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Early Years Foundation Stage

What to expect in the EYFS

The Department for Education has published a new guide for parents, ‘What to expect in the Early Years Foundation Stage’ (formerly ‘What to expect when’) which guides parents through what to expect in their child’s development.
It aligns with the new Development Matters to help practitioners engage with parents about their child’s development.
Please click on the link below to view this useful document. 

Long Term Planning in the Foundation Stage

Please click on the link below to see what the children will be learning over the academic year.

We cover the themes; Magical Me, Awe and Wonder, The Earth and Beyond, Through The Secret Garden, All Creatures Great and Small and We're Off On A Journey.

In the Foundation Stage, we base a lot of learning through the children's interests. We keep our themes very broad to enable this style of learning.


Our assessment in the Foundation Stage is on-going. We are always assessing through observation and interactions with the children, through teacher led phonics, maths, themed topic sessions and continuous provision. We use two assessment platforms called Evidence Me and OTrack.


We share assessment data and next steps during parents’ evenings twice per year. Although, we are always happy to share any learning and targets throughout the year.


Parents are able to look through the observations that we have collected by signing up to Parent Share which is part of Evidence Me. We recognise parents are a child’s first teacher and much of their learning may take place within activities that they take part in outside of school. Therefore, if a child achieves anything which could accompany our assessments, please share it with the Foundation team.

How does a child become a writer?

A child begins their journey to become a writer as soon as they are able to move their bodies as a baby.

It is a key part of a childs physical development to master many skills before a child is even able to hold a pencil. Skills such as; climbing, balancing, pulling, lifting, holding, etc.

Look at the leaflet below for more information about strengthening muscles ready for writing.

If the images are too small, click on the link underneath the images, to download the pdf.

Here are some images of different activities that can be used to encourage physical development.

Pencil Grip

Useful Websites and Apps

Websites and Apps to support at home with Phonics and Early Reading


Other Areas of Learning