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Due to Covid-19, some aspects of our teaching and learning may differ from the overviews below to keep our staff and pupils safe. 


At Anthony Bek Primary School, we fervently believe that children need to be fully immersed in a subject in order for long term learning to take place. With this in mind, History is taught with cross curricular links as a core aspect. This in turn drives curiosity and enables children to start questioning what has taken place and the reasons for it within British history and the wider world; developing children's use and understanding of primary/secondary resources will facilitate this.


We also place an importance on developing children's understanding of the chronology of events to help them understand how these events occurred in relation to each other. 


These areas of learning will be taught using Curriculum Maestro as the principle driving tool.

Work based on The Anglo-Saxons and The Vikings

Learning about Ancient Rome

Overview of History Topics and Content