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COVID Lockdown changes

Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire move into tier 3 from Wednesday 2nd December.


The key changes for our area are: shops, gyms, salons will be able to open and you will be able to meet in a public space outdoors with a maximum of 6 people in total (still socially distancing). The other aspects of not mixing households, not going on each other’s gardens etc remain the same as now.


  • Meeting others inside- you cannot meet inside with anyone in any indoor setting including houses except with your own household members apart from the following exceptions.
    • Meeting with your support bubble. (Many people seem to misunderstand the support bubble- these are formed by a household that only has one adult (with or without children) joining with any other household. These shouldn’t be changed. Many people seem to think any two households can join to make a support bubble-this is not true.
    • To give childcare for children under the age of 13 (you can form one childcare bubble to ensure children are looked after while parents are at work etc. Children should only go to this household when the child care is needed or the childcare giver should only come to the child’s house for the period needed for childcare.
    • To provide care for vulnerable people or respite care
  • Private gardens - you cannot meet in private gardens with anyone except your household or support bubble.
  • Public spaces, e.g. parks, beaches, countryside, outdoor sports facility- you can meet outside in these places in a group of no more than 6 people (still remain 2m apart from those not in your household or support bubble)

Please see the full letter on the parents tab- letters in date order for full details.