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Easter egg competition

This year we decided to do things differently at Easter. The children decorated an egg - but only with crayons and paints - this was because the eggs had to take part in the "Eggolympics"

Each egg was judged on appearance and then it was rolled along the ground towards a target - the closer to the middle of the target - the more points that it scored.

The next event was an "Eggsticle race" which was against the clock. Many eggs didn't make it past this point!

Lastly, the eggs were attached to a home-made parachute and dropped from a window or a ladder. The final points were given depending on how well the eggs survived the drop!

It is fair to say that the children really enjoyed the whole competition and every child who entered were given an Easter egg which had been kindly donated by a parent. The final winners for each class received another egg.

Thank you to all parents for supplying the eggs and helping to make the parachutes.