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Anthony Bek Bake off/ Master Chef results

Wow! What a fabulous challenge this has been. The number of families taking part has been amazing and every single entry has been incredible. It has been an absolute pleasure seeing the children learning new skills, working together with siblings, looking proud of their achievements and even washing up! 

Thank you so much to everyone who took part. You made the job of judging pretty impossible but I set it as a competition so results have been decided. Please remember though that you are all winners. You just need to look at what you've achieved to see that! 

Due to the number of entries, I split the competition into half- KS2 and KS1/FS. See below for results.

The staff also took part in this competition. You may not realise it (i know i didn't) but the staff of Anthony Bek are not just talented educators- they are truly brilliant cooks/chefs too! Their competition was also incredibly hard to judge!

Please take time to go to the Children's tab- Mrs. Johnson's competition to see the full range of photographs from all the children and staff.

For those that took part, I hope you enjoyed your entries. They certainly looked delicious!

Well done to our WINNERS!!

KS2 Competition

1st place- Jessie and Samantha Y4  (Full lockdown rainbow menu!)

2nd place- William Y6 (Mickey Mouse cake)

3rd place- Sarah Y6 and Lucy Y4 (Selection of cheesecakes and scones)

KS1/FS Competition

1st place- Olivia D Y2 (Rainbow/ unicorn cake)

2nd place- Lavenia Y2 and Dhruv Y1 (Sweet coconut Idli and Mickey Mouse chocolate crispy cakes)

3rd place- Logan FS2 (Omelette)