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Anthony Bek is committed to providing an exceptional geography education to all of our pupils. Our intention for teaching geography is to inspire curiosity and interest in the world around us, to develop children's knowledge and skills and prepare them for their futures as global citizens. We believe that geography can be taught in a way that is fun, engaging, relevant and meaningful to pupils, and we strive to embed this within our curriculum.

Our implementation of the geography curriculum is focused on ensuring that pupils have a breadth and depth of understanding about the world in which they live, the people and places around them, and the issues affecting our planet. We intend to deliver this curriculum in the following ways:

- Cross-curricular links: Geography is not taught in isolation, but is integrated throughout the curriculum wherever possible. This ensures that pupils see geography in context and that links are made with other subjects.
- Practical, hands-on learning: Our approach is very practical and hands-on, which allows pupils to develop their geographical skills and understanding in meaningful contexts. This includes using maps, atlases and digital resources, conducting fieldwork and investigations, and participating in debates and discussions.
- Use of current affairs: We use current news stories and events as a stimulus for teaching, as this encourages pupils to think critically about real-world issues and the impact they have on people and places.
- Emphasis on diversity and inclusion: We recognise the importance of celebrating diversity and promoting inclusion in our teaching of geography. This means acknowledging and exploring different cultures, heritage, traditions, as well as human and physical diversity.

We believe that the impact of our geography curriculum is significant, and that we are preparing our pupils well for their futures as global citizens. This is demonstrated by the following:

- Pupils have a genuine interest in geography and the world around them, and can articulate their ideas and understanding with confidence.
- Pupils' geographical skills and knowledge are strong, and they are able to apply these in a range of contexts and situations.
- Pupils are able to connect and apply their knowledge of geography to other areas of learning.
- Pupils have an appreciation of different cultures and perspectives, and are able to recognise and challenge stereotypes and misconceptions.
- Pupils are developing a strong sense of social responsibility, and understand the interconnected issues that affect our planet and the people who live on it.

Overall, our geography curriculum has a strong impact on the wider development of pupils, and prepares them well for their futures as responsible and informed global citizens.

At Anthony Bek Primary School, we fervently believe that children need to be fully immersed in a subject in order for long term learning to take place. With this in mind, Geography is taught with cross curricular links as a core aspect. This in turn drives curiosity and enables children to start questioning about physical environments/weather phenomena and human processes and how these areas impact upon each other.

In our Geography lessons, we strive to provide our children with the opportunities to become global citizens, deepening their interest and wonder in exploring the world and their own place in it. Through our curriculum, our children will develop a sense of their world at the local, national and global scales, understanding the interconnections between how people and the environment interact. Fieldwork is an essential part of this. Pupils learn to use maps and visual images to analyse and present information. They are also taught to think critically and will develop an adept understanding of their responsibilities within their own society, whilst also having an insight into the sustainability of a dynamically changing world.