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Choir at Shirebrook

Last Wednesday, Mrs Johnson and I took over 30 children to sing at the Shirebrook Concert. We arrived for the start for 7.30 and the children listened to lots of performers from the Academy - singers, pianists and violinists. The children found it interesting to see what kinds of things they could be doing if they go to Shirebrook.

The concert over ran and we did not take centre stage until about nine o'clock. Some of our children are only 6 and sitting down, they were nearly asleep but once they took to the stage the whole building came alive. The performance was fantastic and I felt very proud to be sitting and watching our children perform so well.

Many thanks must go to all the parents and friends who came to support the children and of course Mrs Johnson who has practised with the children to get them to such a high standard.

have a look at the pictures of the event.