in very handy if this is the case.



Many of you are still waiting for refunds for Lion King, Walesby and Whitehall. We are so  sorry for the delay. It has been extremely challenging to get funds back into our accounts from different companies to be able to send these. We now know that we will be able to issue these on Monday 20th April 2020. Lion King payments will be issued straight back onto the card that was used to pay for the visit. Payments for Walesby and Whitehall that were made on cards will be transferred back to the card they were made from. Payments that were made before we moved to School Money will be paid by cheque. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with this.


Take care and be safe.