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Choir festival

On Friday our school Choir attended the Bolsover District talent Showcase at  Sports Direct in Shirebrook.

The choir consisted of 47 children ranging from the age of 6 up to 11. The children looked absolutely fantastic in their new choir uniform and most of the girls had their hair in a plait with red ribbons.

The evening began at 6pm with a sound check and then the concert began at 7.30pm. Our children sat and listened to three other acts before it was our turn - they listened, clapped, joined in and even danced to some of the songs!

When it was our turn it was already 8pm and despite being tired the children's performance was outstanding. They sounded brilliant as they sang their way through 5 numbers from Disney and The Greatest Showman.

There were several soloists who had to get used to singing with microphones and in front of a large audience.

Talking of the audience, it was great to see how many parents and friends had paid to see our children perform - it makes a huge difference to the children -  and the smiles on their faces when they recognised familiar faces in the crowd was a joy to see.

A massive thank you must go to Mrs Johnson who has given up so much of her time to ensure that the choir could perform to such a high quality and thank you also to Mrs Bonsall for helping with the music and the organisation.

After a busy week at work I initially wondered why I had given up my Friday evening for a school event, but the children were amazing - both their behaviour and their performance. I was so glad to be able to accompany them on their first 'gig.' I hear on the grapevine that there might be many more to come!